Sunday, July 8, 2012


It is to quiet. I miss the chaos of family. I miss the kisses and hugs I miss the laughter and the arguments. You know what this feels like? A deployment The crushing ache in my chest is the same. No love making, no spanking. Blab! I want my Dragon back!


  1. Good luck on dealing with the deployment. It must be difficult but you have so much to look forward to when he returns.


  2. I trust that he will return "safe and sound"! God BLESS the military and ALL their sacrifices!!

  3. This time it was my turn. I had to fly north. The house has to be sold and some one has to supervise the packers. The kids are visiting their grand mother and Dragon is learning his new job. So... all the fun stuff is up to me.

    Thank you for the prayers and well wishes. I need them. This is hard.

  4. I hope that your time apart ends soon and that you'll both be able to accomplish everything that you need to.