Friday, October 30, 2015

Still at it!

I thought that Dragon forgot.  That the chronic pain took him away from me again.

I am very happy to say that it didn't happen!

Happy dance!

Today was an unexpected off day.  His doctor changed his appointment yesterday.  It was for DECEMBER!  Can you believe that?  Just to see a GP about refills. Dragon had to tell his boss that he couldn't work today.  That didn't go over so great.  For a change,the appointment went great.  No problems getting the refills and even a new drug that may help his migraines more.  I can hope.

After the appointment the fun began. He treated me like his own, personal toy.  He insisted on 4 ways again. I think he was testing me.  He wanted to know if I would keep my word and push myself.  This time he pushed even harder than last time and I didn't do it.  I didn't say no. Not to one single thing.

I feel well used and will probably still be feeling uncomfortable tomorrow.  Love my Dragon.  I love how we spent this off day.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Special Day

I got to see the ultrasound pictures of my very first grandbaby!

Th Proof is in the Results

I think Dragon likes the changes.

Yesterday, he got home from work and checked out.  After just a little hello hug he disappeared. Out in his work shop he has a project going.  Custom made curtain rods for his mom.  They are very cute and I love it that Dragon is learning new skills.  I really do but I wanted to spend 5 minutes with him before his retreat.

The old Dragon would have been frustrated with me.  The new Dragon apologized as soon as he figured out what he did.  Making up was fun.  He decided to take me 4 ways again.

This morning he gave me a to do list.  Some of it is just stuff I need to get done.  Phone calls that need to made and projects for paying customers that need to be completed. Three tasks are absolutely not practical.  The first was a little oral pleasure.  The second task is to go without panties while I work today.  I have to sacrifice a little comfort while I do what I love.  The third task is to use a larger toy in my backside.  There are 5 sizes and the third one isn't big enough to ensure my comfort when he takes me there.  I'm not sure that even the 4th one will be enough but we shall see.  Just the thought of the largest one terrifies me.  That thing is huge.

I love that crooked smile Dragon gets when I submit.  Even when he has a hard day at work, he comes home in a better mood knowing that I am ready to submit to him.  Yesterday he had a plan.  The only problem was that he didn't share it with me.  I knew he had a hard day at work.  Maybe I need to work on being more patient.

Time to get dressed and get busy. I have a lot to do today.

Sunday, October 25, 2015


It is the hardest part of TTWD but at the same time it is what I crave. At first I think he needed to make me submit to him, then I realized the value of doing it just because.  When I give willingly and freely, it has a deeper meaning for both of us.  The more I give, the more I get in return.

I don't know why I struggle so much with giving oral pleasure to my Dragon.  To say that he was surprised when I wanted it is an understatement.   That day I fully submitted to him in a way that I never had before.  He took his pleasure from me 4 different ways.  First my hands, then my mouth, sex and finally in my behind. Three of the four I struggle with.  He knows how hard I struggle.  He knows how hard it is for me to do even one of them.  But to give so completely, now that put a smile on his face.

What did my absolute act of submission do for him?  He has dealt with the stress at work better.  He can't wait to get me in bed to see what I might do next.  He is stepping up into his role as HOH more.  He spends less time mopping and more time engaging with the family.

Submitting absolutely flipped a switch in my head.  I have been more eager to do things just because he likes them.  I went from being a crock pot to being the frying pan.  My energy levels are still low but I keep going anyway.  Even the kids see a difference.

For us as a couple, we are touching more.  I don't pull away and he reaches out more often.  He even gave me a task today.  He NEVER gives me tasks like that anymore! I am to use the toys to prepare my body for him.  If I use the toys first he doesn't have to go as slow and everything is more comfortable for me.

I think he wants to take me 4 ways again today.  The strange part is that I am looking forward to it.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Life at my House

Dragon walked in the door.  My teenagers were doing what kids do when it is time to do chores. Hiding!  I was nowhere to be seen.  The house was very quiet.  Dragon knew I wasn't in the bedroom because the door was open.

Mystery solved.

He heard the cat yowling in the hallway.  He looked around the corner and found the evidence. Two mastiffs and the cat lined up and staring at the bathroom door.  Every few seconds the cat let out a pitiful sounding yowl.

Yep, I was in the bathroom and they wanted in.

What is it with kids and pets?  I can't even go to the bathroom without an audience. Dragon said that they looked absolutely heartbroken.

So is life....

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pleasing the Dragon

I am under orders to write about my day.  It was such a rare day that Dragon wanted it recorded.  I really don't mind since I know it will be repeated next time he has an off day.

Warning:   sexual content!

I have been reading a series of books by Suzanne Wright called " The Phoenix Pack Series"  It is four books long and my only complaint is that it isn't longer.  I usually skip sex scenes in books.  They just don't hold my attention but this series is an exception to that rule. I have even gone back and re read some of them.

It has it all.  Strong, dominant male characters, strong woman submitting to them after a power struggle.  Spanking and discipline.  Bossy ass holes and absolute tenderness.

In every book the hero of the story tells his heroine that she is made to take his body in every way.  That he will not only have sex with her but that he will take her mouth and ass too.  When he gets frustrated with his girl, he smacks that backside and turns it a nice cherry red.

Do you see why this might be a huge turn on for me?

Yep, it was.

All I had to do was tell my Dragon what I wanted.

Touching him isn't that rare for me but taking him in my mouth?  That is almost unheard of.  It has happened but not very often.  What really surprised him was that I kept going back for more.  I was in a place beyond just sub space.

I absolutely surrendered to him.  I gave him everything.

He stopped me before he came because he wasn't done with my body.  He claimed my sex with his hands and brought me as much pleasure as I gave him.  But he wasn't done.  He took his pleasure from my backside.

All of this happened yesterday and I am still feeling the effects of it.  My body feels well used and we didn't even get to use the paddle.  My head is in a better place.  I haven't felt this submissive in a long time.

It is funny how it works.  I submit to him.  I give him that most vulnerable part of myself and he goes all HOH on me.  I will be very surprised if he doesn't have me out in the garage by the end of the week for a punishment.  Not just a pleasure spanking or an attitude adjustment but a full out punishment.

The more I submit, the more he steps up.

I have my orders today and I plan on following them.  The blog post is written.  The rest I'll leave to your imagination.  I love pleasing my Dragon.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Just a Reminder

Although the description of my blog clearly states that I am very committed to my husband, let me just make it very clear. 


I recently had a comment on a post that made it clear that I needed to restate that little fact.  I fantasize about being in dd with another couple. About him having spanking privileges but right now, that is all it is.  Fantasy. 

Unless you know me in real life, please don't make offers to spank my ass. And no, I have absolutely no desire to spank a man.  I find the idea backwards.  Although I may be tempted to smack Dragon over the head with a 2x4, holding the paddle has no appeal.  I like to be spanked.  I like to submit to my Dragon. 

Maybe one day I will find that one couple out there that I can share dd with. Hasn't happened yet.  

Please don't make indecent proposals on my little blog. This is not the place for it. 

Dragon's Rose

Friday, October 16, 2015

Still Learning

At 23, my daughter doesn't know as much as she thinks she does.

Her dad called to check on her today.  Since we are taking care of our Christmas shopping now, he asked her what she wants.  He could hear the smile in her voice when she asked for a violin and then the tears.

"But I guess I really need to ask for things for the baby. I don't have anything yet."

Silly girl. She gets her own gifts and then the baby gets Christmas too.  Things that will be needed when that little bundle of joy arrives.  She was so disappointed when she thought there would be nothing just for her.

Dad set her straight and then purchased fabric for the baby bedding. I have one happy daughter.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


It is a secret.  I have been here by informed.


It is very early.  Just weeks along.....

But I can't tell anyone!  How cruel is that?


My oldest daughter is expecting.  Her timing is horrible but God's timing is perfect.

Dragon already has the baby bed built in his head and I have the bedding planned. 🍼

I am so happy for her. I hope she keeps going in the right direction.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fear vs Terror

I understand now.

I got frustrated.  Sweaty from working outside, I wanted a shower.  There were no clean towels. I told my teenage daughter to wash a load of towels that morning.  She has a habit of disobedience.  I reminded her several times.  I dried off with a wash cloth.

I was beyond frustrated. I let her know exactly what I thought about her disobedience. "Oh, I guess I misunderstood Mom."  Things turned ugly from there.

I went to my room still fuming.  Dragon gave me the look.  Fear replaced frustration. Not just fear but absolute terror.  I knew that I deserved a punishment.  She shouldn't have been allowed her little act of defiance. I should have stood in the laundry room door and watched her put the towels on to wash.

I understand now why Dragon backs off so often.  Terror.  I learned very young to fear punishment.  Not just a smack on the backside but something far worse. For 18 years I lived in fear of my parent's tempers.  Over 25 years later, that fear is still just as real.

When faced with a punishment I turn into a 4 year old looking at a giant of a man holding a belt.

Instead of reassurance and following through with it, Dragon backs off. He loves me more than that.

I understand.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dingy Whites

In the heat down south, whites don't stay white for long.  Even with weekly blueing, bleach and lemon treatments, they still end up grey.  My daughter's $80 white bra was that nasty grey.  Everything I tried helped.  It was a much lighter shade of grey but still not the brilliant white she loved.

Mom, the super seamstress to the rescue!

I found some fabric dye specifically made for poly fabrics.  A very deep blue. I thought it would be beautiful.  A pot of boiling water, the lid and the kitchen timer.

She now has a beautiful, indigo colored bra that she will get lots of wear out of and no embodiment when a strap peeks out.  We are all happy that $80 didn't get thrown in the garbage.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Prayers for my Dragon

He goes back to the doctor Friday.  We can't live without a paycheck forever.  We need some good news.