Sunday, June 30, 2013

Today is a BIG Day

Today my hair goes blue. Why? Because I can. Today is also the day I will be taking the before P90X pictures and my measurements. Scary stuff. July is about forming new, healthier habits and hopefully transforming my life. At 41 I am over weight. Back in November, I couldn't even walk down our short road to the mailbox without a break. Now I can walk 4 miles. What a difference. One day at a time. The plan is to do as much as I can and leave the rest. Dragon is in a temper today. Wish I knew what was wrong. Days like this are why we we have safe words. Consent separates DD from abuse. That is a fine line to walk. I don't know how other couples can manage without them. Before every spanking I get asked for my safe word. If I say RED every thing stops. Even if it is a punishment. If we can't come to an agreement, it doesn't happen. The world is now looking at us under the microscope of modern expectations and feminism. The feminist movement gives me the right to choose. Let's show the world who we are. So far the vanilla people who have visited my blog have given me positive feedback. I hope others in blogland are having a similar experience.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Have you ever done a workout video and quit because it was too dumb or whining? I can't tell you how many videos I have purchased and just thrown away. Finally I have found a program I love. P90X! it really kicks your backside. Start Date is Monday. Day one of owchy and oh my backside hurts. Add in a daily whine of "do I have to move? " I don't want to look like a super model. I don't want a ripped body. The only thing I really want is a healthy Rose.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


4 blogs I follow are inactive. The authors walked away without saying goodbye. They have a few more months on my list before I will delete them. A few more blogs haven't had a new post in several weeks. It is summer. I understand. Great news? Miss Rita Skeeter (borrowed from another blogger) has not sent any of the blogs I follow into hiding. :-P. That makes me very happy. I know I am not an abused wife. Dragon would never hurt me. Anyone who honestly reads my blog can see that. Our story is one of love and commitment. It hasn't always been easy but we are determined not to give up. Thanks for staying. We are part of a community. We need to stick together.

Monday, June 24, 2013


Yes, I now have a list of chores to do. I must be sinking again and didn't realize it. Two 15 minute tasks and 5 minutes unpacking boxes. More is too overwhelming. Sigh. I will just have to put on my big girl panties and deal with it. Unless I have a very good reason, I better have everything done or there will be consequences. That means my backside will be sore. I hate, hate, hate the chore list and tasks but they are for my own good. Dragon is on top of things right now. I am not going to push my luck on this one. Sorry for the short posts. I am using the phone again. Gotta get a wiggle on. Time to get moving. :-P

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hair cut?

Maybe???? Dragon picked up a blue Splat Rebellion hair color kit. Yes! I want to do it but I think green instead and cut my hair into long layers. It curls so nice when it is layered. Sorry this is so short. Typing on a phone is not fun. Time to give my Dragon some attention. ;-)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Exersize (OT not DD related)

WOW today sure did kick my tail.  Today is day two of running.  Ok, more of a walk/run kinda thing.  Okay.  More walk than run.

Take a moment to consider that in November I was struggling to make it to the mail box to check the mail at a slow walk.  Now I know I can walk 5 miles and a good pace.   Right on track for the Komen event I am registered for and WAS raising money for.  Until I did a little more digging.  The CEO of the company just got a huge raise.  68% even while support for the charity is dropping.  7 walks have been canceled for next year.  These are major events and she is making over half a million dollars?

Yep, I pulled my support and stopped fundraising for them.  I just can't contribute to her paycheck.   Not when we are struggling to make our own ends meet.

What now?  The first goal was the Komen 3 Day.  That isn't going to happen.   Now I move on to step 2.  Run a  5k. A friend put a call out looking for team members for a fun run in the fall.  Not a race.  No winners, even mall walkers welcome.  All fitness levels.  The goal is FUN and Fitness.

I can do that!

So now I am working on running.  Step 3 after all is a half marathon.  I have a running path laid out.  A lap is .25 of a mile.  My starting point is run one, walk two.  Well.  I can't run that far yet.  It is a goal after all.  I am using land marks on the street as goals, breaking it up into smaller bites.  Kinda pathetic right now but improving already.  I have only been at it one week and I can already do more!  Yippee! ! !

Failure is failing to try.

I am running, just not very fast or very far right now.  But I am trying!  I am sleeping better at night but really don't have much energy left during the day.  That will change with time.  That mid day nap is now a necessity. I can't keep my eyes open.  I have lost some fat.  Dragon tells me hat my hips and waist are noticeably smaller.  No scales.  Not even looking at the tape measure unless I am sewing.   I want to be healthy, not a number.

Ps, Dragon said that I will run and he is even going to take the day off work to be there!  He said that he has missed too much over the years and he will be there for me.  Love my Dragon just a little.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Snake Adventures and lack of spankings

Yep it happens... life gets in the way of all things fun.

When Dragon is working 10-16 hour days, he comes home tired.  I have his plate fixed and the bed turned down.  No spanking, not much talk.  Just quiet time together before we both turn in after a long day.  I treasure that quiet time.  It happens even on days he gets home at a reasonable hour.  Holding hands, watching the sunset or just sitting close together.

Three times this week he had planned to spank.  Three times life got in the way.   The good part?  My spanko is back! ! !  He planned to do the deed.  Sunday, we were both tired.  Monday, he didn't get home until almost midnight.  Tuesday, I fell asleep before he came to bed and that wasn't the only problem Tuesday!  The kids found a copper head out by the door we use to get to the garage.  The good part is that they aren't aggressive snakes but I still don't want to take my chances.

We use that door for a lot of things.

That is where the motorcycle is parked, where the lawnmower lives and where the garbage can sits.  Yikes...  I have to use that door and there is a snake living in the bushes!  EEEKKKKK  I will be buying a few sticky rat traps to put out there.  If the traps don't get it, Dragon loaded the glock with rat shot.  I don't have very much rat shot but I have enough to get one snake!  The squirrel gun is handy too just in case.  But I will have to load it.

I will get that snake one way or another.  HATE HATE HATE snakes.  I am terrified of spiders and I am even more afraid of snakes!  Shivers.  There is NO way Dragon will drag me off to the garage with that snake out there lurking in the bushes or even inside the garage.  It could bite my buttt. Now that would be interesting to explain to the paramedics and ER doc.


So yes.  All kinky fun and spanking activities are put on hold until I get that snake.

I am sad.

Then there is the snake that lives under the bath tub I still haven't caught and the one living in the flower bed under the tree. (but I think those are just chicken snakes.)  Dragon will be bringing home more rat traps for me tonight.  I don't want the sheriff out here investigating gun shots unless I have to.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

monster in law

Oh my goodness!! I am about to let my bitch show. This soutern lady is MAD. And I don't have my flask. My backside is going to be sore when we get home. Dragon is always ready with wize words. He said that this is just the way she is and to ignore her. The nasty in me says fine I am VERY good at ignoring people. But that isn't the right thing to do. Time to put on my big girl panties and re join the family as much as I don't want to. Missing my whiskey. My I don't give a flying tuck juice.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 6, 1944

Do you know why this is an important date in world history?

 I do.

 With a house full of history buffs it is impossible for me to forget but no one has mentioned it yet.

 Today is D Day. 160,000 Allied Troops landed on the beaches of France in the fight against Nazi Germany.

Both of my Grandfathers fought in that war so very long ago. Grampa was a foot soldier in the infantry. Pappaw was a load master in the Army Air Corps before we had the Air Force. Grampa's sister was an Army nurse and my grandmother worked at the Pentagon transcribing letters from the troops to families back home. Opsec was that important. One of Pappaw's brothers was a translator and a life long officer. I am not sure what Pappaw's youngest brother did but I know his PTSD was worse than all the others.

Dragon has a great uncle that landed on the beaches of Normandy. His grandfather served 12 years. No draft dodgers there. Another uncle served in the Navy in the pacific front.

We both came from a long line of men who served their country. Is it any surprise that we continued the tradition? There aren't very many WW II veterans left. Please remember to honor them today. Their entire generation sacrificed for the freedom we enjoy today.

My Father served during the Vietnam conflict in the Navy and my step father served in both the Vietnam conflict and the Korean war in the Army. Both are gone now. Cancer took them both way too young. My Dragon has served in the war against terrorism in the Air force for 20 years. I have seen the damage and lasting scars war leaves. Honor the men and women who have served. They have given more than just time.

Monday, June 3, 2013

How I got Dragon to spank

The journey began when we first started dating.  I was VERY submissive.  Okay.  I was beat down and struggling to make it on my own.  I was tired of looking for a knight in shining armor.  I kept finding snakes.  Then along came my dragon.

He was gentile, kind and soft spoken.  He had been beat down a little himself by some NCOs that really liked power and didn't care who they stepped on.  (there were plenty of those around his entire career)  I was beyond broke, living in a house that was falling down around me.  He decided that even if we didn't continue to date that he could help me out just a little.

First he filled my house with food.  When he began to prepare the meal, he discovered my old fuse box.  It had suffered a lightning strike.  The entire house was wired into one 110 fuse.  He replaced it with a bran new breaker box.  Then he decided to figure out why the toilet rocked when you even looked at it.  It was propped up by bricks under the house.  He fixed the floor.  (my mom and neighbor helped finance this repair.  Why is there standing water under the house?  Oh the kitchen sink wasn't connected to anything.  Why?  the old pipe was clogged solid with grease.  On to another  repair.

Soon he was spending more time at my house than he was in his dorm room.  Still, he made no demands on me.  I washed his laundry, he cut my grass and fixed the house.  He watched over us at night in case the boogy man (mean ex-husband) came around.  After two full months, I decided that he was around to stay.  I knew I wanted him to stay and I invited him to my bed.  If he was willing I wanted him to be mine forever.

I asked him to dominate me soon after that night.  I had no idea what I wanted at the time but I knew how I wanted to feel.  I wanted sub space.  Never felt it and had no idea that there was a word for it.  He had a few ideas!  WEG (this was when only the rich people had internet.  it was the newest thing out there and not many people even knew what email was.)

Fast forwards SEVERAL years to about 2005 maybe?  Time gets away from me.  I had discovered that I wasn't alone in my strange desires.  I had discovered the world of kink.   The concept of a Dominant and a submissive and all the things two people can do together.  Funny, we had done most of them.  There was one thing we hadn't tried.


The more I read the more I wanted it.  And not the fun kind.  I was already a submissive wife but I knew I could do better.  I wanted him to MAKE me do better.  Oops.  That isn't how it works and he wanted nothing to do with it.  He said he didn't have time to micromanage my day.  I was hurt but continued with what I had been doing.  It clicked that I had to submit first and I worked even harder.

Then I discovered this thing called impact play.

Spanking for fun?  Well.... if I can't get him to punish me, maybe I can get him to spank my backside for fun.  Maybe?  He was reluctant but gave it a try.  The first spanking was less than satisfying but it was an excellent start.  He was using his hand after all.  I couldn't expect him to leave my bottom sore the next day.  The second spanking happened soon after and he did leave a mark.  He felt so guilty.  It was sweet.  He couldn't understand that I WANTED the marks.  I liked my one little round purple bruise.  It took him months to spank me again.  This time he used a small cherry paddle.  It was very nice.  We both liked it.  He began incorporating impact into our scenes on a regular basis and I was happy with what he could give.

Fast forward another few years...

More than a few deployments leaft us reeling.  Our marriage nearly fell apart but we both held on for dear life and it was back on the mend.  But.... I had picked up a very bad habit.  Somewhere along the way I started using the F@#$ word.  Little me that NEVER cusses was using that ugly word in every day conversations?  What?  I know it is unbelievable.  I asked him for help.  I wanted to break the habit but was not having any success on my own.  I asked for DD again.

What had changed?  He was comfortable spanking my backside!  He knew what a fun spanking did to my head and was willing to give it a try.

 And boy did he ever!