Monday, August 15, 2016

I Don't Get It

Back to school celebration photos.  You know the ones.  Mom jumping for joy, kids looking embarrassed, scared, hurt or even laughing.

I enjoy the time I spend with my children.  I get lonely if I don't have at least one kid at my side.  There have been times that I needed a short break but not EVERY DAY! I actually enjoy my kids.  Even teenagers!

I worry about the kids in the photos.  That they are hurt but just hiding it.  What kind of chaos do they live in that spending time away from the kids is a relief for these moms?

I do understand being proud of your kids.  I understand being excited that they are learning and growing into young adults.  I just don't understand these first day of school photos.  They have so much potential to hurt. A mother is expected to love unconditionally.  What are these photos really saying?

No, I won't understand your explanation.  It isn't something I can understand.  This is just food for thought.  Think about it before you do your own staged photo.

Ps.  I hated sending my kids away to school so much I home school.  We started in 1998 and we are still going strong.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Learning Something New

My oldest daughter brought her electric guitar home for me to keep. I don't think she intended for me to keep it forever but....

I really hate seeing an expensive piece of equipment collecting dust.  No one plays it!

A few months ago, I bought a Hal Leanord lesson book, a package of picks and new strings.  Yesterday, I picked it up and started learning.  Now, my other kids are interested in learning!  One string at a time, we are all learning together. One guitar between three people.  My son hasn't shown interest but the girls have.

Lessons of the week.  1. I am capable of learning something new! 2.  The best way to get my teenagers interested in something is to do it!

Sitting around the living room floor, passing the guitar from person to person is the perfect way to spend these miserable hot summer days.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sawing Logs

Yep.  Dragon snores.

Call it what ever you want but it is truly revolting.  Tonight he sounds like an elephant with a knotted trunk.  Last night he sounded like a dying horse.  My goal every night is to fall asleep before the sound effects get into the dangerous decibel level.

I almost never succeed.

He was a good Dragon and had a sleep study done.  What a surprise! He has sleep apnea.  I tried to tell them!  The fancy test wasn't necessary.  Even the neighbors know he has issues!

"It is treatable." They said.  This machine will put him right to sleep with no snores.

That was several years ago.

This expensive compressor now sits beside the bed gathering dust.

If the pressure is turned up enough to help him, he develops another problem.  I'll tell you about the last time he used that contraption.


He replaced all the parts he could with new. The water reservoir, tubing, mask and filters. He spent some time getting the straps to the mask adjusted just right.  Everything was set to go.  He put the mask on and was out before his head hit the pillow.

And I was still awake.

The snoring wasn't as loud but it was just enough to keep me awake.  Around 1am the farting started.  From fast and short to long and loud.  At 2 he let one loose so loud that it woke him up! He looked so startled, I had to laugh.  He sat up, took off the mask and ran for the bathroom.

That was months ago and he refuses to use the cpap now. I can't blame him.  We set the pressure lower and it does no good.  Increase the pressure just a little and it causes other problems.

Eventually I will fall asleep from exhaustion.  Even with the chainsaw buzzing in my ear. For now, I am going to re-read a favorite book.  I have to see if it ends the same way!

Good night