Sunday, March 29, 2015


Dragon came home with a mysterious purple shopping bag.  The only place I know of that uses purple bags is the grown-up toy store.

First Dragon pulls a small bottle of silicon lube out of the bag.  Next up are the toy cleaning wipes.  I KNOW we don't have any toys right now. We throw them away after a few months and buy new.  I just think squick after a while.

Last he pulled a set of butt plugs out of his magic bag. The first one was reasonable.  Not too big.  Maybe even on the small side.  The second and third weren't too big either.

The last two?

Good grief!  Where does he think that is going?

Not in my backside.  Wowza!!!!

Dragon says that we are going to take it slow.

We shall see.

So far?  We played at using the smallest one.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Why Does it Always Surprise Me?

After 20+ years together Dragon still has the power to surprise me.


Simple. He believes in me.

I am training a young puppy to be a mobility assistant.  I get a little unsteady at times and a dog does more to keep me on my feet than a walking stick.  She is the third dog I have trained.  As usual, there is a problem and as usual, it is my fault.

I listened to bad advice.

My little girl is shy. She has no problem with other dogs but really doesn't want to say hello to strange people.  My thought was that it is a good thing.  She needs to be calm in public and ignore all the distractions. So,we were working on that. Calm and aloof.

Nope. Not good enough for the trainer we are working with.  The puppy has to act like a politician on election day. ?????

The other problem? Engagement.  The trainer thinks she is too focused on me.  I don't think she is focused enough but she is still a puppy.

New tactics and a new trainer coming soon.

We are going to work on trust.  The puppy needs to trust that I won't put her in danger.  Lots of new places, cookies, her favorite toy and her blanket.  People around but not touching.

Lots of work on basic obedience to increase her confidence and more engagement games.  I am going to work on some specialized training.  It is not to soon for her to start Learning her job.  Touch, take, drop, up, off, find.  Ahhh hide and seek is so fun to teach.  The goal is to teach her to find my car keys.

I have a plan. We have 4 more classes with this trainer.  I am going to treat it like puppy play time.  During this time I am going to interview other trainers and find one that works for both of us.


What surprised me?  Dragon just spent $$$ on a mobility harness that won't fit her for months, a touch pad and another Leerburg training video.  This took me by surprise.


His purchase says, "I believe in you. You can turn this frightened little puppy into a service dog."

Before Dragon, no one believed I could do anything.  I wasn't smart enough, fast enough, good enough or pretty enough.

For Dragon, I am enough.

Crying now.  I need to go find a tissue.  Love my man just a little.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Daylight savings time

Don't forget to set your clock one hour ahead!

We get up one hour earlier.  Yawn.  I am so sleepy.  It feels like I got up an hour early.  But it won't get dark as early.  More daylight when it counts.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Reluctant HOH

We agreed that he wouldn't micromanage my life and I don't expect him to.  We are easy going most of the time.  Fights flame up and end without any fantastic fireworks.  Most people will miss what makes it work. It is so natural that they won't see his leadership or my submission.  It just is.

That is why I was so surprised to get a text from Dragon this morning.  "Treadmill, text me when you are done"


About an hour later...  "Treadmill?"

And when I still didn't send him a text "??"

Do I really need to say this?  I thought it was hot as hell and he thought he was being an ass.

No.  He was concerned.  He thought I was procrastinating.

Yep.  He was right. I just didn't want to get hot and sweaty.

Next day....

Ooops.  I fell asleep before I finished my post.

After I practically seduced him when he walked in the door, I think he understands how much I liked his insistence.  He understood it so well that he set up my sit up bench.  It is now together.  I just have to find a spot for it in my sewing room.  I didn't want it with the rest of the workout equipment because I like to work abs when I do cardio.  And since the treadmill is in the sewing room, it is perfect.  :-)

Dragon said to expect a text today.  No promise of a spanking.  Good girl or otherwise.  The garage is too cold anyway.  But he is being so darn sexy that....


My spanko friends understand.

I hope this is the start of something fun!