Thursday, May 30, 2013

In With The New

It was very nice hearing from a few of my readers!  I deleted about 15 inactive blogs.  All inactive for over a year and added 5 or 6 new blogs.  Two are in the very beginning stages of DD.  How exciting. That is my favorite kind of blog.  I love reading about growing relationships and new discoveries.

What did I discover last night?  Dragon can has not lost his touch!  He sent me into the stratosphere!  He had me kneel on a blanket with my back bare.  He was tired from work so he sat in a chair as he flogged my back.  It was all about sensual sensation and feel good.  No pain, no fear.  Just simply heaven.  A leather rain gently falling across my back and chest.

By the time he was done I couldn't hold up my head.  I could barley answer him when he asked me for my color.  When I said green, he had me repeat it several times to make sure I hadn't used a distress word.  I was in that floaty space just beyond subspace.  The one where I completely disconnect from reality.  It is a very good place to be.  When he finally figured out what was going on, the worry bear look went away and he looked very satisfied with himself.

I would say that we are definitely reconnecting.  We weren't really disconnected but just a little off track with DD.  Too much stress and too much life.  I hope this lasts!  I have missed the closeness DD and kink bring to our relationship.

I will do my part.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blogs I Follow Out with the old and in with the new!

I noticed that my reading list is getting thin.  I clicked on each blog on my list and over half hasn't had a new post in more than 6 months.  Half of those haven't had a post in over a year.  Yikes!  No wonder my reading list is getting thin!

Do you have a DD blog?  Do you read a blog that you really enjoy?

Help me expand my reading list again!  I am slowly adding blogs from Bonny's extensive list.  But I am open to suggestions.

Dragon has another long day at work today.  The weather is iffy and with what he has to do today, I won't see him until late this evening.  LOTS of time to read blogs and discover new ones!  I will work in my sewing room too.  I have a T shirt ready to sew up and fabric for a new walking skirt.  I am tired of washing and wearing the same one every day.

I just added a blog called An English Rose.  

I am ready to start reading!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A New.... Old Discovory

The more I submit, the more he steps up.

Is this a case of the chicken before the egg?  I am not sure but it is something I should have known.  I have give up control for him to step up and take it.  This weekend, I was determined to make it all about him.

Saturday, I wore my skirt because I knew it would please him.  After supper we went out to the garage for a little session.  This one didn't last very long but I felt it!  He sat down in a chair we have stored out there and pulled me across his lap.  Flipped my skirt over my back and pushed my panties out of his way.  He was late coming home and I couldn't stand not having my panties.  He started out with a few light taps.  Those were easy to take.  Then rapid fire harder, stinging swats.  I tried to get away from those without success!  Then the harder swats fell.  5 of them.  Owie!  But I took them.

It has been a long time since I have been able to take the really hard swats.  With a punishment, that is all I get but I like to get a few during other kinds of spankings.  It helps me take them better during a punishment.  I am more prepared for the sting and it is easier to stay still.

With my bottom still throbbing, we went back inside for some family time with the kids.  After the kids were all tucked into bed and the house was quiet, it was our time again.  I fell asleep easy but he didn't have any problems waking me up again.  He asked if it was safe.  (I don't use chemical birth control.  Safe means safe without a barrier)  I told him border line because it was close.  He had a solution.  He flipped me over onto my tummy and took me in a way that wasn't borderline at all.  I loved the look on his face.  He was on top of the world.

Sunday we didn't have much time for spanking.  We cleaned in the garage a little.  Sorting out the disaster created by the movers last summer.  Tools, kitchen appliances, kids toys and sewing supplies all mixed together in the bottom 1/3 of huge wardrobe boxes.  (I think the load master that packed our stuff lost his job)  We finally broke down and bought plastic storage bins to sort everything into.  It helped.  Dragon has a lot of specialized tools that don't look like much unless you know what they are for.  Then we got called away from the house to help work on a car.  Saved from the GARAGE! ! !   No one was disappointed.

Okay.  I was.  No spankings Sunday. We had planed to continue our Saturday scene but it didn't happen.  But I did get out of cleaning the garage.

Monday was a holiday so all was not lost.  One of the girls made muffins for breakfast.  I started on the yard and we had a good sit down family breakfast.  After breakfast Dragon went back out to the garage.  I followed him.  When I locked the door he knew just what I wanted.  He spanked me and spanked me good too!  I cut grass with a very sore bottom!

Since it was Memorial day we smoked a brisket.  Talk about some good food.  We worked as a family and ate as a family.  It was a very good day.  The only thing that would have made it better is watermelon. At the end of the day we were all hot, sticky and tired.  We started sending the kids in the house one at a time for a shower.  Starting with the youngest.  So, by the time we were done for the day, all the kids were clean and we could get cleaned up without fighting for bathroom.

I suggested another trip to the garage.  Crazy I know but I had a plan.  With the door locked, Dragon sat down to see what I was up to. I took off my pajamas and stood in front of him nude.  He was very pleased. When asked what implement I wanted, I chose the worst paddle.  The plexi glass and his belt.   He was shocked.  I surprised both of us.  No panic, no squeals or dancing away.  I am deathly afraid of the belt but we have been working on it slowly for almost a year now.  This is the first time I have taken more than one good swat and the first time I didn't panic over it.   Progress!

After the spanking, he had me kneel on a blanket in front of him and I did something else that is very hard for me to do.  Let's just say that he is very happy with me today.  Yes, that is a self satisfied smile on my face too.  I pleased him.  My submission brought out more of his HOH side this weekend.  It was VERY nice to see that side of him again out and ready to play.

Today, I get to enjoy a sore bottom while I clean house and do my chores.  A VERY nice way to start my week.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day

It is that time of the year again.  Back yard cook outs, parties and the official start of summer for the USA.  Please don't forget why we celebrate.  It is a day to remember those who gave all for our country.  Some gave their lives and others gave up their peace of mind.

I wrote this after Dragon's deployment to Afghanistan.  He came home changes.  It nearly ended our marriage.  I had to decide what hurt more, staying or leaving.  Then I stayed not because of how I felt but what leaving would do to him.  He was broken.  I couldn't take away the only thing holding him together.

I hate airports. They are places of tears. My body shakes as I try to control them. Then I look at my children and I see their hearts breaking. My own tears fall….He sees my tears and his iron grip of control begins to slip. People turn away. They can’t stand to see our pain. They know where he is going. They know we are left behind. I stand at the window watching the plane pull away from the gate. Walk that lonely walk back to the car. The drive home seems longer than ever. The house does not feel like home. 

My best friend, my husband, the father of children has left. I don’t know where he is going. Don’t want to know. More questions than answers. When will he come home? Will he come home? How do I survive? He is my life. He is everything. I am me because he is with me. No more watching or reading the news. Not even just to read the headlines. Routine. Step by step each day I learn to survive. Run, breakfast, cut grass, shower, lunch, clean, check email, walk the dog. Same thing every day moving in a daze. I am afraid to hope. 

At the airport again. The seasons have changed. But then so have I. I stand at the arrival gate waiting for a stranger. He is my husband and the father of my children. My tears fall once again. I am nervous and afraid. Will he really come home this time. Will everything be the same? I hope so. There he is. I see him. He has cut his hair again, his skin is darker, his eyes are different. I expect his hug to feel the same but it doesn’t. He walks ahead of me much faster than I can keep up to get to the luggage pickup. I know I should understand why but I don’t and he can’t explain. We are strangers again. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Why oh why did I do that?

I told Dragon that I am ready to move from resistance during a spanking to the final stage.  Surrender.

That is going to be one hard spanking but I miss what it does to my head.  I miss what it does to my head but ouch  That is going to hurt.

I have on my skirt without panties to try to prepare my  mind.  The more submissive I feel going into it, the easier it will be to accept.

The second mistake?  The same night I confessed to majorly loosing my temper.  I cussed.  BAD.  Over nothing.  So what if I was under a lot of stress.  It was bad.

Dragon didn't say much and hasn't said anything about it since.  The confession was last night.  If he was going to punish, he would have done it before bed....  I think.... maybe...  I'm not sure.....

He agreed that I am indeed ready to move past resistance.  What else?  He is ready to move past that point too.  His PTSD has been so bad lately that we haven't done much with DD.  We have both been walking on egg shells.  For a while he wouldn't spank me at all.  We both built walls around our little world for protection.  From what I'm not sure.  Slowly those walls are coming down.

First we need to both get past the resistance stage and move on to surrender.  That is as hard on him as it is on me.  Next will be a punishment.  I know he is there.  I can see it every time I slip up just  a little.  He is waiting for his chance.  It won't be over something small.  He wants the next punishment to count.  I know my Dragon.  He would rather punish once or twice a year and really make it count, than to find a reason every week.

I left it up to Dragon, as always, to decide how to use the information I gave him.  He let me know that I would be getting a very good spanking in the near future.  With the long weekend, I will probably get more than one.  He has to work late tonight so it may wait for tomorrow.  I guess I will just have to wait and see how tired he is when he gets home and what kind of mood he is in.

ps.  A long weekend for us is two days off in a row.  Impressive I know....

Monday, May 20, 2013

Stages of a Spanking

I got to thinking about this while I was in the garage....

Nude with my back striped and my bottom stinging.  And it occurred to me that every spanking has something in common.  My head space.  Some of it is more intense for a punishment but the stages are still there.


From the time Dragon tells me I am going to be spanked until the first set of swats are over I am in this stage.  First I have to consent to the spanking and bare my bottom.  (or allow him to bare it for me)  Then accept the swats landing on my backside.


When the swats really start to hurt I always have a hard time staying still.  I whine, complain and call him names I refuse to repeat.  He has had to hold my hands out of the way.  I can be quite stubborn.


When the swats don't stop and don't come softer.  When I am the limits of what I can cope with I begin to surrender.  The swats still hurt but I am not trying to get away from the paddle anymore.  My tears may not fall but my eyes are damp.  My body is shaking and I am laying limp across his lap.

And the final stage?

Recovery and cuddles

This is the best part of every spanking.  Curled up in his arms.  Kissing, touching and reconnecting.

So what is Dragon up to?

Last night he took me out to the garage for a late night session.  He took my shirt off for a flogging first and let me know that this would not be a short session.  It felt like heaven.  Then my pants came off and he finished with the paddle.  Sad to say I only hit Resistance.  We are working on that.  If he pushes too hard I will hide in my little shell.  He doesn't want that and neither do I.

Earlier in the day I almost earned a good punishment.  Oops.  I forgot my seat belt.  What?  Still?  Yes, sadly I still forget it from time to time.  I was saved by the bell.  The car gave me a warning right before we entered the highway and I clicked it shut just in time.  RELIEF.

I got a good girl instead of a punishment.  Happy me!  And he is willing to give the punishment now. Yep, that makes me happy too!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Back to Normal????

Dragon was out in the garage.  There was a problem with the motorcycle.   Now that is a disaster!  No it isn't his toy!  It is ours!  It was my idea and we share it.   I wanted his attention and found a great way to get it!

I walked in the side door of the garage and hit the button to close the door.  When the door was almost closed, Dragon gave me one of "those" looks.  But he changed his mind when I took off my shirt.  He took full advantage of my topless state.  After a quick cuddle he walked over to his work table and unzipped the toy bag.

Nope.  He didn't pull out the paddles.

He started straitening the floggers.  ALL FIVE OF THEM!

Now it didn't last long.  It was just a quicky before supper but it was great.  The tails felt like a leather rain.  Just a little sting.


The question is, which one of us is getting back to normal?  Him for flogging me?  Or me for taking off my shirt?

Questions....  and more Questions.....

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hall pass

I get a hall pass this time.  I spent most of day updating the software on 4 laptops.  It took most of the day.  I had to sort curticulum, figure out which kid needed which subject and package one disk to return it.

I was frustrated and brain fried.  Dragon understood that better than I did.

Dropping the F bomb wasnt appropriate but it was effective.  Pooh Bear finished 14 lessons.  Now that was a shocker.  Then she clesned the kitchen.

The oldest is working on a budget.  She tells me that she is moving out as soon as she finishes high school

A mom can hope...

Maybe I should use the F bomb morr often.

but then maybe not.  My bottom would stay sore and it wouldnt shock the kids any more.

 A good ending to a long day

The Right Way or The Easy Way

Yesterday Dragon warned me once about attitude on the phone.  That was just a warning but then I got sassy.  By the time he got home, the weather was nasty.  Wind, thunder, lightening and weather warning surrounding us.  We were up late tracking the storms and making sure we were ready if it hit us.  Some things you can't prepare for but it makes you feel useful to try.

The worst of it was past us.  It was way past any reasonable bed time and we were headed that way.  I was talking to one of the kids about school work and how unhappy I was with her over her lack of progress and hiding bad grades.  AND IT HAPPENED.

What was I thinking?

Obviously I wasn't thinking at all.

I let it slip into the conversation way to casually.  Like a word I use on a daily basis.  A part of my vocabulary that is well used and comfortable.

What was the word?

I am embarrassed to say.

It was the F bomb.

Dragon caught it.  He got very quiet and headed off to bed.

After I said good night, I headed off to bed not knowing what to expect.  Dragon asked casually if we had a paddle in the bed room.  I said no without looking in the hiding spot.

He was tired.  The weather was still bad even though we were out of immediate danger.

Now, I have no guilt over what I did.  Which is probably a bad thing but Dragon thought I deserved a punishment.

The easy thing would be to let it pass without comment.

The right thing?  When Dragon comes home from work, I should hand him the paddle.  Weather is a legitimate reason to postpone a punishment.  Honestly, I earned it twice over.  Dragon would say that it has been too long but has it really?

When he comes home, I will have supper ready or nearly ready when he walks in the door.  After we eat, I will hand him the paddle and tell him that a weather/work delay is fine.  Ignoring it isn't.

Ok.  Honesty time.  I feel guilty over sassing him.  He doesn't like me to cuss and I did anyway.  But he isn't home all day with these kids.  He doesn't see how bull headed they can be over school work.

Handing him the paddle will end with a major punishment.  This is so hard to do.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dragon is BACK!

First it was a late Sunday evening spanking.  I thought, "wow this is nice but he won't keep it up."

Wait just a minute.  What else has been going on?  Tasks, deadlines and sex on demand.  He doesn't take no for an answer anymore.  He tells me what he wants and expects it to happen.  That only happens when he is on top of things.

Is that it?


Tuesday he worked a double shift.  He works at a job that doesn't have regular hours.  He comes home when the job is done.  When someone calls in sick their job still has to be done.  Dragon had his job to do and half of another job to do.  Dragon worked just as fast as he humanly could and still do the job right.  He took lunch late in the afternoon and finally called me to let me know he would be late.

Finally around 7 in the evening he calls to let me know he is coming home.  AND he had a basket ball goal in the truck for our little flower's birthday.  She turns 14 in just a week.  The house had a goal when we moved in but it was taken down this spring.  My kids were heart broken.  Flower used it the most and was very disappointed.  She was all squeals when it was unloaded.

After hamburgers on the grill and attempting to put the goal together, it was missing parts, Dragon led me off to the garage.   He asked me his usual questions.  Full protocol   So formal that I had to ask if it was a punishment.  I am sure I earned one some time during the day.  I usually do.  

Nope....  It was a fun good girl spanking.

He pushed my clothes out of the way and gave me what I will call a gentile spanking.  Soft pats with harder swats spaced throughout.  My bottom is very sensitive to swats right now.  We had a LONG break from any kind of spanking on a regular basis.  My poor bottom has forgotten how to take them.  Even the mildest sting takes my breath away.

Would you believe it?  With as light as that spanking was, I still feel the effects!  My bottom stings!  And it is the afternoon after!  WHAT?

We are working on my pain threshold and fear.  It is almost like getting back into DD after a deployment.  Not quite as bad but close.  Dragon is poking his head out of his cave and meddling in the affairs of his house again.  He is back into it.  Now my head needs to get with the program.

One step at a time.... or should that be one swat at a time?  This year has held some HUGE changes for us.  It is going to take time for us to get back on our feet.

GOOD NEW on the kid front!  I just loaded the next grades work on 3 of the kids computers.  Two of the kids are behind but BUT! ! !   two of the kids are ahead!  Flower and Bug are starting on next years school work ahead of schedule!  Pooh bear wants to do two grades at the same time.  I have decided to allow it.  Mina is still working along.  Math, not so much but she flying in her other subjects.  Better late than never.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

His and Hers

Ok, I'll bite.  Read over these questions last night but I didn't write down his answers.  Lets see how many of them I can remember

Questions for her...

What would your husband say was the last thing you did that made him give you "the look"?  
cussing  sadly I have picked up a very bad habit.  He works hard to break me of it.

What part of his body does your husband discuss the most?  
His sore feet  He stands for a good part of the day and comes home with sore feet

If I could burn one possession of my husbands and get off scott free what would it be?
his old military uniforms but we have to keep them for four more years

What shape would HOH say your backside is?  
spankably unique  his words not mine

Nothing makes me sassier than being told....
to calm down...  Most of the time when he says that I am not mad.  I can guarantee I am after he tells me to calm down.

When my husband does _______  I wish I could spank my mother in law.  
talks to her on the phone...  she is a witchy woman and hurts him every time he talks to her.

When making love, my husbands theme song should be.....
He keeps going and going....  think Energizer bunny.

If ______ were an Olympic sport, my husband would get the gold.  

Two words that describe my husband are kind and giving.  

Questions for the HOH

What should your wife's theme song be?
I Love the Way You  Love Me

My wife is so adorable when she....  gets mad.  She looks like an angry kitten hissing and spitting.  

If my wife never makes steamed broccoli for dinner again it will be too soon.  

Pick a bird to represent your wife.  
The little chicken hawk off of the old loony toons cartoons.  She tries so hard to be tuff but just can't quite pull it off.  

What type of bird do you see yourself as?  
A Dragon.  Does it have wings?  Does it fly?  It is bird.  I have proof!  

When I give my wife "the look" I am often thinking....... I should really go take care of this.  
(this is not the answer I was hoping to her.  Yikes.  I get the look a LOT but rarely get punished.)

Two words that sum up my wife are loving and devoted.

If there was no chance of being caught, where is one place you would like to make love?
Outside under a tree.  Can I spank her while we are at it?  

Aside from her bottom, what is your wife's greatest asset?  
Her creativity.  

I think I got most of those right.  And No, I didn't like some of his answers but they were his.  The chicken hawk?  Really?  Geez.....  

Monday, May 13, 2013

Sunday, The Spanking Day

Sunday is the one day we know Dragon is going to have off.  It is the one day a week we have to do things as a family.  So.....  We did.  We spent the day at a local lake.  It was okay I guess.  Loud music and obnoxious people triggered Dragon's PTSD for a little while but he worked past it pretty fast.

We fed the fish some bait.  Fishing would indicate actually catching fish.  Ate lunch out of my very nice picnic basket and swam.  We all had fun.  Just had that one little ruff spot.  We haven't found a good fishing hole down here yet.  Still looking.  There are a few possibilities close by.  A fishing/swimming hole would be perfect.

After the truck was unloaded and supper was fixed, it was time for mom and dad to have a little private time.      The garage was the perfect temperature.  Just a little cool.  I shivered when Dragon pulled my shorts and panties down but I didn't stay cold for long.  He sat in a chair I hadn't noticed before and pulled me across his lap.  Lightly he began.  Little light taps that left only a faint sting.  Every so slowly the tempo increased and the heat began to build.  

By the end of spanking I was trying to wiggle out of the way.  I have to say that my bottom is deliciously sore today.  Every time my clothes rub against the tender skin I am reminded of his touch.  Perfect.

How was this different from a punishment?  No lecture.  No tears.  It started soft and increased slowly.  A punishment starts hard and stays hard.  He had constant contact with me.  Touching, rubbing and fondling.  I don't think he has ever given a punishment over his lap and during a punishment he doesn't want to decrease the sting at all.  

It was a nice ending to a very nice day.

Now about mothers day.  Nope we don't celebrate mothers day at all.  Why?  I asked for these kids.  I am the one who had sex and got pregnant.  I asked to be a mom.  If anything I think we should have Kids day.  A day to thank our children for giving us so much joy and love.   It seems a little selfish to me to insist on presents and a special dinner to recognize something I take so much joy in doing.   I did it for years but now it all just seems silly.   

I do understand that others like to recognize the day.  That is why my grandmother got a call Saturday and why my mom will get a call today.  No gifts.  No extra travel.  No special dinner.  No big expectations of "I AM MOM GIVE ME PRESENT"

For us?  Just a normal Sunday.  Our family together, spending time together and having a little fun.  A perfect day.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Bird Feeder

Outside my kitchen window is a bird feeder.  It is just a cheap plastic tube I picked up at Dollar General.  Nothing fancy.

I hung it up in the tree last fall.  The birds ignored it.

The grass turned from green to brown and the trees lost their leaves.  And still the birds ignored the feeder.

Then the snow came.

Snow is not common down here in the south.  We can go years without seeing a single flake.  When the snow falls schools close, highways shut down and the city looks like a ghost town.

It wasn't very much snow.  Just an inch or so.  We were not impressed.

But the birds were!  They huddled under the camper.  It didn't provide much shelter but it is what they had.  And still they ignored the feeder.

Finally Dragon went outside and threw some seeds under the camper and in the driveway where the snow had melted.  He wasn't stingy with it either.  He gave them enough to fill their hungry bellies.  Now the birds won't stay away.  I love it.

Watching the birds the other day I thought about my marriage with Dragon.  It is filled with love and affection.  Just like the bird feeder is filled with food.  If I ignore the birds for more than two days, the feeder is emptied and the birds go away.  I have to be diligent and keep the feeder filled.

With my relationship, we have to keep it well fed with love and affection.  It doesn't happen automatically.  It takes work and attention.  If we were to ignore our need for these things eventually we would forget that we ever needed them.  Our marriage would be as empty as the bird feeder is when I forget to check on it.  We would find other ways to fulfill our needs and the marriage would be broken.

When was the last time you had a date night?  A movie?  They symphony or a car show?  Maybe a picnic or even put-put golf.  What do you like to do together?

Go out have some fun, just the two of you.  Keep your marriage fed and you will keep coming back for more.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Difference Between DD and Kink

Okay, so here it is.  What is the difference between DD and kink?  I am a kinky wife who just happens to be in a DD relationship.  Some people get confused and think that they are one in the same.  Spanking is a kink after all and just happens I really do enjoy being spanked for fun.

With Domestic Discipline everything is all business.  Dragon doesn't usually punish without a warning first.  He goes all HOHy on me and gives me the look.  You know the one.  His mouth gets thin, eye brows together and his voice firm.  Punishment happens when I don't listen to that warning.  First comes the lecture.

Do you know why you are being punished?


You know I love you and would never do anything to hurt you.

  Yes (at this point I am thinking "then don't spank me, you ass")

He undresses me to the extent he wants me undressed.  Sometimes none at all if I have done something minor.  The worse the spanking will be, the more clothing he removes.  He bends me over the back of a chair and places my hands firmly on the seat and it begins.  With no warm up the first 20 to 30 swats hit my backside.  It is very hard to stay still but as an adult, I know I have earned this punishment and need to take it with a submissive heart.  Not usually feeling very submissive at this point.  A mild punishment is over but if I really messed up it continues.  He rubs my reddened backside to sooth the sting just a little and the lecture continues.  This is where the tears begin to fall.  During the break time.  Sometimes he will kiss my back and continue to sooth me without letting me out of position.  Then the spanking will continue 20 to 30 swats at a time until he thinks I have learned the lesson.  So far he hasn't gone more than 2 rounds but I can see him using 3 or 4 if I am being stubborn.

Yes, I can be very stubborn.  If I stand up angry from a spanking there will be another round.  Anger is not submission.  I find the process of being punished humiliating.  It isn't fun and in no way do I ever look forward to it.  It is something I dread and work hard to avoid.  Dragon makes those sessions count so that they don't happen very often at all.  Two or three times a year.  

I always end up in his arms.  Cuddle time after a punishment is necessary.  We both need the comfort of being held.  He sits in the chair and I usually sit in his lap.  Most of the time we reconnect with love making while by bottom is still throbbing from the spanking and my face is wet from the tears.  I don't usually cry from the pain of the swats.  The tears fall after or during one of the rubbing breaks.  Shame, guilt and knowing I disappointed Dragon is what makes me cry.  That I forced him to do this unpleasant task breaks my heart.  Tears do not stop a punishment.  He stops when he is done.

Good girl spankings happen more frequently.  There is no formality to them.  More foreplay than anything else.  A long slow warm up with lots of touching and fondling   Giggles and tickles.  The fun kink last longer, are generally harder and are more likely to leave me bruised.  It can get very intense.  As the endorphins flood my body, I relax and may shake.  My head enters that lovely place I call sub space.  It is all pleasure.

Believe it or not, a punishment is more likely to end in sex than the fun kind of spanking.  During the fun kind of spanking Dragon is focused on pleasing me and fulfilling my needs sexually.  Being bisexual that doesn't always mean sex scratches my itch.  He knows how to play my body like a master musician.  He plucks the strings that make my body sing with pleasure.  Sex waits for latter.  After I float back up from reality I work harder to please him.  Fringe benefits?  He seems to think so.

Another difference between dd and kink is in the accessories.  In play Dragon uses knives, rope, hot massage rocks, wax and fire.  He would never punish me with these.  Floggers are also only used for pleasure.  He would never strike my back for punishment.  If I were to try to cover my backside during a punishment, he would probably tie my hands but that has never been necessary.

Coming soon to Dragon's Rose
  The difference between submission and obedience
   Birds, bird feeders and marriage  

Monday, May 6, 2013


Yep.  It is still going.  Sometimes better than others.

I think the weather needs to be medicated.  It is acting a bit bi-polar here lately.  It isn't sure what season it is.  Jackets at City Fest?  What?  City fest is where they give out free bottles of water to help keep people from getting too hot.  Little or no shade on the city streets and the beginnings of summer heat. Heat, not jackets!   You shop for hand painted tiles, wind chimes and hand made childrens clothing.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, barbecue and  turkey legs are on the menu.  Bounce houses, pony rides and carnival style games.  It is good to be back in the south.

Who is ready for the rattle snake round up?

Nope.  I didn't think so.  I skip that one very year.  HATE snakes.  

With the weather so unpredictable right now, our garage activities are limited.     However, Dragon seems to have rediscovered my backside.  Random smacks and squeezes at every opportunity.  I wake up every morning with my panties rearranged in interesting ways.     I ask him, "how did you do that?"  He tells me that he doesn't know.  Must have done it in his sleep.

Ha!  Like I really believe that.  Okay.  He may be telling the truth but I can never be sure.

"The LOOK" is coming more often, as well as quiet threats. Is my temper a little out of control or is he back on top of things?  I think it is a little bit of both.  He hands out deadlines and expects them to be met.  No threats for the deadlines.  Simply expectations and the knowledge that there will be consequences.

We had the garage cleaned up, then Dragon dug the bike out for the season.  There goes my nice clear spot of floor space.  Between the lawn mowers, garden tools and motorcycle  there is NO room.  Grrrr.  I guess it is like any other room of the house.  It will take continuous efforts to keep it clean and usable.  The weather should be warming up a bit this week.  I think I'll spend a little time clearing a spot for some spanking action.  I already have a chair out there.  Things just need to be moved around a bit for some swinging room.  I can almost feel the sting already.

What is on the agenda for the day?  Clearing projects.  I have started drafting a new style of over bust corset.  Every excited.  This one will be part of a steampunk/50s sort-of outfit.  It is what I want it to be.  The base dress is a classic 50s housewife type of dress.  Add a leather corset, engineer boots, steampunk jacket and hat.  What do you have?  Something that is uniquely me.  Then I am off to work with the lycra for the running skirt.  I wanted something longer than the local stores sell.  I don't like my bottom hanging out for all to see.  I'll save that for Dragon.  He prefers it that way too.  I am working with two new sewing machines.  A cover lock machine and a new sewing machine.  I have to figure out which stitches work best and how to do what I want to do.  What the different setting are and how they work with the fabric.  It doesn't take me long to get frustrated, that is why I have more than one project going.

Sorry my posts aren't coming as regular as they did at one time.  My internet access is usually limited to my phone.  And I HATE typing on that thing.  I share a lap top with two other people and my daughter has priority.  She uses it for school work.  Sorry folks, school work is more important than blog land.  So proud of her.  This is her first year with computerized lessons and she is doing great.  She is almost done for the year.

It is time to turn the computer over to her for the day and for me to take my forgotten antihistamines.  My allergies won't let me forget them for long down here.  Itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing.  I do love the south but there is so much more pollen down here.

ps.  no new job yet.  Still looking for opening and opportunities.  Dragon says the job he has now is a job.  It is work that pays the bills.  I asked him if he wanted to go back to fixing vacuum cleaners for a living.  He declined and decided that he is happy with the job he has now after all.  This isn't the best, most stable job he has ever had but it isn't the worst either.