Monday, May 20, 2013

Stages of a Spanking

I got to thinking about this while I was in the garage....

Nude with my back striped and my bottom stinging.  And it occurred to me that every spanking has something in common.  My head space.  Some of it is more intense for a punishment but the stages are still there.


From the time Dragon tells me I am going to be spanked until the first set of swats are over I am in this stage.  First I have to consent to the spanking and bare my bottom.  (or allow him to bare it for me)  Then accept the swats landing on my backside.


When the swats really start to hurt I always have a hard time staying still.  I whine, complain and call him names I refuse to repeat.  He has had to hold my hands out of the way.  I can be quite stubborn.


When the swats don't stop and don't come softer.  When I am the limits of what I can cope with I begin to surrender.  The swats still hurt but I am not trying to get away from the paddle anymore.  My tears may not fall but my eyes are damp.  My body is shaking and I am laying limp across his lap.

And the final stage?

Recovery and cuddles

This is the best part of every spanking.  Curled up in his arms.  Kissing, touching and reconnecting.

So what is Dragon up to?

Last night he took me out to the garage for a late night session.  He took my shirt off for a flogging first and let me know that this would not be a short session.  It felt like heaven.  Then my pants came off and he finished with the paddle.  Sad to say I only hit Resistance.  We are working on that.  If he pushes too hard I will hide in my little shell.  He doesn't want that and neither do I.

Earlier in the day I almost earned a good punishment.  Oops.  I forgot my seat belt.  What?  Still?  Yes, sadly I still forget it from time to time.  I was saved by the bell.  The car gave me a warning right before we entered the highway and I clicked it shut just in time.  RELIEF.

I got a good girl instead of a punishment.  Happy me!  And he is willing to give the punishment now. Yep, that makes me happy too!


  1. Hey is so nice to come visit and 'hear' the happiness and contentment in your 'voice'. So happy you two are moving forward. ;)


    1. It is good to finally be where we are. Life is still stressful but now we are helping each other more.

  2. You explained the stages very well. Master used to stop (and sometimes still does) before the surrender stage and it would leave a really sad and disappointed feeling inside. It took a while to realize and then explain that he needs to really keep going until the struggling stops to to be int the right place after. That's how it works with us anyway.

    Sorry this spanking didn't get you through all the stages and hope for a better outcome next time.

    The seatbelt used to be an issue over here too but once you get in the habit forgetting is the exception to the norm.


    1. I tend to panic in the resistance stage if he pushes to hard. It takes a little time to get there.

      I have a problem remembering my seatbelt if something else is going on. If someone hands me drinks to pass out I forgot. Oops. I am getting better about it but still forget sometimes.

  3. this is a great list! and how in the world can you forget your seatbelt? i feel completely NAKED if i don't have one on. weird i guess. now, as a passenger i have difficulty remembering to wear it, but as a driver, i can't even move the shift without clicking it in place. crazy i know. glad you avoided a punishment. those are scary indeed! i've only had one so far. :)

    i love the cuddles part the best too.

    1. Dragon usually drives. If we are together, it is assumed that he will get behind the wheel. That is how I forget. And I had a rule in my car as a teenager. Seatbelts will be worn and it wasn't even the law yet.

      Cuddles are always the best part. Just wait until he figures out that your bottom won't break. That is when punishment gets scary.

  4. Life sounds good and please remember to buckle up. I'm sure you stress that for your kiddo's.

    1. Life is good. Trust me, Dragon is VERY good at making sure I don't forget. Yowza

      No punishment this time but it was close. And yes, as a prior paramedic, I am a stickler for safely.

  5. What a great list... thank you! I am enjoying reading your blog.