Friday, May 30, 2014

A trip to the movies

Maleficent was excellent.   It isn't the story of Sleeping Beauty that we grew up with. It is 100 better.  One of my favorite stories of all times even better

So why was the evening and disaster?


We can't even go to the movies anymore.

A single movie preview triggered both of us.   I thought that I was okay until I tried to sleep.   But every time I closed my eyes I saw death.  

So...  What could cause us both so many problems?

We were both EMTs.  We saw the worst in people.  In one accident a man though that his political position put him above the law

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Game of Thrones

I finally got curious.   I have read about it in fiction.  Heard friends talking about it.  

Yep.   I ordered it from netflix.   And learned a few things

1. It is NOT kid appreciate.   Oops

2. It is misnamed.   It should be called The Game of Boobs, deviant sex and incest.  

3.  I want the next two episodes!   I have to know if the boy survives.  

Ps.   I miss spanking.   It seems like we are always to tired or to busy.   We are just going to have to set aside time for us.  A spanking date. We both need it.  

Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day

Have I ever mentioned that I have a great husband?

Dragon has a rare day off for Memorial Day.   We will be going to a ceremony at a local cemetery early in the morning.   Dragon told me that he would be wearing his uniform.

No problem...


I worried over it for days.  Made myself sick.   Tears fell in the privacy of my little room.   Finally, I decided to talk to Dragon.   I asked.

"Please don't wear your uniform.   I can't handle it. "

" Okay "

And that was that.

We are going to the memorial service but I don't have to cope with him back in uniform.

It is going to be a good day.

Ps I got in trouble for not telling him soone .  

Yep.   I have a great husband.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stumbling along

Dragon's schedule changes,  the kids sports,  doctor appointments, changes and more changes.  

I am moving in a haze of confusion.  

The good news.  My asthma control is getting better.  Not nearly 100 %.  Not good enough but better.   I even felt good enough to try some yoga today.   I didn't make it very far but I tried. That counts for something.

My pain levels have prevented any serious spanking action but the floggers are getting used.  

More safe word training.  More intense play.   The endorphins seem to help the pain but I can'tttolerate the paddles long enough to get there.  

Dragon is getting better with the floggers every day.   It feels like heaven.  He works with each one every time we play.  

DD isn't at a stand still but I'll just call this a pause.   Life is to crazy with to many changes.  We aren't pushing anything very hard right now.  

Friday, May 16, 2014


Yes please

More stress and uncertainty with Dragon's job. Would you believe I miss the military

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Age Play

It is simple.  He becomes Papa and I am his little Missie.

Crayons, coloring books, character panties, lollipops and crooked pig tails.  

I know it doesn't sound like much but it really messes with my head.   Pushes my limits hard. I am more likely to red out with age play than any thing else.  

He lets me get my head around it gradually.  A lollipop or a new box of crayons.   Little hints.   It doesn't take long for the hints to work.   I start asking for it.  

Eventually panties become a privilege and privacy is a thing of the past.    The harder he pushes, the slower he has to move.   One step at a time.  

I think I will leave Dragon a hint tonight.   My handwriting book with the fat pencil?  Or the coloring book and crayons?   If the weather warms up today I may even put on a dress without panties.   That always gets his attention.  

Yep.  Today I am Missie

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mothers day

I don't celebrate Mothers day.  

Why?   It is a day of expectations.   If a dinner isnnot served, if a gift is not given for this made up holiday feelings get hurt.   It has become so commercial.   Purchased gift cards.   Just for mom pre packaged presents.  

It feels artificial.

Fake appreciation.

What means more to me?  

My daughter telling me that I am an awesome mom.

My son telling me that I am beautiful.

The house getting clean without having to nag. The grass cut jujust because it needed to be done.

I don't need one day set aside for to know my kids love me.   They show me every day.

I know others celebrate the day.   No judgment from me.   Enjoy your day and good for you.   For me it is just another day.  

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Going green

We have been accused of being Amish by one person and borderline menonite by an entire community.   So many things in our home are hand made by us.   Curtains and clothes.  I embroidery the towels and pillow cases.   I make the runner that goes under the alter.   I even make little dolls for the children at church.

Now we have truly gone over board.   We just made our very first batch of laundry soap.   It was made last night.   3 gallons of the stuff.   And I just scooped it out of the bucket and into recycled soda bottles.  


Yes,  I reuse disposable grocery sacks and usually use re usable bags at the store.  Going green!   Worn out clothing gets cut up and use as rags.   News paper and old bills are used as fire starters.  Worn out bath towels go in the dog kennels.   My favorite cleaners in the house are vinegar, baking soda and borax.

I have been told that we were born in the wrong century.  

Maybe so....

Gotta go.   Time to get the weeds out of the vegetable garden before they take over.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Lesson Learned

The hard way!

I warned my 21 yo daughter that her newest boyfriend was bad news.   He drinks like a fish. Tells his friends all the juicy details of their time together.   Sexual things.  Some that happened and some that only happened in his imagination.

I warned her that he was not good boy friend material.  But she didn't listen.   He made her feel pretty and good about herself.   He is a strong, cut bad boy that women love to look at. She talked about marriage,  commitment and forever.

He talked about the next trip to the club.   He talked about Mexico and how much he loves it there.   Did I mention that he is not in the US legally?   HE DOESN'T HAVE A GREEN CARD!

Yes, I have a problem with that.

He talks about getting married to get that all valuable green card.

What made her finally listen?   He had nude photos of her on his phone.   He shared them on the Internet.   She found out.

How long have they been there?   Who has copied them?  Who has shared them?

She was furious.


She sees what a snake in the grass this guy is!

Another boyfriend bites the dust!

I am relieved.

Now,  when is this girl going to start listening to me?  Find a boyfriend at church or in school!   Not a club.   Not a drinking party.

I am happy this one is gone.   Fingers crossed that the next one is Mr.  Right

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy place

Dragon had a migraine.  One dose of his new medicine didn't touch it.  A second dose ment that he couldn't operate machinery.  

The second dose helped some but he still wasn't 100%. I drove him to work and picked him up as soon as he finished the part of his job he could do without operating machinery.  

He crawled into bed and slept his headache off.   After a few hours, I stripped and joined him. It didn't take him long to realize I was there.  He forgot all about his headache.

He made my body sing with please.   His hands, his mouth and the hitachi.  

He found my happy place.