Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mothers day

I don't celebrate Mothers day.  

Why?   It is a day of expectations.   If a dinner isnnot served, if a gift is not given for this made up holiday feelings get hurt.   It has become so commercial.   Purchased gift cards.   Just for mom pre packaged presents.  

It feels artificial.

Fake appreciation.

What means more to me?  

My daughter telling me that I am an awesome mom.

My son telling me that I am beautiful.

The house getting clean without having to nag. The grass cut jujust because it needed to be done.

I don't need one day set aside for to know my kids love me.   They show me every day.

I know others celebrate the day.   No judgment from me.   Enjoy your day and good for you.   For me it is just another day.  


  1. Oh, happy day. You've raised some great kids. Celebrate that.

  2. Hey Rose...I do understand what you mean about the commercialization...seems to be that way for every "holiday". I agree with've raised some great kids and you are an awesome mom. You might not celebrate but I'm still gonna wish you a happy Mother's expectations...just appreciation for the example you set for all of us.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  3. It is true it has become commercialized holiday and pretty much nothing more. I'm like you I don't need a day for my kids to show and tell me how much I am loved as a mother to them. Hope you have a wonderful day though just the same my friend.