Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Lesson Learned

The hard way!

I warned my 21 yo daughter that her newest boyfriend was bad news.   He drinks like a fish. Tells his friends all the juicy details of their time together.   Sexual things.  Some that happened and some that only happened in his imagination.

I warned her that he was not good boy friend material.  But she didn't listen.   He made her feel pretty and good about herself.   He is a strong, cut bad boy that women love to look at. She talked about marriage,  commitment and forever.

He talked about the next trip to the club.   He talked about Mexico and how much he loves it there.   Did I mention that he is not in the US legally?   HE DOESN'T HAVE A GREEN CARD!

Yes, I have a problem with that.

He talks about getting married to get that all valuable green card.

What made her finally listen?   He had nude photos of her on his phone.   He shared them on the Internet.   She found out.

How long have they been there?   Who has copied them?  Who has shared them?

She was furious.


She sees what a snake in the grass this guy is!

Another boyfriend bites the dust!

I am relieved.

Now,  when is this girl going to start listening to me?  Find a boyfriend at church or in school!   Not a club.   Not a drinking party.

I am happy this one is gone.   Fingers crossed that the next one is Mr.  Right


  1. The problem is when you're young, bad boys are so much more appealing. It is until you are a little older, you appreciate the good guys. Maybe she learned her lesson this time. You can only cross your fingers and hope.

  2. Hey Rose...I don't blame you for being happy the jerk is gone! One thing that's hard to learn is that a macho jerk is not a dominant protector. Thank goodness it's no more than some pics...another reason to be very careful as to who you allow to take what kind of pics! Oh and if he loves Mexico so much and doesn't have a green card...he can just go back to Mexico.

    Sending lots of positive energy that her hurt heals and that she finds a good man.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  3. I hope the next one is better.

  4. I have a daughter that doesn't want to listen. I finally figured she's just going to have to find her own way in life. I need to spend more time in prayer for her. You're going to find the right guy in the right place (so they need to BE in the right place!!!) It's sad, but choice is a freedom we all have. I really believe that in time they will see the light.