Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stumbling along

Dragon's schedule changes,  the kids sports,  doctor appointments, changes and more changes.  

I am moving in a haze of confusion.  

The good news.  My asthma control is getting better.  Not nearly 100 %.  Not good enough but better.   I even felt good enough to try some yoga today.   I didn't make it very far but I tried. That counts for something.

My pain levels have prevented any serious spanking action but the floggers are getting used.  

More safe word training.  More intense play.   The endorphins seem to help the pain but I can'tttolerate the paddles long enough to get there.  

Dragon is getting better with the floggers every day.   It feels like heaven.  He works with each one every time we play.  

DD isn't at a stand still but I'll just call this a pause.   Life is to crazy with to many changes.  We aren't pushing anything very hard right now.  


  1. Hey Rose...happy to hear your asthma is getting better. Life does get crazy sometimes but you and Dragon are doing a wonderful job at handling the craziness. Sending lots of prayers of healing energy.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Thanks Cat, I feel like a walking pharmacy now and may be adding another drug. Xolair. It depends on the blood test I took last week and insurance approval. Spareva, Advair, nasonex, albuerol and my regular antihistamines. Oh and a new epi pen. I think with all that I better be feeling better. I just need a little time to adjust to the new crazy. Things are getting back to normal finally but I am not used to it anymore. Since Dragon retired, it has been quiet boredom and stress. Run mommy run was a distant memory. It is back and life just won't slow down.