Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Gift for Dragon

A small gift box tied with a ribbon is sitting on the bed.   Inside the box are a few things from around the house.  Nothing new.  

The glass dildo.   A little smaller than I would like but it is effective.   A hand of ginger and a pairing knife.  A latex glove and lubricant along with a condom.

I wish I could put his belt in the box but he is wearing it.   The paddle is to loud for the house and the garage is to cold for play.  

I bet Dragon will figure it out.   The dildo to prepare my body for the ginger.  The glove and lubricant for vag fisting.   Together? I think it would be devine... intense?  Absolutely!

I am sure he will surprise me with a few things too.   I just hope both of us feel like playing tonight.  

I want to tell him thank you for the gift he brought me!  A new magic wand.   So yummy!   The old one has been repaired several times and is not the seriously delicious toy it was.

What else should I add to the box? Oh my...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Task for the Day

Yesterday turned into one of THOSE days.   Blag.   Father canceled our appointment.  So that was a bust.   I wish the man would delegate.   Grrr

Oh well.  Today is a new day.

Since Dragon couldn't think of anything he could possibly punish me for, he gave me a task today.  

Make some warm bloomers.   The old fashioned kind with the open bum side.   You see, I stay cold.   I like to bundle up at bed time but that doesn't leave Dragon access to my assets.   Pun intended.  

I have a pair of thin, cotton bloomers but they just aren't that warm.   If they are made out of flannel or fleece I'll be toasty warm.   Panties or not. I think Dragon may have a trip to the garage in mind also.   If everything is covered except for his intended target, I may not be as quick to use a safe word.   That is what he thinks.  

I bet my backside wouldn't stay cold for long.  

So today I am going to dig out my pattern and get it ready.   Figure out yardage requirements and find a night shirt pattern I want to go with it.   Fun day.  I get to design.   My favorite thing to do.   How can I make simple bloomers fun?

I have a few ideas....

Here is my starting point.  But that is all it is.   I get to have fun with this project.

Bloomer pattern

Monday, January 27, 2014

Dragon's Task

Since Dragon retired from the military he has only punished me one time.   I understand.  I do.  It has been hard.  Adjusting to civilian life.  PTSD.  Fear of getting fired.  

Now we have a new set of worries.  The transmission in the truck is acting goofy.  One of our kids continues to make bad decisions.  The process of annulment.  

It is always something.

But enough already.   Stress is a part of life
  It is time to re enter the world of the living and get on with it.  

So I did something I am probably going to regret.   I suggested a task for the Dragon.  During our pillow time every night discuss those things that went wrong.   Punishable things that get ignored most of the time.  

The little things that annoy him and aren't usually worth his time.  

The idea is to get both of us back on track.  There was a time that I would confess.  I would tell Dragon about my day and the major rules I broke.  Especially those things that made me feel guilty.   But now I find myself hiding things and he shrugs off the things that I do confess.

Last night Dragon took me by surprise.  He pointed out my Sas and bad attitude.   Oops.  Then he decided that to punish me.   If that was his plan, we probably shouldn't have started out with love makin .  By the time he got to the punishment I was one big hot spot.  

What did he do?  He denied my pleasure.   No O for me.  He flipped me over and took me hard and fast.  Unfortunately for him, I liked it.   Today I am sore because it was hard and fast.  No preparation.  No stretch time.   But I think that is what he wanted.   A sharp bite of pain.  A little humiliation.  

I know I will think twice about Sas.   What will tonight bring?  Yes, I am a little worried.  But I know that I am not perfect.  If Dragon wanted to, he could find a dozen legitimate reasons to punish me.

Will it be pillow talk?  Will this fizzle like everything else has?  OR will Dragon use this as another opportunity to try an alternative punishment?   I wonder.  Is he going to use this week to experiment?

I'll find out tonight!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Life Happens

Today was a beautiful day.  The weather was almost warm.   To windy to do much outside but the perfect day for some play in the garage.

So what was tthe problem?

For me it was 50 mg if benadryl.   Wind +pollen = miserable.   Dragon has been fighting a cold for several days.  Riding the motorcycle to work in this crazy weather we have been having has taken a toll on him.

So no play.

I was looking forward to a good spanking.   Dragon started the prep for a fisting last week.   It takes lots of slow stretching to do it but the rewards are worth it.  But not today.

Oh well...

Our window of nice weather is gone.   We are back to bitter cold tomorrow.

I am sure we can find a way to keep each other warm.   The garage may be to cold for impact play but we know other ways to keep each other entertained.


We were finally making love.  Dragon doesn't feel good but he felt good enough to scratch anitch.   That man really knows how to rock my world.  

I got curious and asked if I had done anything during the day to get spanked for.   To my surprise he said yes!   Sas and attitude.   He said I got short with him while I was working.  


He flipped me over and took me very hard.   Wow.  I think it was supposed to be punishment but I was to busy feeling good.  It was hard, fast and felt oh so good.  Love it when he gets all dominant on me.  

I think I will be asking that question every night for a while.  

Ps.  2. Feelin sick right now.  Nervous?  Maybe. I hhave an appointment with Father S tomorrow.   Yikes.  He is a sweet but the topic of conversation will be a hard one.  Annulment and the divorce.   It will be a relief to get it over with.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


As some of you know,  I am in classes to enter the Catholic Church.   It is called RCIA.  Sorry,  can't remember what that stands for.   I am working on an annulment and I have my first confession coming up.

I am terrified.  

What do I confess?

Pre marital sex is probably at the top of the list.But I do so mumuch more within the confines of marriage.   Is kinky sex a sin?   I am not going to give those kinds of details to a man who has taken a vow of chastity.   That would be so wrong.  

How about spanking and DD?  Hey, my husband floggs me until I bleed and I really get off on it.  Oh, he spanks my butt for punishment too.  

Can you imagine the poor priest?   He would be scandalized.   Not to mention that I really don't think most of it is sin.  

Yes, I am stressed over this.   It has my poor stomach in knots.   I have heard about worksheets but the only ones I can find are for kids.  

What is the worst that can happen?   I won't get communion.   That is it.  


I need to get over this...

Monday, January 20, 2014


I feel like a bug on a windshield.   Life has been coming at me to fast.   The good news?   I am coping.  


How do I know?   I haven't curled up under the bed.


The house is getting a fly washing.   First step is to de clutter.  One room at a time.  One garbage bag at a time.  

I am making progress with my sewing projects.   I have several projects going and I can see a lot of progress on all of them!

It takes me almost a week to finish a book.  Dragon just bought two new books and I still have one left from last payday.   That is always a good thing.  

No giving up here.   My pain levels are still high but better.   Every day except Sunday, I work on fitness.   Some days it isn't much but I am lapping the couch potatoes.  

Dragon is even getting back to the business of being a family man again.   He has a wood working project going.   I am excited.   A new dresser for our bedroom.   He is taking care of those husbandly duties too.   After my workout today, he spanked me good.  No paddle.  Just his hand.  He hasn't spanked me with his hand in a long time.  

Life is coming at me faster than I can handle but I am coping.  So far...

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Today is a Wonderful Day

How do I know?   I breath today.   My husband and my children are safe.  

Every day has its blessings.  Sometimes those blessings are harder to find than others but they are there.  

One step at a time.  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dragon Knows

When he walked in the door last night, he handed me a new Hello Kitty Pezz.   He knows how to make me smile after even a very hard day.  

"Here ya go missie,  this will make your little  feel better."

He was right.

An acquaintance lost her mother yesterday.   Her mom was a very active lady in her 60s. Doing Zomba several times a week.   She was the picture of health.  No one knew that she had a time bomb ticking in her head.   She had an av malformation.   A birth defect that eventually causes an aneurysm.   They made the decision to take her off of life support.   It was the right thing to do.  

My face was wet with tears most of the day.   I know her pain.   Nothing will make it better.  Only time will bring her comfort.  

It is funny how something so small can make a big difference.   A silly little Pezz.  

Day two of working out made my poor legs sore.   Owie!  It just goes to show how much I lost while I was sick.   Sticking to it!  I'll keep it up as long as I can.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Spankus interruptus....

Finally.... FINALLY!  We managed to get a few minutes alone.  Garage time.  The kids were watching a movie, it wasn't freezing and we weren't exhausted.  

Perfect!   Right?

But no.  It wasn't meant to be.

We had to clean up the mom cave.  It hasn't been used as a work out space since early October and furniture has been added since.   It didn't take long with both of us working.   And anyway it is a garage.   I don't expect it to be perfect.  

I locked the door.  Dragon covered a window I don't have curtains for.   Then it was time for fun.   I hear the coyote pups yapping.  Then I hear my little senior pup barking outside.  It wasn't him but had to check.  

Finally, we get started. OTK.  Jeans down justeenough to expose my backside.  It is still cold out there after all.

Perfect....  Until.....

Dragon's phone rings.   He is on call.  

Dragon is off doing what Dragon does and our spanking didn't happen.  

Oh well... Tis life

Maybe next time

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I started the shakology shakes yesterday for lunch.   I learned a few things.   They are very filling.  With just 8oz of milk mixed with the power, I couldn't finish it.  It completely got rid of my afternoon munchies.   Yippee!  It isn't the yummiest thing I have ever tried but if it helps me shed a few pounds, I can deal with it.

What else did I learn?   Making drastic changes in my diet makes my tummy upset
 Not feeling so goodttoday.  The good news is that itiisn't an allergic reaction.   That would have happened right when I drank the shake. This is just my body protesting a healthier diet. It will ttake a few days to adjust.

Hopefully, I will start losing weight now.  It is hard to do over 40.  My hormone levels are a mess and my metabolism sucks.   One step at a time.   I can do it.  

I was supposed to start a new cycle of p90x this week but I can't do it sick.  Not with the flu, that is for sure.   I'll see how next week goes.   It is probably a good thing to start the diet one week and the exercise program the next any way.   I don't want to add to many new things at once.

Dragon is being very supportiv .   Surprised me!  He is normally against any weight loss efforts.   But he said that my weight is affecting me mentally now and that isn't good.   I have to listen to him and know what the consequences are for not.  

I think he is more comfortable with this knowing that he is HOH and can put a stop to it at any point.

Right now I am using a sample pack of shakology to allergy test it and see which flavor is best.  I tried the chocolate yesterday.  Since chocolate drinks are not my favorite,  it is no surprise that I didn't care for it.  Today I am going to try the vanilla.   If it works out, that is the flavor I am going to order.  I can do lots of yummy things with a vanilla shake.  

Sometimes I am very happy we have a dd life style.  It gives us both confidence.   We both know Anna will not get out of control.  He will be there the entire time,  making sure I keep it healthy.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fun Flu The Coop

All of us have the flu.  Dragon needed a doctor's note to stay home from work, so he had the benefit of tamiflu.   The rest of us are getting lots of rest and fluids.  

No fun at our house.  Not even church.  

I have a TV rule.  It doesn't come on until after 2 in the afternoon.   Even though the kids had the day off from school work, I still enforced the rule hoping they would sleep.   They did.   I had a very quiet house.  

Time for my last dose of medicine for the night.I sure hhope that this doesn't last a full two weeks.  Yikes

Good night

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

The 7th will be the 19th anniversary of our wedding.  We eloped on a different date before the wedding.  

How are we celebrating?  My gift to Dragon is a miter saw stand.   So romantic, I know.   It is what he wants.  

Dragon's gift to me?  A heavy bag.   Yep. You got it right.  A huge punching bag and a pair of boxing gloves.  

Love my man.  

Do you think he is trying to tell me something?   Honestly, I asked for it.   A safe way for all of us to blow off a little steam.  And what better way to teach my girls how to throw a real punch.  

Watch out boys.  Dragon's girls know how to defend themselves.   And for Dragon's son?  He has a better way to deal with frustration.   I hope he quits using his sisters as a punching bag.  

I tried to upload a photo of my new toy but I really don't want another app on my phone.   Here is a Link instead.  

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tender bottom

The house of Dragon started the new year off with a bang.   Perfectly perfect.  

We worked outside cleaning the last up the lastof the storm damage.  I have just a few more hours of burning to do and it will be done.   While we were working, our New Years brisket was smoking.   Perfect use for those oak branches that fell.   After a short break we prepared our dinner and sat down to a feast.   Then it was time for some fun.  

They kids that didn't help in the yard, cleaned the kitchen while we headed out to the garage.  

Dragon was sitting on the couch waiting for me.   He had the paddle in his hand with a satisfied look on his face.  I locked the door and walked over to him.   He pulled me closer and unbuttoned my jeans.

"So you like it when I undress you?  Well,  I like undressing you too."

He slid my pants and panties down.  He made a meal out of my body.  Kissing and touching.   Setting me on fire.   It was nearly impossible to stand.  

He usually spanks me otk for pleasure but not this time.  He stood up, placed my hands on the seat and touched the skin he planned to abuse.  

"You know that I love you and would never do anything to hurt you. "

Before I could say anything, the first stinging swat connected.  


I don't remember a spanking hurting that much!  Over and over again the paddle fell.   He wasn't hitting very hard but boy did it sting.   I guess that is what we get for not having our play time.   A very tenderbbottom.  

The scene ended with me on my knees in front of him. " Do you submit to me? " I answered with a kiss.   His satisfied smile was the only reward I needed.

Latter in the evening, we repeated our short little scene.   It was a perfect way to ring in the new year.  

We both agree that a tender bottom is not acceptable.   We are going to have to fix that.

Dragon mentioned nightly sessions with the paddle.  My vote was twice a week.  We'll have to wait and see.  

But a girl can hope!