Sunday, January 12, 2014

Spankus interruptus....

Finally.... FINALLY!  We managed to get a few minutes alone.  Garage time.  The kids were watching a movie, it wasn't freezing and we weren't exhausted.  

Perfect!   Right?

But no.  It wasn't meant to be.

We had to clean up the mom cave.  It hasn't been used as a work out space since early October and furniture has been added since.   It didn't take long with both of us working.   And anyway it is a garage.   I don't expect it to be perfect.  

I locked the door.  Dragon covered a window I don't have curtains for.   Then it was time for fun.   I hear the coyote pups yapping.  Then I hear my little senior pup barking outside.  It wasn't him but had to check.  

Finally, we get started. OTK.  Jeans down justeenough to expose my backside.  It is still cold out there after all.

Perfect....  Until.....

Dragon's phone rings.   He is on call.  

Dragon is off doing what Dragon does and our spanking didn't happen.  

Oh well... Tis life

Maybe next time