Monday, January 27, 2014

Dragon's Task

Since Dragon retired from the military he has only punished me one time.   I understand.  I do.  It has been hard.  Adjusting to civilian life.  PTSD.  Fear of getting fired.  

Now we have a new set of worries.  The transmission in the truck is acting goofy.  One of our kids continues to make bad decisions.  The process of annulment.  

It is always something.

But enough already.   Stress is a part of life
  It is time to re enter the world of the living and get on with it.  

So I did something I am probably going to regret.   I suggested a task for the Dragon.  During our pillow time every night discuss those things that went wrong.   Punishable things that get ignored most of the time.  

The little things that annoy him and aren't usually worth his time.  

The idea is to get both of us back on track.  There was a time that I would confess.  I would tell Dragon about my day and the major rules I broke.  Especially those things that made me feel guilty.   But now I find myself hiding things and he shrugs off the things that I do confess.

Last night Dragon took me by surprise.  He pointed out my Sas and bad attitude.   Oops.  Then he decided that to punish me.   If that was his plan, we probably shouldn't have started out with love makin .  By the time he got to the punishment I was one big hot spot.  

What did he do?  He denied my pleasure.   No O for me.  He flipped me over and took me hard and fast.  Unfortunately for him, I liked it.   Today I am sore because it was hard and fast.  No preparation.  No stretch time.   But I think that is what he wanted.   A sharp bite of pain.  A little humiliation.  

I know I will think twice about Sas.   What will tonight bring?  Yes, I am a little worried.  But I know that I am not perfect.  If Dragon wanted to, he could find a dozen legitimate reasons to punish me.

Will it be pillow talk?  Will this fizzle like everything else has?  OR will Dragon use this as another opportunity to try an alternative punishment?   I wonder.  Is he going to use this week to experiment?

I'll find out tonight!


  1. If that is an alternative punishment - bring it on!

    Your pillow talk sessions are a very good idea. We go to bed at different times and I am invariably asleep by the time Dan's arrives. We do our talking in the mornings. And other things too. I like your way.


    1. Ami, that was what I thought too. I hope he keeps this up.

  2. Hey Rose...Wouldn't it be nice if we could have just a month of no worries...even one week! LOL I'm sure you two will work this out...might take 3 or 4 or 5 starts/stops but you two will figure out how you want to move forward.

    Sending lots of prayers and positive energy.


    1. Cat, I would take a day! DD began with several starts and stops. I am sure we will have a few more. Last night didn't work out as a punishment but it felt great. Thanks

  3. Sigh... He wasn't home long enough to catch me at anything. I confessed to a few things but we are both so tired it turned into pillow talk.

  4. Somehow I missed your original post about the annulment?

    Blessings for peace to you both -- and fun!

    Beth Elle