Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Task for the Day

Yesterday turned into one of THOSE days.   Blag.   Father canceled our appointment.  So that was a bust.   I wish the man would delegate.   Grrr

Oh well.  Today is a new day.

Since Dragon couldn't think of anything he could possibly punish me for, he gave me a task today.  

Make some warm bloomers.   The old fashioned kind with the open bum side.   You see, I stay cold.   I like to bundle up at bed time but that doesn't leave Dragon access to my assets.   Pun intended.  

I have a pair of thin, cotton bloomers but they just aren't that warm.   If they are made out of flannel or fleece I'll be toasty warm.   Panties or not. I think Dragon may have a trip to the garage in mind also.   If everything is covered except for his intended target, I may not be as quick to use a safe word.   That is what he thinks.  

I bet my backside wouldn't stay cold for long.  

So today I am going to dig out my pattern and get it ready.   Figure out yardage requirements and find a night shirt pattern I want to go with it.   Fun day.  I get to design.   My favorite thing to do.   How can I make simple bloomers fun?

I have a few ideas....

Here is my starting point.  But that is all it is.   I get to have fun with this project.

Bloomer pattern


  1. Oh how lovely Rose! You are so talented...would love if you would post a picture of your finished product.

    Sorry that the priest cancelled on you...hope you get your meeting soon.