Monday, January 20, 2014


I feel like a bug on a windshield.   Life has been coming at me to fast.   The good news?   I am coping.  


How do I know?   I haven't curled up under the bed.


The house is getting a fly washing.   First step is to de clutter.  One room at a time.  One garbage bag at a time.  

I am making progress with my sewing projects.   I have several projects going and I can see a lot of progress on all of them!

It takes me almost a week to finish a book.  Dragon just bought two new books and I still have one left from last payday.   That is always a good thing.  

No giving up here.   My pain levels are still high but better.   Every day except Sunday, I work on fitness.   Some days it isn't much but I am lapping the couch potatoes.  

Dragon is even getting back to the business of being a family man again.   He has a wood working project going.   I am excited.   A new dresser for our bedroom.   He is taking care of those husbandly duties too.   After my workout today, he spanked me good.  No paddle.  Just his hand.  He hasn't spanked me with his hand in a long time.  

Life is coming at me faster than I can handle but I am coping.  So far...


  1. yay :) That's great news! ava x

  2. Hope the spanking helped put some kick in your step! It really helps me with the coping. Hold on tight and hang in there.....