Friday, July 13, 2018


Scent is one of the first signs of compatibility.  If you don't like how your potential partner smells, the relationship is doomed.

When Dragon was still active duty military, he always left me a few shirts he had worn.  His scent gave me comfort while it lasted.  He took extra t shirts with him so that he could send me shirts he had worn.

I know it almost sounds gross but it really isn't. 

There is another kind of scent that isn't nearly as pleasant.  I can tell when Dragon is sick just by the way he smells.  Kidney stones give him a distinctive body oder that makes me gag. 

It was bad before but after a trip to the hospital where the problem stone was blasted with sound waves, he reeks.  A shower only helps for a little while.  The sickness is literally oozing out of his pores as his body gets rid of all the built up toxins. 

It is a good thing. 

I know it won't last long but still.



  1. I can often tell when BIKSS is coming down with something too, cos his breath changes. Not in that awful bad breath - didn't brush - too much garlic way, but in a more subtle "internal" way.

    I'm sure the toxins will be cleared out soon enough. Meanwhile, it's an opportunity for you to recognise when it DOES change for the better, instead of only noticing when things turn for the worse.

    Sending healing vibes across the continents.

    1. His scent was back to normal when he woke up this morning. I can tell the difference between a cold and a kidney stone. His scent changes in different ways. I can even tell by his scent how bad his PTSD is. Stress has its own scent. I guess that's what happens when you have been together for almost 25 years.