Tuesday, July 10, 2018

I Wish

Sometimes I wish we knew another couple into domestic discipline. 

Dragon ended up in the ER again with kidney stones.  A huge stone that is very unlikely to pass on its own.  This new doctor is fast.  The problem is getting resolved in less than a week. 



Isn't there always a but? 

I hate seeing him in this much pain. 

I need a re-set.  A hard, stress relief spanking that will leave me standing in the waiting room instead sitting comfortably.

Nice purple and blue marks on my backside to remind me that I don't have to shoulder the weight alone.  Marks that let themselves be known every time I sit. 

Dragon is on some heavy pain killers.  Strike one

It hurts more when he moves around.  Strike two

We don't know anyone else who practices dd in rl  Strike three

I am enough of an exhibitionist that I don't mind someone else seeing my body or another trusted HOH to take care of a spanking in a crunch. I don't even mind Dragon spanking another TIh. 


I wish dd wasn't such a taboo topic. 
I wish I could share my chosen lifestyle with family and friends.
I wish they wouldn't judge us with standards that don't apply. 

What a week. 

I am tempted to try self flogging. 


  1. So sorry about the kidney stones....and it is true for all of us ..that when stressed we think spanked would help...it would also be nice if we could be more open...we are consenting adults...sending extra hugs..and prayers hugs abby

    1. A good spanking or flogging does help stress. It is the best stress reliever I know. Dragon did manage a few swats but he had to sit back down. He has a high tolerance for pain but this has him down. Good news is that he should be feeling better in a day or two. The procedure is done.

  2. I'm sorry about the kidney stone, but at least it's been sorted! I do hope he recovers quickly and gets back into the swing of things. I understand how hard needing a stress relief spanking can be and not being able to get THAT sorted out. Hang in there. Soon. Soon.

    *hugs* and well wishes coming your way!