Monday, December 30, 2013

Submitting to Him

Dragon is tired.  He has worked long hours firstwith with a cold and then the flu.   Needles to say, he hasn't felt like having much fun.  

I decided to do something to cheer him up just a little.  It had been a long day.  We were both tired and ready for some much needed sleep.  I almost fell asleep completely dressed AGAIN!  Iwoke up just enough to realize how uncomfortable I was and got up.  

When I stood up, I decided to do something just for my Dragon.   When I slid my jeans down,  I took my panties off too.   My shirt and bra both hit the floor.  

I had his full attention.

When I crawled back in bed, he reached over and pulled me against his chest.  Heaven!  That is how I fell asleep and I woke up the same way.

No sex?   Nope.  He couldn't find the new box of condoms.   Since we really don't want a new baby in the house,  those things are a necessity.

He went to work with a very big smile on his face.   I plan on sleeping the same way tonight. I lolove seeing him so relaxed.

Ps.   Shakeology ordered!   I changed 'map my run'  from miles to km today and walked.   My walking path was just short of a kilometer.  I'll have to re map it to make it just a little longer.   I'll get the alli next time I go to the store.   Baby steps.  

Sorry for the weird outo correct mistakes.  My smart phone is kinda dumb

Saturday, December 28, 2013

A New Year

It is a time for new beginnings.  

Nope.  I don't make resolutions.   My plans are based on other things.  

My health took a steep nose dive in October.   I am beginning to feel better.   I still hurt but not constantly.   It is time to get back on my fitnes schedule.   Walk /run and the p90x.   I couldn't do either one with the pain.  Everything made it worse.  

This time I am going to do something different. I am over 40. That means my metabolism sucks.   I can tone the body that I have but I can't seem to shed the pounds.   Payday I am buying Allie.   It takes my low fat healthy diet and cuts the fat even more.   In addition to that I am going to replace lunch with shakology.

Between the exercise, pill and supplement shake, I should shed some pounds.

Dragon just told me that he isn't buying me any new clothes.   I have to make them.   Yikes.  A scarry though but since I can't find clothes I like in the store,  I guess it works.  

A new year with new goals and new beginnings.  

Ps.  After two doses of the tamiflu, Dragon is feeling much better.  He was frisky this morning.   I wonder.....

Is there a spanking in the near future?  A girl can hope.  

Friday, December 27, 2013

Spank-no ho ho ho

This is turning into a spank-no season of not getting "you know what"  for me!

Dragon's crazy schedule.

The flu both A and B

Mina's boy friend on the couch

My chronic pain



Granny is coming for a visit.  

We did sneak a little sex in this afternoon.   That is something but I am beginning to think that my bottom will not get any attention until next year!

Okay,  yes I know.   Next year is only a few days away.   But but but....   I neeeed to feel his dominance.   I need to feel his power and authority.   I don't feel balanced without TTWD.

I sshould have let him spank me over the pot discussion.   That was my last opportunity for anything impact.   I hate punishments but right now,  I'll take what I can get.

Spoken by a true spanko....

Dragon just took the second dose of tamiflu.   He is snoring away next to me.   I hope he is back on his feet soon.   Granny will only be here for 5 days and she is spending that time in a hotel.   She is bringing her smoking,  smelly, man toy.   I am not going to argue with her decision.  

Hope it helps

Last visit with my mom didn't go so good.   I have hopes.  

If not I have an almost full bottle of Bush mills honey whiskey.   I'll be just fine.  

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I hope your holiday was great.  We had a relatively relaxed day.   It felt off but things are changing.   The kids are getting older and I am not ready.  

What was on your Christmas wish list?

Did you get it?

I got something unexpected.  A weather station. Where we live, the weather can turn deadly in seconds.   This will give us real time information and help keep us safe.   I have wanted one for years but they are expensive.   This isn't top of the line but far from the cheepest.

When the weather gets ugly, I turn on the ham radio.   Eyes on the sky help accurately locate the worst areas.   Being able to share the wind speed and rain fall will help others around me know what is coming.

Yes I am a nerd.  I am happy about getting a weather station for Christmas and a better 2 meter radio is on the wish list.   I would say that I must be getting old but I would have been happy getting the same gift 20 years ago.  

I am just that much of a nerd.  

My kids all had a great Christmas too.   LOTS of squeals and happy faces.  

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Daydreams and Christmas Candy

I need to get busy. Today is for baking and making candy.   Yum!  But I just had to take a little time to daydream.  

I can almost feel Dragon's hands on my body.   I can almost hear his voice.


Lay on your tummy...  No,  up on your knees.   

Yes,  perfect 

You must be very quiet.  The kids are awake.   Not one sound.   Are you ready? 

I can imagine the sting of the paddle and the bite of the belt.   There is a hand of ginger in the refrigerator.   Would he be sadistic enough to use it Christmas day?  

Of course he would.   After another warning to be silent,  I can imagine him gently placing the shaped finger of ginger deep inside my body.  

Wow how that stuff burns.  

And now my imagination goes crazy!  What next?  More impact?  Or would he take me while the ginger sets my body on fire?   Hmmmm.  

Will Dragon be to tired to play tomorrow?  I may just have to brat to get a spanking.   Slam a few doors?  


Yes,  I am starting to get just a little desperate for his touch.  Nothing else will work.   Just him.   No substitutes.   My poor hitachi can't scratch this itch.  

Monday, December 23, 2013

A better Christmas

I have a box of ornaments that make me cry every year.  Little angels that Dragon bought for me after my last miscarriage.  

Every year, I pull the out of the big box I use to store them.   Every year I try to hide my tears.   Then someone will set off my temper.  

Last year a Blogger friend suggested that I store the angels separately.  

I did....

And forgot...


The kids decorated the tree as I unpacked the box.   All smiles and hugs.

Then a few nights ago I rembered them.   My tears fell in private.   I took the small white box to the living room and we put the angels on the tree together.   The younger kids asked about each one.  

I'll have to go back in blog land and see who suggested the separate box.   I wonder if it was Bas?

Dragon is still working crazy hours.   He is working hard to make sure others have a great holiday.   Still no fun for us.  He is to tired and I completely understand.  

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Remembering Bas

Gone but not forgotten.

He is missed

I still visit his blog from time to time just to remember.  

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Over time

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for Dragon.   He works long hours.   Those hours take a toll on all of us.

TTWD has been reduced to major infractions.  Those things that I avoid at all costs.   No pleasure spanking at all.   It is difficult with the cool weather but this streak of warm temps let me get my hopes up.

Nope.   Nothing.

What else can I expect after a string of 16 hour days?   It was still a little bit of a let down.

Then there is that very short time that we can go without a condom.   It is a risk but only a small one.  I keep careful records.

I wanted that skin to skin contact so much.  But it was not meant to be.   We fell asleep in each others arms.   We were not ready for bed.   All we did was kick off our shoes.  Teeth not brushed.  Doors unlocked.

We slept just like that until our oldest daughter called at 2 am to let us know that she finally got off work.

I guess we both needed the extra rest.

Monday, December 16, 2013


I am propped up in an empty bed waiting on Dragon to get home from work.   He has worked yet another 16 hour day.   It brought back a memory from one of his deployments years ago.

I don't remember where he was going this time.   They just blur together.   The first night is always the hardest.   Facing the empty bed was so hard.   I curled up and faught the tears.   First my oldest crawled in bed with me carrying the cat.  Then came Pooh bear with her rather LARGE dog.  My little flower was next with her two small dogs and a long comes my son.   He looked at the already crowded bed, crawled across the animals and his sisters to lay right on top of me.

I didn't have to face an empty bed after all.   We offered eeach other some much needed comfort.   My tears came the next morning when I realized that Dragon didn't have anyone.

I didn't complain about kids in my bed after that.   I was grateful to have them.   The kids, dogs and even the crazy cat.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Holy Cat Batman!

I have a small alter on my kitchen counter.  The kitchen is the heart of the house and I think it is the perfect place for the alter.   My rocking chair sits right next to it.  A perfect place for prayer.

Why Holy Cat?

I have a small fountain of holy water.  It is the focal point of the alter.  


The first bottle of water lasted a good while.  The second bottle was gone in a week.   The third was gone even sooner.  

What is happening to the water?

The cat!

She is such a good kitten during the day.  She would never get on the counter.  Nope,  no her.   Until everyone is in bed!

The little sneak.

She has been drinking the holy water.

The priest thought it was funny and just told me to bring a bigger bottle.   I am glad that he has a sense of humor.  

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pu pu punishment?????

For what?

I just asked a question!

Okay.  Now I guess you want the story.  

I have chronic pain.   I can go for months pain free but when it hits, it is relentless.   Doctors just accuse me of being an addict after drugs.   I am addicted to NOTHING!!!  I have issues with alcohol.  Which is why I rarely drink.  But no addictions.  I am not after narcotics.   Only a moment of relief.

My aunt caught me in a moment of weakness.   Hours of unbearable pain.   I was ready to do just about anything for relief.  

She offered me some weed.   She thought it would help.   I have to admit,  I thought about it.   I decided to ask Dragon what he thought.  


I had just about decided totally against it.  But I did want his opinion.  He didn't hesitate with a loud NO and are you crazy?

He planned a barn burner because I asked.   I think he may not understand how bad it gets.  

I explained that even if he had said yes,  I would have still had to think long and hard.   I have NEVER used illegal drugs and don't want to start now.   Nor do I want to use a drug that is potentially addictive.  

More checks in the con column than the pro.  

I just needed to hear it from him.   I doubt that I would use weed even if it was legalized.  I have seen it ruin lives.  I don't want to be a pot head.

Dragon was most relieved after we talked.   He didn't want to punish me any more than I wanted it.

Now that is what I call relief! ! !

No punishment for me!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It is starting to warm up a little but it is still cold.   We have had a lot of melt.   Just the North facing areas are still ice covered.   Branches are falling so it isn't safe to start the clean up yet.  

The trees are looking pitiful.   More branches on the ground than left up in the trees.   I am glad we have two chain saws and a house full of kids.   It is going to take a lot of work to get the yard cleaned up.   I won't be buying fire wood for a while!

Now Dragon needs a day off.  It is to much for me to do on my own.  He was scheduled for a short work week.   Only 3 1/2 work days.  Boy did that change in a hurry.   Now he will probably go into over time again.

Spanking, love making and fun are non existent right now.   But we are getting cuddle time.   We have to cuddle to get warm.   I put an extra quilt on all of our beds but we can't seem to get warm.  

I am not a winter /cold weather kind of person.

Hopefully we can get the yard done this weekend and get back to our regular schedule.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Frightful Weather

It isn't snow but it is Frightful!  The roads are slick and the trees are breaking under the weight of the ice.   The good news is that I have power and heat.  So many people don't.  

Friday, December 6, 2013


Did you get snow?

We have ice.   It is falling out of the sky and hascoated everything.   Dragon got off of work early last night.   I say early but it was almost 9 when he got home.  The roads were to bad to finish the job.   Mina made it to work okay but at 1am,  I didn't want her driving all the way home.   She spent the night with a friend in the city.  Her husband drove her car for her.  She has driven in snow but this is ice.

Dragon is back at work this morning.   Took him almost two hours to make a drive that normally takes. 30 minutes.  

It is nasty

Prayers please for all those who have to be out in this mess.   I keep hearing limbs hit the roof. I hope they are jujust sliding off and not doing any damage.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Play time and pervertables

Nope,  I am not getting any.

Dragon is working late again.  Even though the weather is nice and warm tonight he will be ready for his dinner and the bed.   But with my last post I decided to talk about pervertables.   Those things around the house that can be used to great effect in the bedroom.

When I say kink, my vanilla friends think black leather, chains and whips.   I think pretty silk scarves,  peacock feathers and Dragon's hands.  

What a difference!

While I would love to have the black leather, it is very expensive.   Chains are fun but not for heavy duty play.   I shop in the house wares section of The Wall market for most of our pervertables.  They live in the toy bag, not in the kitchen.  No worries about eating in my kitchen.   I keep things separate.  

What would I buy in the kitchen section of the store? A wire wisk feels devine when Dragon taps it lightly across my back.   Spatulas and wooden spoons make good impact toys.  A cake knife lets Dragon blow my mind with knife play without the danger of doing real harm.  Clothes pins make fun nipple clamps.  Spray bottles cool over heated skin.

There are so many options.  The choices are endless in such a big store.   Introduce only one new sensation at a time and use your imagination.  

May you never look at the kitchen section the same again.  

What pervertables do have in your toy bag?  What would you like to bring home?

New ratchet straps are on my wish list and a strap wrench. The ratchet straps for bondage anchors and the strap wrench?  It looks like a devilish impact toys.  

Monday, December 2, 2013


Why is sex a dirty word with christians? ? I am a life long Christian and have often asked that question.   Sex provides the heat that warm the heart of a marriage.   It heals and brings the couple closer than any other action can.  

For the wife, it is the ultimate act of submission.  He asserts his dominance when he enters her body.   It defines the role of husband and wife.   Even the act of making love, of touching, caressing and kissing brings an intimacy that is impossible to get while you are sitting across the room from each other.

Now add in the more interesting things.  Spanking?  Now dear husband is an abuser?   Whips and chains?  Oh my, you crazy man.   Get away from her.   A knife?   Bondage?  


Really people?

We do the things we do because it feels good.   That flogger feels like a gentile leather rain.   Nothing happens unless we BOTH consent.   There are safe words to let each other know in a single syllable what is going on mentall .   No mind reading going on.  

We talk about the things we do with other people to stay safe.   Some of the things we do are not safe to do without the knowledge that others have.   Suspension and Bondage for example.   Someone can really get hurt if it is done wrong.   We are open and honest with each other when we meet in groups.   We talk about kinky things and sex.   We meet to share knowledge.  

One dominant will show another how to use a flogger or introduce a submissive to the Violet Wand.   There may be a fire play demo or knife work.   Branding and maybe even a single tail whip.   So many yummy things.  

Is is un-christian?   I don't think so.   Sex and love making takes place within the confines of marriage.  Play and learning among friends.  

You have to learn this stuff somewhere!

I think that if people would loosen up and enjoy sex the divorce rates would be much lower.   You learn something new from a friend and want to try it out.  Suddenly that cold bed gets a lot warmer.  

Try something new.  Add a few sprinkles to your boring old vanilla marriage.   It is as simple as buying a scarf to learn bondage or discover the joys of a blindfold.   Bring a glass of ice water to the bedroom and discover what a chilling effect it has when you dip your fingers in it before you caress her.  

Relax,  communicate and ask lots of questions.

Sex and kink are not dirty.  Open up your mind and find out what you are missing!