Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Play time and pervertables

Nope,  I am not getting any.

Dragon is working late again.  Even though the weather is nice and warm tonight he will be ready for his dinner and the bed.   But with my last post I decided to talk about pervertables.   Those things around the house that can be used to great effect in the bedroom.

When I say kink, my vanilla friends think black leather, chains and whips.   I think pretty silk scarves,  peacock feathers and Dragon's hands.  

What a difference!

While I would love to have the black leather, it is very expensive.   Chains are fun but not for heavy duty play.   I shop in the house wares section of The Wall market for most of our pervertables.  They live in the toy bag, not in the kitchen.  No worries about eating in my kitchen.   I keep things separate.  

What would I buy in the kitchen section of the store? A wire wisk feels devine when Dragon taps it lightly across my back.   Spatulas and wooden spoons make good impact toys.  A cake knife lets Dragon blow my mind with knife play without the danger of doing real harm.  Clothes pins make fun nipple clamps.  Spray bottles cool over heated skin.

There are so many options.  The choices are endless in such a big store.   Introduce only one new sensation at a time and use your imagination.  

May you never look at the kitchen section the same again.  

What pervertables do have in your toy bag?  What would you like to bring home?

New ratchet straps are on my wish list and a strap wrench. The ratchet straps for bondage anchors and the strap wrench?  It looks like a devilish impact toys.  


  1. LOL Rose...Ever since Matthew and I walked through the kitchen department at Walmart and he was looking at cutting boards as paddles, I have never been able to pass by without remembering that. Now I won't be able to walk through any part of the kitchen section! And part of the automotive section is never gonna be the same! :D

    Hope you get the new toys you want. ;)


    1. Giggles. I didn't even mention the stretch wrap over in office supplies, toothpaste, sports tape or icy hot in the pharmacy. And don't even get me started in grocery.