Friday, December 13, 2013

Holy Cat Batman!

I have a small alter on my kitchen counter.  The kitchen is the heart of the house and I think it is the perfect place for the alter.   My rocking chair sits right next to it.  A perfect place for prayer.

Why Holy Cat?

I have a small fountain of holy water.  It is the focal point of the alter.  


The first bottle of water lasted a good while.  The second bottle was gone in a week.   The third was gone even sooner.  

What is happening to the water?

The cat!

She is such a good kitten during the day.  She would never get on the counter.  Nope,  no her.   Until everyone is in bed!

The little sneak.

She has been drinking the holy water.

The priest thought it was funny and just told me to bring a bigger bottle.   I am glad that he has a sense of humor.  


  1. FYI. I didn't pay that much for the fountain. Walmart on line has it for less than half the price with only a few dollars in postage.

  2. LOL Rose...I have two kitties that would do the same thing...they both love drinking out of a fountain so I got them one of their own and put it on the floor instead of their water dish. Of course, none of mine are filled with holy water. ;)


    1. I'll add cat fountain to my amazon wish list. She keeps me on my toes. Life is never boring with my spoiled cat around.

  3. Oh I can't image a sweet little kitty doing that! You know, the air is dry in the winter. I bet it's just evaporating at warp speed.

    We had a cat that ONLY drank out of the toilet. If you left the lid down, she'd squeeze though with her feet on the floor and top half and arms under the seat. Dad put a brick on the seat and she pushed it off. We just left the seat open after that. Seemed safer to let her drink toilet water than kill herself trying!

    1. I thought it might just be evaporating too. I started turning it off every night before bed. It has three levels. Just one level would be empty every morning and it was never the same one! She hates her water bowl. Guess I'll get her a kitten fountain after Christmas.

      I had a cat that refused to use the liter box. He used the toilet. Even flushed. The only problem is that he fell in almost every day. Stubborn cat.