Friday, December 6, 2013


Did you get snow?

We have ice.   It is falling out of the sky and hascoated everything.   Dragon got off of work early last night.   I say early but it was almost 9 when he got home.  The roads were to bad to finish the job.   Mina made it to work okay but at 1am,  I didn't want her driving all the way home.   She spent the night with a friend in the city.  Her husband drove her car for her.  She has driven in snow but this is ice.

Dragon is back at work this morning.   Took him almost two hours to make a drive that normally takes. 30 minutes.  

It is nasty

Prayers please for all those who have to be out in this mess.   I keep hearing limbs hit the roof. I hope they are jujust sliding off and not doing any damage.


  1. Yes, hope everyone that has to be out in the horrible weather across this country, return home safe and sound.

  2. Sending lots of prayers for the protection of all who have to be out in the nasty mess.

    Hugs and Blessings...