Friday, December 27, 2013

Spank-no ho ho ho

This is turning into a spank-no season of not getting "you know what"  for me!

Dragon's crazy schedule.

The flu both A and B

Mina's boy friend on the couch

My chronic pain



Granny is coming for a visit.  

We did sneak a little sex in this afternoon.   That is something but I am beginning to think that my bottom will not get any attention until next year!

Okay,  yes I know.   Next year is only a few days away.   But but but....   I neeeed to feel his dominance.   I need to feel his power and authority.   I don't feel balanced without TTWD.

I sshould have let him spank me over the pot discussion.   That was my last opportunity for anything impact.   I hate punishments but right now,  I'll take what I can get.

Spoken by a true spanko....

Dragon just took the second dose of tamiflu.   He is snoring away next to me.   I hope he is back on his feet soon.   Granny will only be here for 5 days and she is spending that time in a hotel.   She is bringing her smoking,  smelly, man toy.   I am not going to argue with her decision.  

Hope it helps

Last visit with my mom didn't go so good.   I have hopes.  

If not I have an almost full bottle of Bush mills honey whiskey.   I'll be just fine.  


  1. Hey Rose...Sending lots of prayers, healing energy and positive thoughts...hope Dragon gets better soon, his schedule is not so crazy, your pain get under control and visit with your mom goes well. Hope you do not have to dive into the whiskey.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. I cope with the rare visits of Dragon's family with a small flask of whiskey. Instead of screaming, crying or clawing my mother in laws eyes out, I sip on my flask. The uglier she gets, the more I drink.

      Survival. I know it makes me sound like a drunk but it only happens once or twice a year. I really don't drink that often. :-)

      One step at a time. Things are improving. Even my pain levels. Thanks

  2. Ahh how well I know this feeling :) How often kidlets and life get in the way of all things impact ava x P.S. I just stumbled onto you blog from MBS and its nice to find someone who also loves gardening, sewing AND spanking xx

    1. Welcome to my little corner of blog land. When the kids were little, it was easy. Now they know to much.

  3. I can so totally relate! Hope you get some good spanks soon!