Monday, December 23, 2013

A better Christmas

I have a box of ornaments that make me cry every year.  Little angels that Dragon bought for me after my last miscarriage.  

Every year, I pull the out of the big box I use to store them.   Every year I try to hide my tears.   Then someone will set off my temper.  

Last year a Blogger friend suggested that I store the angels separately.  

I did....

And forgot...


The kids decorated the tree as I unpacked the box.   All smiles and hugs.

Then a few nights ago I rembered them.   My tears fell in private.   I took the small white box to the living room and we put the angels on the tree together.   The younger kids asked about each one.  

I'll have to go back in blog land and see who suggested the separate box.   I wonder if it was Bas?

Dragon is still working crazy hours.   He is working hard to make sure others have a great holiday.   Still no fun for us.  He is to tired and I completely understand.  


  1. A blogger named Dana left the suggestion. Bella and Cat were the first to encourage me to take the advice. I did and it truly saved Christmas for my little family.

    Thank you blog land.

  2. Glad the suggestion worked. Hope Dragon's long hours are over soon. Have a Blessed Christmas with the family.

  3. Hey Rose...I am so happy that you took Dana's suggestion and it made this Christmas a bit easier for you and your family.

    So sorry that Dragon is still having to work such long hours...I know it is taking a toll on all of you. I join with Sunny in hoping Dragon's long hours will soon be over.

    Wishing you, Dragon and your children an awesomely beautiful and very Merry Christmas.

    Hugs and Blessings...Cat