Thursday, February 27, 2014

Slow and Easy

My headaches aren't gone but they are much better.   My health is on a downward trend in otherwways but I am fighting it tooth and nail.  

A treadmill is the newest addition to the decor in the living room.   When it was bran new I could only walk for about 10 minutes set at 2. I am slowly improving that number.  

I am up to 15 minutes.  Walking at 2-2.5 with three 30 second jogs at 3.  It may not sound like much to you supper fit people but for me,  it is huge progress.  The goal is to slowly increase the jog times until I have a short warm up and a 15 minute jog.   Then I'll alternate increasing speed and time.  

No time limits.   No long term goals.  Just day by day.   I have already met my goal for this week and set my goal for next week.   Extend the jog to 45 seconds.  

Eventually I'll add the P90X back in to my daily routine but not yet.   Slow and easy does the trick.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to Bathe a Cat

1. Locate and gather all needed supplies (<one minute)

2. Run the water until it is the perfect temperature (30 seconds)

3. Locate cat (3 hours)

4. Bandage arms

5. Retrieve cat and Remove collar

6. Clean scratches on face

7.  Dunk cat into cold bath water (it was warm, remember?)

8. Ignore teeth embeaded in hand and pitiful yowling.

9. Scrub cat while holding securely.  (think greased pig)

10. The water should be red with blood but don't be discouraged.  You are almost done.

11.  Rinse cat.  

12. Stand back and let go.

13. Clean cat urine off shoes and find cat poop hidden in bedroom.  

14. Prepare for further revenge.

I am not bleeding but that is only because I have learned how to avoid her claws and teeth. Just a few minor scratches.   I wonder what kind of revenge she has in mind this time.  

Saturday, February 22, 2014

TTWD Evolved

When a couple first talks about domestic discipline, it is a bit overwhelming.   It is an entirely new way of thinking about marriage and a new life style.   More responsibilities for both the husband and wife.  

You talk about what this new thing is going to look like.   Discussing rules,  punishment, expectations.   All those important things.  Some how, we both ended up with different ideas.   But we worked it out in time.  (I learned how to submit)

Then comes the big day.   Day one of this brand new way of doing things.   Was he nervous?   I honestly have no idea.   I know I was a bundle of nerves.  

The first punishment was a joke.   We were already spankos.  I am not sure why either one of us though a little pitty pat would get the point across but that is where we started.   The second one I felt but still, it felt like a joke.   Then I really messed up.  I thought it was just ammisunderstanding.   Dragon had different ideas.   That was the first real punishment.  

WOWZA!   I really felt that one.  

For a few weeks,  TTWD seemed to be on our minds constantly.   I was a nervous wreck worrying about everything.  That led to another talk.   Dragon made it clear that this was going to be his way,  not mine.  I wanted him to be head of the household.  He thought he already was.  (yes, he was,  punishment was the only thing we really added) I wanted TTWD to be like the stories I read on line but the reality is that I couldn't handle something like that.   Dragon knew that.   I had to learn to trust him with this new thing the same way I trusted him with everything else.

As time went by,we began really living TTWD.  It became effortless.   Punishments were still hard for both of us but we just didn't think about it.   Punishments don't happenvvery often,  we both know what is expected.  

TTWD just is.   It isn't something we do.  It is a part of who we are.   Yes, Dragon will still do what he needs to do but spanking isn't much of an issue any more.   If my bottom is cherry red, we bboth probably had some fun.  

Domestic Discipline is still there.   But it isn't separate.   It evolved and became relationship.   Even if we dropped spanking, it would still be there.  

I don't think I described it very good but I tried.   We didn't get here in a few weeks or even a year.   I am not sure when TTWD changed from something we did to being a part of who we are.  

I did my best.   Sorry this is such a rambling post.   Lesson of the day.  Don't post when I am this tired.

What is DD, TTWD or D/s to you?  What do you call it?  Is it something you do or a part of who you are?

Friday, February 21, 2014

TTWD His Way, Not Mine

It has been over a year since Dragon punished me.   You would think that he is not paying attention.   That he doesn't want to live TTWD anymore.  

Not so fast!

He lets me know that he will punish when he sees fit.   TTWD may not look like my little fantasy but it is still what it is.  

He uses the look, a touch of his hand or whispered words to let me know that I am getting close to crossing the line.   I know when he means business.   There are times when a warning isn't enough to satisfy him.   Then we talk and he decides what action he wants to take.  

We don't have written rules.   The 4 Ds seem to be standard in the lifestyle and we have tweaked them to fit our needs.  

Disobedience -  When the depression or anorexia are taking over, he has tools to help me.  He gives me tasks to complete.   Eat so many calories or clean this room.  It works

Disrespect - I tend to lash out with mean words when hurt.   Words intended to hurt that I always regret.   Knowing that a trip OTK is in my future has curbed my tongue.   No more slamming doors or kicking walls either.  

Yes, I can be a brat.

Dishonesty - I lie about food.  Hide what I eat and what I don't eat.   All it takes is a hard look from Dragon and I come clean.  The benge and purge cycles are not healthy.   He knows my tricks.

Dangerous - This one sneaks up on me.   Remember nothing is set in stone.   Nothing is in writing.   I forgot my seat belt once to many times.  The front door didn't get locked.  I leave home without the GPS or my walking stick.

You get the idea.  

Last time Dragon punished me, paddles were the only option.   The plexiglass was the meanest and balsa wood the easy one.   He has a wide selection.   Now he can use the belt also.   That scares me a little.  The floggers canbe used or several non spanking punishments.

Now that he knows kneeling won't cause permanent harm to my body or aggravate my hip pain, he is all for it.   Kneeling puts me in a very submissive mindset.   Ready to listen or take a punishment I wasn't willing to accept before.  

Why over a year since the last punishment?  The short answer is life.  Civilian life made his PTSD harder to deal with at first.  As time passes it seems to be improving.  My chronic health issues are another stumbling block.  He isn't going to punish me when my pain levels are high.  

But we are still here.  Still living the TTWD lifestyle.  His way, not mine.   Isn't that part of being a submissive wife?  Letting go and letting him lead.

Reality is so much better than my fantasy.  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


We have had about a week of very nice weather.   We got the propane tank filled just in time for a major warm up.   Isn't that how it works?   I have been taking advantage of the temps.  

During the cold weather, our garage play space almost disappeared.   Boxes stacked everywhere, the rug covered in leaves.  It was a mess.   We wanted to move everything and use tarps to make walls.  That is what we have been doing this week.   It is a huge job but worth it.

The tarps will give us more privacy and help keep the saw dust out.   I hope it keeps the boxes from accumulating too.   It should make the area easier to heat and cool.  

We have been to tired for any real play time but Dragon has been obsessed with smacking my backside.   Love it.   We will have our play space set up in no time.

It isn't just a gym or a den.  It is more than a garage now too.   It isn't a man cave or lady cave either.   We settled on calling it the club house.  A retreat from real life that can be used by anyone in the family.  

It is rustic with its mismatched tarps,  rafter ceiling and visible wall studs.   The cement floor is covered by a thin area rug.   But it is a place to relax.  A comfy couch, an old tv and work out equipment.   Oh!  A book shelf stocked with my favorite books and the toy bag stashed under the table.  


Ps. Did I mention the straight back chair for otk?   Yep.  Gotta have one of those too.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Dragon's Orders

1. Open the doors and windows today.  It is to pretty not to get some fresh air.

2. Crate the cat.   No freedom kitty today.  She likes to go visit the tom cat next door.

3. Sew.   Work on any current project.

1 and 2 are done.   It is a little chilly in the house but not bad.  

And I am working in the sewing room.  I had to take a break.   I am making View A.  I love the lines and the artsy look of it but not the sack like shap.   I can't ever follow a pattern.   I always change something.   This time I am adding shape.  

Fun fun!  

But all the math is hurting my head.  I had to take a break.   Sewing is all about algebra and geometry.   The front dart is drawn.  Now to do the back and decide how much to take the sides in.  

Dragon is going to be happy with me.  I think so anyway.   And the garage is almost warm enough for fun.   Happy me!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Yippee!  We have heat.   The gas company took $100 off of the bill and didn't charge for relighting the pilot lights.   That would have been about $80.

How do I spell relief?   Of course this comes just in time for a heat wave.   Up in the 50s and 60s.  Hard to believe.  But tonight is going to be cold.  I am thankful for a warm house.   I won't have to wear my jeans and a sweat shirt to sleep in tonight!

Cuddle time!   You can guess what I am going to wear to bed tonight.   I usually turn the heat way down at night.  I am tempted to turn it up just for tonight.

This is the last safe night for a few weeks.   Since it was to cold last night, I think we will have some fun before we turn out the lights.

Quiet fun.   Dang it.  It is still to cold for the garage.

Yeah heat!

Good night!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Arctic cold

I just thought it was cold before.

Our central heat is out.  Almost out of propane so I had to turn it off until the gas company gets around to our house.   The main part of the house stays warm during the day but we aren't heating the bedrooms.   And I don't like space heaters on at night.

More bad weather today.  The roads are iced and more frozen stuff is falling.   I am so ready for spring.   What happened to global warming anyway?   This winter has been cold.

That is okay.  Dragon knows how to get me warm.  First, he distracted me withssome ginger.   That gentile warming sensation made me completely forget about being cold.

Gentile?   Lit my backside on fire!! He was careful to keep me covered while he practiced his distraction techneche.   He knows how to get my mind focused on the important things. His pleasure and mine.

I am still cold this morning but life is good.   Dragon bought refills for my Pez.   I'll be in little space all day.   To bad my crayons are frozen.   Oh well.

Fingers crossed that we get gas this morning.   I would dearly love a shower.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cold Feet

No,  I am not getting shy with my Dragon.   I haven't backed out of any plans or play.   I am simply Cold.   Shivers 

The house is the same as always.  68f during the day and around 60f at night.  I have a space heater in the living room to give me a warm spot and extra blankets on the bed.  

Nothing seems to help.  

Last night Dragon got tired of my shivering.   He pulled me close, held my hands to warm them and tucked my feet between his.  

As soon as my skin touched his, he flinched.  "Now that just isn't normal.  Your hands are colder than your feet."  I shifed my feet just a little.  "Okay, maybe not."

Just before I crawled into bed,  I peeled off socks, pants and a warm shirt.  I wore a long sleeve t-shirt to sleep in.   No reason to be so cold.   Guess it is just one of THOSE weird things my body does.   I sure hope this doesn't last long.   I am tired of being so cold.  

Poor Dragon.   I am going to wear my socks to bed tonight.   It won't help my cold feet but it will keep the chill off of Dragon.

No play when I am that cold.  It isn't any fun.  

Spring needs to hurry up!

(maybe I should wear gloves to bed too.   Shivers.   Dig out my old snow suit.  Any thing to get warm)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Grounded again

I am such an abused wife.

No, really I am!

How do I know I am grounded?  Dragon just  put 4 new books on my Kindle.   He doesn't want me on my feet and knows that I get lost in books.  

Such a horrible man!   What am I going to do?

I know!

Prop up my aching feet and sore ankles.  Put a heat pack on my bruised hip and let my body heal.  

He knows me.   A spanking or the threat of one wouldn't do any good.   It takes bribery, sweet talk and enough new fiction to keep me entertained.

I have a corset, silk organza tunic, bra, bloomers, and an apron on my cutting table.  I have a lot to do and I enjoy doing it.   But I have to move around my sewing room to get it done.

I know what Iam doing tomorrow.   :-)
Still think I am an abused wife?   Probably spoiled but not abused.  

Love my Dragon just a little

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Dang ice.  

I slipped and fell as we were leaving church.   Nothing hurt but my pride.   By backside has a nice new color.   Purple.  

No spanking for me tonight.   My butt hurts already and not the sexy just spanked hurt either.  

I am hobbling around on a sore ankle and foot. It eawas already bothering me but now it is bad.   And thatsore hip that made ssitting uncomfortable now makes doing anything uncomfortable.  

My body hates me.   That is what is wrong.   Or maybe it just hates the cold?   I am so ready for spring.   A warm garage to play in,  flowers, green grass.  

Oh well.   I bet I can interest Dragon in other activities though.   Love my man.