Wednesday, February 19, 2014


We have had about a week of very nice weather.   We got the propane tank filled just in time for a major warm up.   Isn't that how it works?   I have been taking advantage of the temps.  

During the cold weather, our garage play space almost disappeared.   Boxes stacked everywhere, the rug covered in leaves.  It was a mess.   We wanted to move everything and use tarps to make walls.  That is what we have been doing this week.   It is a huge job but worth it.

The tarps will give us more privacy and help keep the saw dust out.   I hope it keeps the boxes from accumulating too.   It should make the area easier to heat and cool.  

We have been to tired for any real play time but Dragon has been obsessed with smacking my backside.   Love it.   We will have our play space set up in no time.

It isn't just a gym or a den.  It is more than a garage now too.   It isn't a man cave or lady cave either.   We settled on calling it the club house.  A retreat from real life that can be used by anyone in the family.  

It is rustic with its mismatched tarps,  rafter ceiling and visible wall studs.   The cement floor is covered by a thin area rug.   But it is a place to relax.  A comfy couch, an old tv and work out equipment.   Oh!  A book shelf stocked with my favorite books and the toy bag stashed under the table.  


Ps. Did I mention the straight back chair for otk?   Yep.  Gotta have one of those too.


  1. Aren't you afraid of the kids checking out the goodie bag?

  2. They know better. It just holds impact toys. Flogger, paddles and a leather strap. Nothing to revealing. The knives are kept more secure. I am more worried about mice than kids.

  3. We are having what my daughter calls "practice spring" and it's wonderful! Glad you've got a space of your own no matter how rustic.

    1. Down here it feels like spring but I know winter isn't over yet. It really put me in the mood for cleaning. My little space isn't fancy but it is relaxing. Thanks

  4. Hey happy you're getting your space ready. Doesn't matter if it's fancy...the most important thing is that it's comfortable!

    Oh and I have had issues with mice...the hard plastic bins that you can get a Walmart are very good at keeping mice out of things...they are not too expensive, especially the smaller ones...just make sure you match lids to bins (get a good seal).

    Hope you and Dragon get some hard play soon.