Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Arctic cold

I just thought it was cold before.

Our central heat is out.  Almost out of propane so I had to turn it off until the gas company gets around to our house.   The main part of the house stays warm during the day but we aren't heating the bedrooms.   And I don't like space heaters on at night.

More bad weather today.  The roads are iced and more frozen stuff is falling.   I am so ready for spring.   What happened to global warming anyway?   This winter has been cold.

That is okay.  Dragon knows how to get me warm.  First, he distracted me withssome ginger.   That gentile warming sensation made me completely forget about being cold.

Gentile?   Lit my backside on fire!! He was careful to keep me covered while he practiced his distraction techneche.   He knows how to get my mind focused on the important things. His pleasure and mine.

I am still cold this morning but life is good.   Dragon bought refills for my Pez.   I'll be in little space all day.   To bad my crayons are frozen.   Oh well.

Fingers crossed that we get gas this morning.   I would dearly love a shower.


  1. You're right, ginger is not gentle, it's fiery. Love Dragon's technique for keeping you warm and offering distraction at the same time.

    Hope the delivery arrives today.

    1. None yet. Shivers. I finally gave up and took a shower. The water was warm but with the house so cold, it was miserable getting out. I dressed very fast! The living room is nice and warm but I can't heat the entire house.

  2. Ooh Rose...I'm shivering for you! Wish you lived close by, you would be more than welcome to come shower at my house.

    Sending lots of positive energy that gas is delivered soon!


  3. That's awesome that he was able to distract you and keep you warm. I do hope you're able to get your propane soon!