Friday, February 14, 2014

Dragon's Orders

1. Open the doors and windows today.  It is to pretty not to get some fresh air.

2. Crate the cat.   No freedom kitty today.  She likes to go visit the tom cat next door.

3. Sew.   Work on any current project.

1 and 2 are done.   It is a little chilly in the house but not bad.  

And I am working in the sewing room.  I had to take a break.   I am making View A.  I love the lines and the artsy look of it but not the sack like shap.   I can't ever follow a pattern.   I always change something.   This time I am adding shape.  

Fun fun!  

But all the math is hurting my head.  I had to take a break.   Sewing is all about algebra and geometry.   The front dart is drawn.  Now to do the back and decide how much to take the sides in.  

Dragon is going to be happy with me.  I think so anyway.   And the garage is almost warm enough for fun.   Happy me!


  1. Hope it all works as you planned and you and Dragon have a great Valentine's Day.

    1. The muslin is cut. Since the final product will be made out of silk, I want to get it right first. I have drafted nearly 8 inches out of the blouse. I hope it works!

      Just had a melt down with one of the kids over chores. I hope tonights fun doesn't turn into something else! Eeek

  2. Oh Rose...that is going to be beautiful! Do you think you can post a picture of it when it is completed? Hope you and your Dragon get time to play soon!

    Stay warm!

    Hugs and Blessings...