Saturday, February 3, 2018


I just thought I introduced spanking into our relationship. 


Dragon had been swatting my bottom for years before I added a layer to it.  Yes, domestic discipline was my brain child.  Dragon embraced the idea several years after I brought it up.  I developed a potty mouth after a very hard deployment.

He had never give me a long, hard spanking before. I had never experienced sub space but in hind sight, it was actually his idea. 

He flat out told me to expect the paddle tonight.  I don't think it is a punishment but I could be wrong.  I forgot my seatbelt last night. Don't remember how but the warning ding did go off.  He doesn't see anticipation as part of a punishment.  So I often find out I am being punished several swats into a session. 

That's okay.  I can't talk my way out of it with my red, bare bottom on display. 

Even a punishment is peppered with compliments.  And for some reason, he has to show me what my very red bottom does to him.  Could be my how my own body reacts, even if my head takes a few minutes it process everything.

Update on the diet changes.  Gluten still sneaks by us occasionally.  The fries at my favorite bar are battered.  Oops. 

Dragon found the gluten free section at our little grocery store.  I have been avoiding all bread products all week and he brings home a selection of treats.  The brownies are yummy.  So are the cookies and rice crackers.  Biscuits and gravy for breakfast in the morning.  We shall see....

Why does anything labeled gluten free have to cost $$$$?  Blag