Friday, April 24, 2015


I have a laptop of my own.  Still sharing with Dragon but not kids.  I'll finally be able to write again.  I don't know that I'll ever share them on blogland but it will be fun.  I have several stories floating around my head waiting for a word processor.

I tell Dragon my stories all the time but almost never write them down. I think it has finished updating.  Now we just need Microsoft office and I will be ready to go.

I am so tired of typing on a tiny screen.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The First Spanking

Life is full of firsts.  Unfortunately, they only happen one time. First word.First steps.  First day of school.  First kiss.  First date. So many firsts.  Two that stand out for me are my first erotic spanking and first punishment.

I had to beg for that very first erotic spanking.  Dragon refused to hit a woman. Especially me!  It was a long one. His hand only and not nearly hard enough.  I got up wanting more.  I wish that first had been the birth of a spanko but Dragon needed more convincing.

It took years for us to work up to a punishment spanking.  The very first one was awkward and more of a joke than anything.  Then we had a fight.  Something silly but he wouldn't let me have my way. I slammed a door.  Oops

Jeans and panties down, bending beside the bed.  Nude would have been less humiliating. For this one, I didn't get the comfort of contact with his body.  This was the first time I got his standard, pre spanking lecture.  "You know I love you and would never do anything to hurry you."  Then there was the "why we are here" lecture.

The spanking really hurt.  It was the first one ever with no warm up and the only one I have ever had mad.  What surprised me were the conflicting emotions after I was aroused but very angry at him still.  Feeling submissive but still defiant. Then the remorse hit.

Now, at that stage, Dragon would pick up the paddle for round two.  Part of the punishment is dealing with remorse and guilt. Then, he held me and let me cry.  Latter in the day we made love. Sweet, tender, breathtaking love making.

I didn't expect the strong emotions after. So many things took me by sure but that day. I think we both knew that DD was there to stay.  A spanking turned a bad fight that would have lasted for hours, into an awesome reconnection.

There are some firsts that I'll always remember.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


One little undergarment says so much.

Stained, I am on the rag, leave me alone.

Fun print, let's have fun.  I don't want to grown-up today. I have a pair of my little pony panties somewhere. Some printed with hearts, fruits, smiling faces and music notes.  I really want some days of the week and frilly butt panties.  Dragon is always up for a little age play.

Silk and lace, I feel sexy.  How many I serve you today, master? I absolutely love the lacy, silk panties.  Even worn under workout clothes or ragged yard work clothes, I feel sexy.

Thong, spank me. I am a naughty girl today.  I find thongs very uncomfortable.  Like a constant panty wood that just won't go away. If I'm not feeling submissive, they just get on my nerves fast. Nothing a good paddling won't solve.

The one that says the most is probably none.  I hate going without.  Wearing clean panties is something that was beaten into my head very young. It is uncomfortable.  Going without shows that I am feeling very submissive.  That I am willing to be uncomfortable to please my Dragon. It leaves me exposed for his pleasure.  To touch and take as he pleases.  My jeans chafe and rub those oh so sensitive parts.  A constant reminder that I am bare.  With a dress, I feel the most exposed.  A simple breeze can put my assets on display. Stairs, a cat walk.  Sitting, bending. Oh so many hazards.

One small scrap of fabric says it all. Today is a My Little Pony kinda day. Most of yesterday and last night, I wore none.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Workout Equipment and Kinky People

(Safty disclaimer. When we play, we take risks.  Not everything we do is safe or remotely sane. Don't do this at home, kids. )

What a combination.

I had a yoga mat, a few small dumbbells and P90x.  But what has really worked for me in the past is serious weight training.  My little garage room has been transformed.  If you consider how much a gym membership costs for a family of five, this was our best option.

Do you really think all that fun equipment would just have one purpose?  Now that is just silly.

This one got the most use last night.  It is called a Roman chair and is sadistic.  Works the core with thorough efficiency.  Stand up,  face the pad from the other direction and it becomes the perfect spanking bench, complete with handy tie down points. After the spanking, that nice, red bottom is in the perfect position to be taken.

Yummy.  And to think, we didn't even think about all this fun stuff in the store.

After our fun with the chair,  Dragon looked around the room looking for more ways to pervert my little space.  Now what could the punching bag be used for?  To secure my hands above my head of course. 

Now, this is where we finished our love making.  Interesting use for the bench.  I thought so. 

The last two will wait for another day.  We had too much fun using the  chair, punching bag and bench. But I am sure Dragon has something evil in mind.  

The treadmill lives in the house, in a very public area.  No kinky stuff there.  Not until the kids are grown. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015


I just signed pages and pages of documents.  Signing my life away for the next 30 years.  I forgot how stressful that is.   Hiring a surveyor, getting an appraisal, making on offer, applying for a loan.

We thought long and hard about this property.  It is very odd shaped but I think I like it.  The small pond probably dries up in the summer but a well would fix that problem.

Our dream of going off grid is getting closer to reality. We aren't environmental nuts but we believe in leaving the earth a little better than we found it.




How does a kinky spanko deal with stress?

I am dressed up in one of my new dresses.  Freshly shaved without panties.  The paddles are all lined up and Dragon is never without his belt.

A good, long spanking will do the trick.  I love the sting and submission.  He loves my bare backside exposed and across his lap.  He loves the changing colors of my skin as the spanking progresses.  He loves the wiggly beginning and the ultimate submission.

The best part is the reconnection afterwards.  The slow, tender lovemaking.

Fingers crossed that Dragon gets off in time.

A girl can hope.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The End Of Reason

What kind of world do we live in?

A man compliments a woman and she sees it as demeaning.  That he doesn't take her seriously.  He rushes forward to hold the door for her and he shows her that she isn't even capable of of doing it herself?  He makes eye contact and tries to brighten her day by saying "smile".  This young man is the worst of the worst.

He didn't hit her or demean her with vulgar language.  He didn't touch her or try to assault her. He tried to make her day a little brighter.

This world is a sad place indeed.

If you ever meet my son, I hope he remembers how to be a gentleman.  He will help you with your coat, hold the door and offer to carry your bags.  He will wait for you to offer your hand for a hand shake.  He won't even make you feel obligated to share even that much contact. He will offer his arm to escort you across a parking lot.  He will stand to make sure you have a place to sit.  And he will be such a sexist pig that he expects to pay for a date.

By today's definition, that is what I want for my son.  I want him to be a sexist pig or rather what I called a nice guy when I was growing up.

Mothers, teach your son how to be a gentleman.
AND! Teach your daughters how to be a lady.

Saturday, April 11, 2015


I feel like an over stimulated toddler.  My head is spinning. Life is changing fast.  I'll start with the most recent news.  My oldest is moving out of state.  She has discovered that you can only get crap jobs when you have no education.  Those crap jobs don't pay enough to rent a cardboard box in an ally.  She is hoping that a fresh start in a new state with give her income a boost.  Probably not but what does mom know?

We just signed a loan for our 18 w/o a new car. She needs to get a job and start paying the payment now.  For now it is my car. When she starts paying for it, it is hers.  My 15 y/o daughter just finished up the classroom portion of drivers ed.

Huge mile stones for our family.

Ready for the exciting news?  I think we are getting ready to make an offer on some land.  It is down a narrow country road.  We will have to finance less the cost of a new compact car. It is odd shaped but that is probably why it is in our price range.

My mind is spinning with plans.  First, build the power house and dig the well.  Initially it is going to cost more than hooking into the public utilities but we won't ever have a power bill or water bill.  We decided to go with a combination of solar and wind with a backup generator.

Then comes the well, septic system and the foundation for the house.  At some point we will have to build fences.  There are fences in place but they don't follow the property line.  Did I mention that those fences are falling down? Hmmm...

I want to rush.  I want to nail a few pallets together and move in NOW!  You don't know how sick I am of renting.

I am so excited.  I hope this one works out.

Understand why I feel like an over stimulated toddler?