Sunday, April 19, 2015


One little undergarment says so much.

Stained, I am on the rag, leave me alone.

Fun print, let's have fun.  I don't want to grown-up today. I have a pair of my little pony panties somewhere. Some printed with hearts, fruits, smiling faces and music notes.  I really want some days of the week and frilly butt panties.  Dragon is always up for a little age play.

Silk and lace, I feel sexy.  How many I serve you today, master? I absolutely love the lacy, silk panties.  Even worn under workout clothes or ragged yard work clothes, I feel sexy.

Thong, spank me. I am a naughty girl today.  I find thongs very uncomfortable.  Like a constant panty wood that just won't go away. If I'm not feeling submissive, they just get on my nerves fast. Nothing a good paddling won't solve.

The one that says the most is probably none.  I hate going without.  Wearing clean panties is something that was beaten into my head very young. It is uncomfortable.  Going without shows that I am feeling very submissive.  That I am willing to be uncomfortable to please my Dragon. It leaves me exposed for his pleasure.  To touch and take as he pleases.  My jeans chafe and rub those oh so sensitive parts.  A constant reminder that I am bare.  With a dress, I feel the most exposed.  A simple breeze can put my assets on display. Stairs, a cat walk.  Sitting, bending. Oh so many hazards.

One small scrap of fabric says it all. Today is a My Little Pony kinda day. Most of yesterday and last night, I wore none.


  1. As the "knicker queen" around here I am roaring with laughter. You are so funny. But I am very glad to hear that other people have such a penchant for knickers as I do. My favourite are silk with lots of lace, but my everyday ones are usually cotton (similarly with lots of lace).

    Going bare is okay if it is warm enough, but there is no way I am going to freeze my assets for anyone! Even Dan! LOL!

    It DOES feel sexy not wearing anything though. And I am sure it is much healthier.


    1. Panties are a secret luxury. I can't resist having a little fun with them. I wore white cotton panties with an apple on the front to a party. Yes, I had to show them off.

  2. We can use the simplest things to convey our message can't we Rose. Love how your Dragon knows your panty language. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...