Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The End Of Reason

What kind of world do we live in?

A man compliments a woman and she sees it as demeaning.  That he doesn't take her seriously.  He rushes forward to hold the door for her and he shows her that she isn't even capable of of doing it herself?  He makes eye contact and tries to brighten her day by saying "smile".  This young man is the worst of the worst.

He didn't hit her or demean her with vulgar language.  He didn't touch her or try to assault her. He tried to make her day a little brighter.

This world is a sad place indeed.

If you ever meet my son, I hope he remembers how to be a gentleman.  He will help you with your coat, hold the door and offer to carry your bags.  He will wait for you to offer your hand for a hand shake.  He won't even make you feel obligated to share even that much contact. He will offer his arm to escort you across a parking lot.  He will stand to make sure you have a place to sit.  And he will be such a sexist pig that he expects to pay for a date.

By today's definition, that is what I want for my son.  I want him to be a sexist pig or rather what I called a nice guy when I was growing up.

Mothers, teach your son how to be a gentleman.
AND! Teach your daughters how to be a lady.


  1. I have taught both of my sons to be gentlemen and I dare anyone to call my sons sexist to me! They both listen to and respect their wives opinions, encourage them in their life goals and spoil them rotten.

    It is so sad that society equates equality between the sexes to mean that manners and consideration are thrown out. Yes, I want equal pay for equal work but I still enjoy being a woman...I do not want to be a man.

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. I agree Cat. Our dinner time conversation was about sexual harassment, graciously accepting a compliment and good manners. Love dinner time.

  2. My sons are gentlemen, just like their dad :)
    love Jan,xx