Saturday, April 11, 2015


I feel like an over stimulated toddler.  My head is spinning. Life is changing fast.  I'll start with the most recent news.  My oldest is moving out of state.  She has discovered that you can only get crap jobs when you have no education.  Those crap jobs don't pay enough to rent a cardboard box in an ally.  She is hoping that a fresh start in a new state with give her income a boost.  Probably not but what does mom know?

We just signed a loan for our 18 w/o a new car. She needs to get a job and start paying the payment now.  For now it is my car. When she starts paying for it, it is hers.  My 15 y/o daughter just finished up the classroom portion of drivers ed.

Huge mile stones for our family.

Ready for the exciting news?  I think we are getting ready to make an offer on some land.  It is down a narrow country road.  We will have to finance less the cost of a new compact car. It is odd shaped but that is probably why it is in our price range.

My mind is spinning with plans.  First, build the power house and dig the well.  Initially it is going to cost more than hooking into the public utilities but we won't ever have a power bill or water bill.  We decided to go with a combination of solar and wind with a backup generator.

Then comes the well, septic system and the foundation for the house.  At some point we will have to build fences.  There are fences in place but they don't follow the property line.  Did I mention that those fences are falling down? Hmmm...

I want to rush.  I want to nail a few pallets together and move in NOW!  You don't know how sick I am of renting.

I am so excited.  I hope this one works out.

Understand why I feel like an over stimulated toddler?


  1. I do understand and hope everything works out exactly as planned.

    I thought you bought some land a while back taht needed to be cleared of debris?

    1. That other property was only half the size the owner claimed it was. With all the debris and questionable neighborhood, we backed out of the deal. It wasn't worth the money or the hassle.

    2. You hit publish! Sorry for the settings. I have to moderate all because a few bloggers were being nasty. Claimed to be a trained expert in DD. Educated in the practice and everything but refused to provide credentials. Looks like a skunk, smells like a skunk.

  2. Great for you guys! It sounds exciting! Hope things move quickly for you!

    1. Trying to breathe! We are researching ways to make our home more efficient. How to re-use gray water, alternative energy and how to make it all work. Exciting! Thanks

  3. Wow Rose...lots happening in your neck of the woods. When your oldest gets a bit older, she might finally figure out that mom is actually a very intelligent woman...until then...*sigh*

    Congratulations on the new property and very excited for you!

    Sending lots of prayers and positive energy that everything works out well...and soon! ;)

    Hugs and blessings...

    1. She is so hopeless right now. She sees people with college degrees working right beside her and thinks that nothing will help. What she doesn't see is that these people aren't stuck forever in dead end factory jobs. They have options she doesn't have but can if she works for them.

      Dragon applied for a loan! With a 50% down payment, I don't think it is going to be a problem.