Monday, April 20, 2015

The First Spanking

Life is full of firsts.  Unfortunately, they only happen one time. First word.First steps.  First day of school.  First kiss.  First date. So many firsts.  Two that stand out for me are my first erotic spanking and first punishment.

I had to beg for that very first erotic spanking.  Dragon refused to hit a woman. Especially me!  It was a long one. His hand only and not nearly hard enough.  I got up wanting more.  I wish that first had been the birth of a spanko but Dragon needed more convincing.

It took years for us to work up to a punishment spanking.  The very first one was awkward and more of a joke than anything.  Then we had a fight.  Something silly but he wouldn't let me have my way. I slammed a door.  Oops

Jeans and panties down, bending beside the bed.  Nude would have been less humiliating. For this one, I didn't get the comfort of contact with his body.  This was the first time I got his standard, pre spanking lecture.  "You know I love you and would never do anything to hurry you."  Then there was the "why we are here" lecture.

The spanking really hurt.  It was the first one ever with no warm up and the only one I have ever had mad.  What surprised me were the conflicting emotions after I was aroused but very angry at him still.  Feeling submissive but still defiant. Then the remorse hit.

Now, at that stage, Dragon would pick up the paddle for round two.  Part of the punishment is dealing with remorse and guilt. Then, he held me and let me cry.  Latter in the day we made love. Sweet, tender, breathtaking love making.

I didn't expect the strong emotions after. So many things took me by sure but that day. I think we both knew that DD was there to stay.  A spanking turned a bad fight that would have lasted for hours, into an awesome reconnection.

There are some firsts that I'll always remember.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely memories Rose. Now you've made me think back to some memorable firsts. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...