Monday, March 31, 2014


I have been . Running /walking on the treadmill off and on for about a month.   More off than on and my jog looks more like creeping along.  

BUT!!!!  I am moving.

After my first time in my favorite sundress this year,  I noticed my bat wings.  

You know what I am talking about.   That pocket of fat that swings under your arm when you wave?   Yep, that one.   It is like waving twice.   Two for the price of one.  

My work out space is in the garage.  No heat or AC.   Iccan deal with the heat in the summer but not the cold.   My space has been neglected for months.

I got depressed and discouraged when I saw the that flap of flesh waving at me.   I wanted to hide and wear long sleeves all summer.  

Well, down here that isn't going to happen.   The summer lasts to long.  About 6-8 months of blistering hot weather.   By the end of the heat, even my blinding white legs will be tan.   I am not wearing a jacket all summer.  

I am not going to put up with the bat flaps either.  

Today, I went back to the garage.  The first p90x video in the Dvd player.   Tony Horton offering words of encouragement.  

I currently struggle with.....

Instead of my favorite words "I can't"

Then I see a Link a friend posted on Facebook.  I think this is not a coincidence.  

I did the best I could with the push ups.  Now it is time to hit the treadmill.   One mile, even withjjogging, will take me about 25 minutes.  Maybe longer but I am moving.  

As long as I don't give up, the bat flaps won't win
Ps.  My little room got used last night for a little fun.  The floggers came out.   He used them heavy and hard.   I jumped and flinched with every strike but it felt like heaven.  

Love my little space.   Useful for so many things.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Late Night Phone Calls

My oldest daughter called me about 2 am.   She has been dating a man I really didn't approve of for several months.   Nothing serious but I was worried about my girl.   He is in the country illegally and drinks like a fish.

Last night he demanded sex.   He got angry when she said no.   Last year, she would have given in.   Last night she said, "I'm done. No more."

Three times she listened to the crap boys will say just to get sex.   She finally got smart!  I am one proud momma.   She said NO!

This is a small victory but with her, I'll take what I can get.  

Going to the Dogs

We visited the local pound.   I spent a little time with every dog, big and small.   They were either to small or to old.   So many sweet animals.   I wanted to bring half of them home with me but it wasn't possible.

I need a puppy to train that is going to get about 30 inches tall at the shoulders.   None of them had potential to get that size.   It was so hard to leave them behind.   So many sweet wiggle butt dogs.  

I'll keep looking.   The goal is to check out the pound about about every two weeks.   It is to hard to go more often.   I want to save all of them.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Going to the Dogs

As you know I am looking for another dog to train as a service dog.  I have considered several breeds.   I look at temperament, intelligence, health and height.

The first dog I am going to write about is the Great Dane.  Perfect height, trainable, great temperature.   An all around great dog.   They are truly gentile giants.  

The problem comes with the health issues.    Hip dysplasia, elbow issues, gastric issues and my boy had allergies.   They only live to the ripe old age of 6. That is the average.My sweet boy only lived 4 years.

Since my phone doesn't want to let me add a photo, I'll add a Link instead.

And how about a video?  If you can't see it, do a search for great dane cuddles with baby. Unfortunately, due to the health issues, I won't be getting another dane.   They just don't live long enough.  

Monday, March 24, 2014

Confession and Penance

I went to confession for the very first time last week.   I was terrified but it turned out that it wasn't so bad.   I know the priest so he isn't that scary.   He is about my age so I don't see him as a father figure or a child.  

So what is the problem?   I have discovered this thing called Catholic Guilt.   The blessing and penance just wasn't enough.  


That is the easy part.   I am a spanko and have been in a dd relationship to long.  

I talked it over with Dragon and he came to the same conclusion that I did.   I need the physical correction.   Not necessarily a punishment but something to clean my self conscious.  

Next time I go to confession,  I'll do my penance from the priest.   I'll say my prayers and then I'll face Dragon.   He will be fair but he knows what my heart needs.  

Love my Dragon just a little.

Friday, March 21, 2014

State Law

When we first moved to Texas state law made my service dog illegal.   I could have fought to bring the state laws in line with federal law but I didn't need the stress.   I retired my dog and he enjoyed a year as a pampered pet until age caught up with him.   Danes are great dogs but unfortunately they don't live long lives.

Something happened at church to make me dig into the legal books again.   People with service animals and those training them should always be considerate.  They should always follow the law.   I discovered that the law had CHANGED!

This is great news.   I have never had a dog trained by someone else.  I have always trained my own dogs to do what I need them to do.   When I looked into the cost of purchasing a service dog, I got discouraged and gave up.

The change means that I am now looking for a dog to train.   With a dog, I have independence. I can go ffor a walk or run without someone holding my hand.  I am so excited.

Take a deep breath.   Breath!   Looking for the right dog to train takes time and I need to save my pennies.


I can have a dog again!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Just for Fun

Dragon got home just as I was putting his meatloaf in the oven.   It is one of my least favorite dishes but since it is stuffed full of allergens, I don't feel obligated to eat it.   I set the timer and gave the kids instructions.   Then we headed out to the garage.  

My little room made out of tarps and an area rug is great.   I don't feel so exposed.   It feels private and cozy.  

Dragon sat down in his chair and tapped his lap.   He made me undress myself.  Different but okay.   I wiggled into a comfortable position and it began.  

Little taps with a few stinging swats mixed in
  Then fewer of the taps and more sting.  

Just as we were really getting into it, we heard the kids outside the garage.   It felt to much like an invasion of privacy for both of us.   We were done.

No sub space.  No sex.   I consider spanking to be making love and so does Dragon.   It felt good.   In that short time, we were able to reconnect in a small way.  

I just wish it had lasted a little longer.   I want to feel the sting and soreness the next day.   It will come but I am impatient.  

I asked for a clear the air punishment but Dragon said no.   It was so much better his way.

Things I need to work on.
*staying still. (I am a wiggle butt)
*not whining when it starts to sting a little
*asking for what I need more often
*submitting to punishment (if he asks if I need a punishment, he knows I deserve it)

Time for the treadmill, shower then sewing.   I need a new bra.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Yep, he is very much HOH.   Even if it feels like he has stepped back from TTWD there are times he steps up.

He gave me a task today and made sure to tell me that not doing it is punishable.   If I don't make real progress on my current sewing projects I will get spanked.


But isn't this what I want?

Yes but no but maybe yes?

I don't even know any more.   The worst part?   I am thinking about not doing the task just to see if he will follow through.   Give him a lame excuse and see what happens.

No,  I am not really going to do it but it is a thought.   It has been so long since the last on.

See?  Writing does help.   I know what I am going to do.

The plan?  Do the task.  Do my very best.  When Dragon gets home from work, show him what an honest days work really produces and ask for the much needed punishment.   I have been lazy, defiant and not telling Dragon the truth when it comes to food.

What inspired all this?  My first confession to the priest.   I didn't mention dd but I realized how much I haven't been doing and the negative habits that I have been hiding.  It puts a wedge in our relationship that doesn't need to be there.

I think Dragon knows but has been waiting for the right time to call me on it.

I'll fix his favorite meal tonight and spend a little time confessing to my Dragon. I know how it is going to end.  With my bare backside red but it will be a good thing.

I have no doubt that I will be spanked.  My worry is how bad will it be.   The last punishment was tuff but it was over a year ago
  Best to get it over with.

Now to survive the day

Update : I haven't heard from Dragon yet.  It is still to early for him to get off work.   I talked to him this morning about inventory and we both decided that it really isn't needed.   I don't need to count the stock.  Just update the list with the two new machines.  The other task he assigned was to work on a project.   LOTS of progress made.  The pattern is altered and re drafted.   The fabric is cut and I am ready to sew.     All that is left is confession.   It is easy to confess to the priest.  Much harder to do the same with Dragon.  

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patricks day

I guess now that I am Catholic I will celebrate St Patricks day.   It is more than just a day to wear green and get drunk.   Did you know that he used the shamrock to explain the trinity? Yes, that is why Clover is a symbol associated with March 17.

Wear your green and have a little fun.  While you party, remember why we celebrate.

Here is an interesting link to explore
Saint Patrick

Thursday, March 13, 2014

To All The Wrinkled Ladies

Alhough it should be a national holiday, my birthday is just another day.   Busy with all those things that moms and wives do every day.

That is okay.   It is an awesome day to be me.  Wrinkles and all.

Here is a little song to celebrate.  All The Wrinkled Ladies! If the video doesn't work, look it up on you tube.  Love it


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Birthday spankings

We started last night with Dragon's swats.   His birthday was in February but we never did find the time to enjoy a good paddling.  

The weather was mild.  70s during the day but dropping fast after the sun went down.   The garage held some of the heat from the day.   A little cool but not to much.

We have a chair sitting in a private area of the garage just for a little otk action.   Dragon slid my panties off and guided my body across his lap.  We are a little out of practice so it took a little work but we finally found a comfortable position.  

Then came the sting.  Little piddy pats.  Not hard, just enough to feel.   The tempo built and so did the force.   It felt good.  

Not a barn burner.  Nothing that would be felt the next day.   Just a little quality time spent together, reconnecting.  

Unfortunately, pain interrupted our evening but it was fun while it lasted.   It may have been a very mild spanking but it was enough to put me into sub space.   Loved being back in my happy place.  

Oops.  I forgot to put super on to cook.   Guess I'll find something else to eat.  

Monday, March 10, 2014

Question? Answered!

From Janey
What do you find the hardest part of the DD dynamic?

I'll answer this two ways.

First, I asked Dragon what the hardest part for him was.   It was getting his head around the idea of hitting a girl.   Yes, I asked for it and wanted it but....  BOYS DON'T HIT GIRLS!


He was already head of our home.  That never was in question.   Even before I admitted it, I was probably the most submissive wife you could imagine. I was already obedient.   It wasn't something we negotiated.  It just was.

Once we started having fun with impact play, he became a total spamk-of.

For me,  it is submitting to the punishment.   Baring my backside, bending over and taking the punishment I earned.

Silly I know.  I asked for this.  I talked him into it.  Then, when the time comes I can't do it?

That is pretty much it.   Sometimes I have to red out because the fear is to much.   If I know that I earned a punishment, I'll suck it up and take it.

Dragon would never hurt me.  He wouldn't push harder than I can take but still I am afraid.   He is gentile, kind and understanding.  But still I am afraid.

I don't know what I would do without my Dragon.   Love my man just a little

I'll be happy to answer any other questions you may have. Just ask.  :-)


Easter is coming fast.   This year, I am learning about Lent and what it means.  Wow.   Honestly, I am just following the motions but everything has a purpose and a meaning.   Fasting, prayer,  charity, confession and reconciliation.  

We are learning more every day.  

DD is definitely here to stay.  Dragon shows me that he has our family in hand.   In small ways and in big ones.

Fortunatly a few words whispered in my ear satisfies his dominant side.  As long as I show submission he is happy with it.   A little sas gets my backside swatted gently or a tug at my ponytail.

That's it.

No fire works or blistering punishments.  

But it can happen.  Punishment is still on the table,  it just isn't the focus anymore.  

So what are we giving up for lent?  Not dd.  Not spanking or kink.  Not even punishment.  Dang, I was hoping for that one.   But no.  

We are giving up plain old boring stuff.   Foods that make us unhealthy.  

But hey,  instead of chili cheese fries,  I can enjoy a nice long spanking.   There is a good side.  Dragon knows how to handle those cravings.   And yes,  I get punished for cheating.  The foods I kicked out of my diet are hard to resist allergens.   Time to clean it up and feel better.  

Thank goodness that Dragon is here to help.   I have no self control when it comes to the foods I can't have.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

???? Questions????

I am opionated, sassy and say it how it is.   I am probably more open in blog land that I should be but this is my blog!   I'm not sure what kind of questions you may come up with but here it is.

Ask and I shall answer.   :-)

Monday, March 3, 2014


Today was super cold for this southern girl.   Teens last night and 20s today.   Our weather feels like a roller coaster ride.  

What happens to pipes when the weather gets cold?  They freeze.   And in the garage, those frozen pipes can go unnoticed for days.

The afternoon sun warmed the walls enough t llet the ice melt and water went everywhere.   What a mess.   I had boxes stacked high in this area.  Books,  china, baby clothes.   The boxes were soaked.   The water wasn't just dripping.   It was spraying straight up.

I had a mess.  The landlord came and turned the water off for me but I still had a mess

I was dressed for my workout.  Shorts, t shirt and running shoes. Wet and nearly hypothermic.  After most of the boxes were moved out of harms way and the water was turned off,  I changed into warm, dry clothes.  

Then it came time to assess the damage.  A baby book for my oldest.  Several bibles I had received as gifts.  A signed book from a Tuskegee airman.  

I was nearly in tears.  Cold.  Still wet.  And these important things were forever gone.

Then I looked up and saw my kids helping.  They were unpacking the boxes and trying to sort the salvagable from the garbage.   I don't know what I would have done without them.  

The lost books didn't seem so important then.  I had three of the most important people right beside me.   Things can be replaced but my children can't be.  

We were all cold and wet.   We were all a little sad but we had each other.  What else did we really need?  Dragon got off work and finished making the chilli I forgot about. We ate a good meal together.  Still chilled but feeling much better.

Life is good even if I am cold and lost a few books.   I have my family.  

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hard work pays off

I was doing a beach body program called P90 back in the fall but my headaches got to bad.   I wasn't moving very much at all.   Over several months they slowly improved.   I started back just doing the warm up portion of the work out.  It felt good to be doing something again but I thought that I had lost all progress.  

Then we finally bought a new treadmill.  The last one I wore out several years ago  Those things will only go so many miles.   It really felt like I was back at the start line.   Fat and way out of shape but then I started running.   I realized that I still had something.  

Then in comes a beautiful day 80F.  I couldn't stuff my body into heavy jeans and a sweatshirt.  I decided to try on a sun dress.   Dragon had bought this Dress in the fall.   It was too small when he bought it back in September.     He purchased a large because the other Dress I had ordered from them was baggy.

I put it on.  Just for giggles, prepared to be disappointed.   I have was so sure that it was going to be tighter than ever.


So I did yard work in a pretty sun dress.  It felt so good to see real progress.   The yard is picked up just in time for another cold front and I see proof that the pounds are melting away.  

Dragon decided to reward me. He ordered me another dress and a shrug to make them church appropriate.   They won't kick a lady out for showing off her shoulders but it is frowned on.

Today it is cold again.  From sun dress to snow suit.   Okay,  it isn't that cold yet but I am back in the south.  I like the warm weather.   Shivers. Jeans and a sweatshirt for church this morning.  Not appropriate but I refuse to freeze in a dress.   I am sure God understands.