Monday, March 3, 2014


Today was super cold for this southern girl.   Teens last night and 20s today.   Our weather feels like a roller coaster ride.  

What happens to pipes when the weather gets cold?  They freeze.   And in the garage, those frozen pipes can go unnoticed for days.

The afternoon sun warmed the walls enough t llet the ice melt and water went everywhere.   What a mess.   I had boxes stacked high in this area.  Books,  china, baby clothes.   The boxes were soaked.   The water wasn't just dripping.   It was spraying straight up.

I had a mess.  The landlord came and turned the water off for me but I still had a mess

I was dressed for my workout.  Shorts, t shirt and running shoes. Wet and nearly hypothermic.  After most of the boxes were moved out of harms way and the water was turned off,  I changed into warm, dry clothes.  

Then it came time to assess the damage.  A baby book for my oldest.  Several bibles I had received as gifts.  A signed book from a Tuskegee airman.  

I was nearly in tears.  Cold.  Still wet.  And these important things were forever gone.

Then I looked up and saw my kids helping.  They were unpacking the boxes and trying to sort the salvagable from the garbage.   I don't know what I would have done without them.  

The lost books didn't seem so important then.  I had three of the most important people right beside me.   Things can be replaced but my children can't be.  

We were all cold and wet.   We were all a little sad but we had each other.  What else did we really need?  Dragon got off work and finished making the chilli I forgot about. We ate a good meal together.  Still chilled but feeling much better.

Life is good even if I am cold and lost a few books.   I have my family.  


  1. Aww Rose...I am so sorry you lost your books. Depending on how wet they are, they can be dried out...the texture will change but much can be salvaged. But you are so right...your children are precious and irreplaceable. That was very sweet of them to pitch in and help.

    FYI...for future reference, if you know you are going to have below freezing temps, leave the water running (a goodish trickle out of both hot and cold) and open the cabinet doors under all the sinks. As long as water is flowing through the pipes, they shouldn't freeze. You can also purchase heat tape and wrap those pipes in the garage in when the weather turns off cold, you would plug it in.

    Hope your weather warms up soon!


  2. So sorry Rose. It's funny how material things don't amount to a hill of beans when compared to the important things in life, like the love of a good man and children.
    We've had to drip our faucets here in the RV a couple of times since we have been in Galveston. Weather is strange everywhere.