Monday, March 10, 2014


Easter is coming fast.   This year, I am learning about Lent and what it means.  Wow.   Honestly, I am just following the motions but everything has a purpose and a meaning.   Fasting, prayer,  charity, confession and reconciliation.  

We are learning more every day.  

DD is definitely here to stay.  Dragon shows me that he has our family in hand.   In small ways and in big ones.

Fortunatly a few words whispered in my ear satisfies his dominant side.  As long as I show submission he is happy with it.   A little sas gets my backside swatted gently or a tug at my ponytail.

That's it.

No fire works or blistering punishments.  

But it can happen.  Punishment is still on the table,  it just isn't the focus anymore.  

So what are we giving up for lent?  Not dd.  Not spanking or kink.  Not even punishment.  Dang, I was hoping for that one.   But no.  

We are giving up plain old boring stuff.   Foods that make us unhealthy.  

But hey,  instead of chili cheese fries,  I can enjoy a nice long spanking.   There is a good side.  Dragon knows how to handle those cravings.   And yes,  I get punished for cheating.  The foods I kicked out of my diet are hard to resist allergens.   Time to clean it up and feel better.  

Thank goodness that Dragon is here to help.   I have no self control when it comes to the foods I can't have.


  1. Boy I understand that. Even when I know I'm going to be bothered by a specific food, I still indulge.

  2. I understand exactly. Even when I know I should not indulge in a specific food, I still do it.

  3. Dang Rose...I do understand craving foods that make me sick! There are two I react badly to so when I really crave them, I plan my schedule so I can have them and be sick that night and at least the next day or two. I know...not the best behavior. *shrug*

    Happy everything is going well with you and Dragon.

    Hugs and Blessings...