Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Birthday spankings

We started last night with Dragon's swats.   His birthday was in February but we never did find the time to enjoy a good paddling.  

The weather was mild.  70s during the day but dropping fast after the sun went down.   The garage held some of the heat from the day.   A little cool but not to much.

We have a chair sitting in a private area of the garage just for a little otk action.   Dragon slid my panties off and guided my body across his lap.  We are a little out of practice so it took a little work but we finally found a comfortable position.  

Then came the sting.  Little piddy pats.  Not hard, just enough to feel.   The tempo built and so did the force.   It felt good.  

Not a barn burner.  Nothing that would be felt the next day.   Just a little quality time spent together, reconnecting.  

Unfortunately, pain interrupted our evening but it was fun while it lasted.   It may have been a very mild spanking but it was enough to put me into sub space.   Loved being back in my happy place.  

Oops.  I forgot to put super on to cook.   Guess I'll find something else to eat.  


  1. Sounds very nice and sweet and hurray for being in your happy place! I'm so curious about sub space. I don't think I've ever made it there!

  2. Happy belated Birthday to Dragon! So happy you were able to play a bit...sounds like things are getting a bit better for you. Sorry you were interrupted by pain...hope you are feeling better now.

    Hugs and Blessings...