Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Just for Fun

Dragon got home just as I was putting his meatloaf in the oven.   It is one of my least favorite dishes but since it is stuffed full of allergens, I don't feel obligated to eat it.   I set the timer and gave the kids instructions.   Then we headed out to the garage.  

My little room made out of tarps and an area rug is great.   I don't feel so exposed.   It feels private and cozy.  

Dragon sat down in his chair and tapped his lap.   He made me undress myself.  Different but okay.   I wiggled into a comfortable position and it began.  

Little taps with a few stinging swats mixed in
  Then fewer of the taps and more sting.  

Just as we were really getting into it, we heard the kids outside the garage.   It felt to much like an invasion of privacy for both of us.   We were done.

No sub space.  No sex.   I consider spanking to be making love and so does Dragon.   It felt good.   In that short time, we were able to reconnect in a small way.  

I just wish it had lasted a little longer.   I want to feel the sting and soreness the next day.   It will come but I am impatient.  

I asked for a clear the air punishment but Dragon said no.   It was so much better his way.

Things I need to work on.
*staying still. (I am a wiggle butt)
*not whining when it starts to sting a little
*asking for what I need more often
*submitting to punishment (if he asks if I need a punishment, he knows I deserve it)

Time for the treadmill, shower then sewing.   I need a new bra.


  1. Sorry for the interruptions, hope for another day.

  2. Sorry that your time got cut short. I also need to work on not being so impatient.

    1. Life with teenagers. LOL. Dragon says that I am patient but I just have him fooled.

  3. So sorry your time got cut short Rose but hopefully, with the weather warming up, you will have more time together. They say that patience is a virtue but that is not one that I received. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  4. I had the interruptions!! sigh. Glad you got a little spanking in, though.