Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Going to the Dogs

As you know I am looking for another dog to train as a service dog.  I have considered several breeds.   I look at temperament, intelligence, health and height.

The first dog I am going to write about is the Great Dane.  Perfect height, trainable, great temperature.   An all around great dog.   They are truly gentile giants.  

The problem comes with the health issues.    Hip dysplasia, elbow issues, gastric issues and my boy had allergies.   They only live to the ripe old age of 6. That is the average.My sweet boy only lived 4 years.

Since my phone doesn't want to let me add a photo, I'll add a Link instead.

And how about a video?  If you can't see it, do a search for great dane cuddles with baby. Unfortunately, due to the health issues, I won't be getting another dane.   They just don't live long enough.  


  1. Hey Rose...Thanks for sharing the video...that is so adorable.

    Sending lots of positive energy that you find the right baby soon.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  2. Thank you Cat. I decided to share the journey of finding a dog with my blog family. A lot goes into finding the perfect dog. So many things to consider and even then, I still have to connect with the animal. I just know. It is like this one dog was waiting for me the entire time.

  3. We are just starting to look for a dog, too. Good luck finding your perfect one!

    1. Thanks. Don't forget to check your local pounds. Adopting from the local shelter means saving a life. I will be checking ours frequently. They are full to overflowing.

  4. Good luck in finding the perfect dog for you.