Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Yep, he is very much HOH.   Even if it feels like he has stepped back from TTWD there are times he steps up.

He gave me a task today and made sure to tell me that not doing it is punishable.   If I don't make real progress on my current sewing projects I will get spanked.


But isn't this what I want?

Yes but no but maybe yes?

I don't even know any more.   The worst part?   I am thinking about not doing the task just to see if he will follow through.   Give him a lame excuse and see what happens.

No,  I am not really going to do it but it is a thought.   It has been so long since the last on.

See?  Writing does help.   I know what I am going to do.

The plan?  Do the task.  Do my very best.  When Dragon gets home from work, show him what an honest days work really produces and ask for the much needed punishment.   I have been lazy, defiant and not telling Dragon the truth when it comes to food.

What inspired all this?  My first confession to the priest.   I didn't mention dd but I realized how much I haven't been doing and the negative habits that I have been hiding.  It puts a wedge in our relationship that doesn't need to be there.

I think Dragon knows but has been waiting for the right time to call me on it.

I'll fix his favorite meal tonight and spend a little time confessing to my Dragon. I know how it is going to end.  With my bare backside red but it will be a good thing.

I have no doubt that I will be spanked.  My worry is how bad will it be.   The last punishment was tuff but it was over a year ago
  Best to get it over with.

Now to survive the day

Update : I haven't heard from Dragon yet.  It is still to early for him to get off work.   I talked to him this morning about inventory and we both decided that it really isn't needed.   I don't need to count the stock.  Just update the list with the two new machines.  The other task he assigned was to work on a project.   LOTS of progress made.  The pattern is altered and re drafted.   The fabric is cut and I am ready to sew.     All that is left is confession.   It is easy to confess to the priest.  Much harder to do the same with Dragon.  


  1. Very proud of you Rose...you can do it and you will feel better once the air is cleared between you and your Dragon.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. I do feel better. It was a fun spanking. Short but very nice. A little harder than the last one. :-) I asked and received! Thanks