Monday, March 24, 2014

Confession and Penance

I went to confession for the very first time last week.   I was terrified but it turned out that it wasn't so bad.   I know the priest so he isn't that scary.   He is about my age so I don't see him as a father figure or a child.  

So what is the problem?   I have discovered this thing called Catholic Guilt.   The blessing and penance just wasn't enough.  


That is the easy part.   I am a spanko and have been in a dd relationship to long.  

I talked it over with Dragon and he came to the same conclusion that I did.   I need the physical correction.   Not necessarily a punishment but something to clean my self conscious.  

Next time I go to confession,  I'll do my penance from the priest.   I'll say my prayers and then I'll face Dragon.   He will be fair but he knows what my heart needs.  

Love my Dragon just a little.


  1. Catholic guilt was instilled in me by nuns and it's still there even though I don't consider myself Catholic anymore.

    1. I never was in Catholic School but I think the protestant version I was in was bad enough. Yikes.

      A good impact scene will take care of my guilt.

    2. Independent or Southern. I was to young. All I remember is terror. I got sick on the way to school every day.

  2. Hey Rose...gotta love that 'guilt trip'. So happy your Dragon knows what you need. Oh and I do believe your Dragon loves you 'a bit' also. LOL

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. The church talks about guilt quite a bit and to let go of it. Limit confession to once a month. I have always been hard on myself. I guess that I was hoping for an easy button. No luck though. I think my reset button is on my backside.

      I'll have to hand the paddle to Dragon. He is a bit distracted right now but he will get the idea.