Tuesday, December 28, 2010

but, but, but....

“I don’t like punishing you.”

That is what my husband said to me a few days ago. I know. But does he know how much the hurt in his eyes hurts me? I hate the cold war games we play. I hate the shoulder drop he does when I have disappointed him. The look of “here we go again” when he tells me no and I get snippy.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

This comes from a man who will flog and spank me back and blue for pleasure and not blink an eye.

“but this is different.”

How? Oh wait. You don’t leave marks for a punishment spanking. Marks are too rewarding for me. I wear them like a badge of honor. How different is punishment form pleasure anyway? I think it has more to do with why and his tone of voice than with how. Why won’t a long warm up work for punishment too? Knowing why my bottom is bare and why I am in that most vulnerable position is more than enough.

We talked a little about the difference between the two. A punishment does not have to be an all out beating. It doesn’t have to look like anything others have described. TTWD is what we make it between the two of us. There is no ultimate guide book to all of this. We apply what the Bible says to our lives and from there we are on our own figuring this out. What works for one couple does not work for us.

I think we made another baby step forward. Have to wait and see just how far that step carried us. While we figure out just how fare we have come, I’ll be very careful to follow the rules. I don’t want him to think I am bratting just to test him out. That first punishment spanking will be well and truly earned.  For now I am “grounded” No spanking at all. My backside is too marked up from stress relief over the holiday weekend.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


I love to sew almost as much as I love my family. So today, as take a quiet break from over stimulated, loud kids, I’ll share 2 of the corsets I have made. The green lace one is mine. And yes. That is me in the picture. It wasn’t laced very good that day but you get the idea. After a few hours of wear, it laces closed.

I sold the blue silk corset last week. I am very happy to say that the lady who now owns that corset is very happy.

The days leading up to Christmas are always a little tense in my house. This year was no exception. I wish I could say ttwd solved all of our problems and we had a great holiday season. Didn’t happen. It takes time to break old habits and form new, healthy ones. Last night was great. The kids laughed about the socks and underwear under the tree. This is the first year I have done that to them but this morning more than made up for any disappointment.  My son tried to stay up and catch Santa in the act.  He gave up about 10.  It was after 12 before I finaly got a little pillow time. 

One more week left in this year. So much has happened this year. Even more change will come in the new year. I feel like I am an out of control roller coaster. Hold on. It is going to fly by even faster.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting it done

Why do I procrastinate so much? Why do I let this depression sink hole get so big? I don’t know what I would do without my Dragon to come to the rescue. Is it laziness? I don’t know the answer. He gave me a stress relief session yesterday. It was harder than I expected. I found it impossible to stay still as the paddle landed one stinging blow after another. What happened to a warm up? It was what I needed but my stress level was so high it didn’t last very long.

The house is a disaster and I try the blame game. It is her fault. She didn’t vacuum. He didn’t dust. What? Just who is the mom in this house? It is my job to make sure these things get done or to get up and do them myself. I know this. I wonder why my husband puts up with it all. He is a picture of patience and love but I can tell he gets tired of it. I can see it in his face when he comes home to a messy house. When he walks in and I am frustrated with the kids. When he discovers that I didn’t do what he asked. I spent yet another day doing exactly nothing.

It is a cycle I can’t seem to jump out of by my self. I can’t sleep at night out of guilt. Then during the day, I can’t stay awake. The house is dirty, my task for the day went undone, chores are half way done. More guilt. More anxiety. I have pulled out of this a few times in our marriage during a crisis but most of the time I am stuck in the unending, ever escalating cycle.

Can I do it today? Can I pull myself out of this long enough to get the main part of the house clean? Not the bedrooms. Just the living room, kitchen and the two bathrooms. I hope so. I don’t want to be punished for this. He shouldn’t have to and I won’t ask for it. The stress relief sessions are had enough to take. I DO NOT want him to decide he needs to take this in hand too. I am afraid it would be a lesson my backside would need to learn too many times.

The corset is made and delivered. Most of the money will go to pay the vet bill. Even though the project was finished with much encouragement from him, he wants me to have new boots. My reward for all the hard work I put into it. Even though everything else suffered my neglect. I get rewarded. Ok. Crying now. I am going to try to surprise him with a clean house. I am going to try. First step. Get dressed and out of this bed. Breakfast, coffee and then start with a clean kitchen. This is a guilt free zone today. I am going to do my very best to break out of this. I owe it to this man who loves me so very much.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ask Him

This is a crazy busy week. Getting ready for the big day! ! ! Finishing a project for a client, giving the house a good cleaning. the list goes on and on. My stress level hit a peak Friday night and dropped back down to a more normal high. Should I ask for what I know I need? It’s hard. I don’t like pain. Should I admit I need a good session with the paddle? I don’t know.

Another thing I am not sure I should ask about is where we are going with ttwd. He is very good at stress relief and taking care o a guilty conscience. But will he follow through with a punishment? I am afraid to ask. What is this? Afraid to ask the one person I trust most in this world? I think I am more afraid of the answer. He dreads a punishment as much as I do. I think he is putting it off as long as possible but it will come. A stress relief can get intense but has not brought me to tears.

The key word here it trust. I trust him. I trust him in all things. Even this.

On a better note. I have been working to rehabilitate my service dog.

A vindictive neighbor began the process of turning my sweet dane into a quivering, helpless, fearful dog. Then his trainer did a Jeckle/Hyde impression and fished the job. As a service dog, he needs to walk confidently at my side. When I need him the most he is all business but when he is on standby mode, he is a mess.

I am working with a new trainer to undo the damage that was done. It is taking a lot of time but it is worth it. I was just thinking this morning that what we are doing with the dog, is not so different than what my husband had to do with me. When we met I was afraid, didn’t know how to trust or accept being loved. I loved freely. Very giving but I had not idea how to be on the other side. I didn’t know how to react to being loved.
To undo the damage done to my dog, I am going to put him into increasingly stressful situations. Gradually re-socialize him to the world. That is what my husband had to do with me. He led me by the hand and first taught trust. That was the hardest lesson I have had to learn in life. When you trust people with your heart, you will be hurt eventually but denying yourself the luxury of trust is lonely. He led me one baby step at a time.

Just as I have to teach my dog to trust me again, my Dragon had to teach me how to trust him. He had to teach me how to be calm in the face of storm. That I would never EVER be alone again. He makes mistakes but he is always there for me. Most important of all, he is the first person in my life to ever say, “I’m sorry.” Those words are as important as, “I love you.” They are used freely in our house. They are words I rarely heard before I met my Dragon.

Day by day my dog is improving. He is getting better and so am I. As I walk with God on one side and my Dragon on the other, I can feel safe. I will never feel alone again.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Rome was not built in a day and I can’t snap out of this depression in a day. Each day is getting a little better. Even as the days are getting shorter and the cold winter gets closer, I am pulling out of this. Not without help though. Instead of an assigned task, Dragon asks me what I want to get done for the day. At lunch, he calls to see how my day is going. It is working. Slowly, I moving toward a healthier routine.

I don’t know how I lucked out. So far I have messed up three times. Each time Dragon gave me a pardon. Just the threat was enough to change what displeased him and I think that is what he was looking at. He doesn’t expect perfection. We are both moving in a positive direction. He is taking a firmer hold on his duties as HOH. I am more considerate and more aware of his needs.

I don’t understand this need I have to be physically punished and disciplined. The act of spanking mends the rift between us when things aren’t right. It allows us to reconnect faster and without the awkwardness of trying. There is something intimate about being in his arms, relaxed, chastised and fee of guilt. I don’t like the pain. It takes all of my will power to be still and accept each swat. Still, the pain is worth the results. I am coming out of this depressive funk, I am more content day to day and I don’t feel angry or frustrated as often. Another side effect is the physical intimacy that is coming back into my marriage.

So many positives and still I don’t understand why it all works. I asked for it, so on some level I had to admit a need. Maybe one day I’ll figure ttwd out. For now, I’ll be happy to have a strong HOH that is willing to take me in hand.

( broke the cherry paddle this morning.  It fell on the floor and got stepped on.  Sad day.  It had a sting but isn't as bad as the oak or plexi glass)

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Ruby

I started this blog to have a place to record my journey.  There are things that I don’t feel are appropriate for fetlife and some things that cannot be posted on the CDD group.  Some subjects are taboo.  Ok.  I understand that.  But they are still a part of who I am.  I will not discuss how I discipline my children.  That has no place on this blog at all.   This is about my journey.  Not theirs. 

A lady on the CDD yahoo group send me an e-book.  There is a chapter on ritual.  The word ritual sounds a little silly to me so I had to use a substitution.  Routine, protocol.   Either word works for me.  Those are things that are already a part of our daily lives.  The blog is a place for me to work these issues out.  To help me find my place in this thing we do.  Corner time is something else I can’t get my head around.  Thankfully, my Dragon can’t bring himself to use it either.

Sometimes writing about things and seeing what others have to say helps.  I find it encouraging when other women share my struggles.  I don’t feel so alone.  I don’t know anyone in RL that uses CDD.  Not in the Fet community or church.  It can be lonely as I struggle with what all of this really means.  It helps to see how others have dealt with the issues that come up.  Maybe one day I’ll meet someone and have a RL friends who shares this journey with me.  Until then blog land will have do.

I know I’m an odd duck.  A very conservative Christian, yet I love some aspects of BDSM.  I don’t participate in immoral behavior.  There are people I distance myself from because they are bad for my spiritual health.  But I also find opportunities to witness to others in the community.  People get frustrated with churches cherry picking the bible.  I admit I do to.  Oh this applies but this doesn’t.  I witness to them using the ministry of Jesus.  Forgiveness and love.  I don’t know how many people I have reached but I have planted many seeds.   Keep in mind Jesus ministered to the tax collector and prostitute.  I learn what I can about playing safely and I spread the seeds of faith along the road.  

A  ruby is a multi faceted jewel.  It is a precious stone that is used to represent the wife and daughter.  I think it is very appropriate.  Valuable with many sides  You can look at the stone in its setting and think you know every single facet.  A jeweler removes it form the gold holding it in place and suddenly you see so much more you didn’t know was there.  That is a perfect illustration on the human heart.  Multifaceted with most people never seeing the true complexity of the jewel.

Ps. I took me a long time to come to terms with all the facets of my own heart.  I couldn’t see how the facets of the jewel all fit together.  I felt shattered.   When I read the ministry of Jesus for myself, without the commentary of church ladies, I began to see where I belong.  My ministry is teaching love and forgiveness.  Others can have their fence law.  I’ll stick to the word and works of God. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Keeping it Real (warning CDD and BDSM content)

I have tried several times to write about how BDSM fits into my life. It has proven too hard. For us it is truly a life style. We live it 24/7. In a way, it defines our relationship. We were D/s long before we accepted the label. I can’t even tell you when it started. Gradually over time we have incorporated it into our lives. It brings us closer together. It builds trust, confidence and self esteem all at the same time. I wish I could say that CDD fits into our lives the same way but it doesn’t. Not yet. It is part of the natural progression of our relationship but we are just beginning to figure it out.

I have read how others outside of BDSM view it and I was shocked. They had it all wrong. It isn’t all play pretend. I don’t play at being submissive to my husband. The protocol is very real. I stand just in front of him with my hands folded behind my back. We both expect the other to behave within this framework.
When one of us steps out of it, it is questioned. It is so easy for both of us that most people don’t even see it. Some have questioned whether we are D/s or not. It blends that smoothly into every day life.

Another question I have came across is how an erotic spanking differs from punishment. Is night different from day? How do you feel when your boss tells you about your new promotion and raise? Fantastic! Great! How do you feel when your boss tells you that you are fired? Your heart sinks to your feet. That is just how different they are. Yes, it is possible for me to enjoy erotic impact play and for punishment to be just that. Punishment.

An erotic spanking or flogging starts out very slow and easy. Soft little paddy pats. The force builds slower than slow over time. At first I am purring under the gentile impact. As the force builds, it becomes hard to take but the reward will come. Muscles tense. Force continues to increase. My body starts to shake. A small squeak escapes my mouth at every blow. I am in heaven. It feels like a rain of leather across my back. When I have reached the point of surrender, lotion is smoothed across the raw burning skin. He holds me until I begin to float back up to reality. No play pretend here. The marks across my back are very real and so is the bond forged between me and my husband.

“I am disappointed, you forgot.” My heart stops beating as I absorb what Dragon just said.

When I hear those words, I know I forgot something important. At the first opportunity for privacy the consequences are handed down. He explains in detail what went wrong and why I am being punished for it. Panties are pushed down to expose the target. He places me in his position of choice. Very little warm up. The paddle falls hard on my backside without his caress to ease the sting. I cannot stay still. The only thing on my mind is to avoid that hateful paddle. Tears sting my eyes. I know by the sting, how much I hurt him. Slowly I surrender. Acceptance. At last it is over. He holds me in his arms and tells me how much he loves me. After I have had time to recover, I am expected to continue with my day as if nothing happened.

What is the difference between pleasure and shame? Do you really need to ask?

Of Note:  Now that a few  months  have passed, I see that D/s, BSDM and DD are simply labels.  Simple labels on something much more complicated.  Are we D/s?  DD?  or simply a loving husband and wife making the best of a messed up world.  People judge the label not the person.  It isn't even a persons place to make that judgement.  That duty belongs to God.  for the bible beaters out there who want to judge me by a lable refer to the bible.  Matthew 7:1,  yes.  I know what it says.  Do you?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Changing perceptions 7 Comments

Journal Entry by ### about 1 month ago (another Fet JE)

stage 1.  I will never submit to a man. A man will never support me. I will never depend on a man for anything. They are all pigs.

stage 2.  Ok. I’ll marry this one and let him in my life but I won’t depend on him for anything. Can’t trust a man. They are not worthy.

stage 3.  Well maybe I can trust him a little.

stage 4.  I’ll let him support me for a little while. Just while I’m still in school.

stage 5.  I don’t want to go back to work. I want to stay home but I will not submit to him.

stage 6.  Ok. Maybe I should submit to him.

stage 7.  He owns me. I feel lost without him. With his encouragement I am becoming the person I always had the potential to be

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No Regrets

No regrets
Journal Entry from November

I don’t have any regrets. When I asked for DD, I knew I needed help to break a few bad habits I had picked up over the last few years. Without consequences, there was no motivation to stop. I don’t work outside the home. No one was holding me accountable and I think everyone needs someone to be accountable to. I knew it wouldn’t be fun and that submitting would be hard. It felt silly and humiliating at the same time. An adult being spanked like a child. If I need to be spanked to act like an adult, so be it. I know what needs to be done in my home. I know how to behave. When I choose not to, my choices should have consequences.

He didn’t show any surprise when I asked for DD. The first thing he mentioned was my mouth. He asked me to clean up my language several months ago. Even thought I wanted to please him, I didn’t make much of an effort to do as he asked. He sat me down, explained the rules and the consequences when those rules where broken. One rule to remember, one habit to break and consequences I knew I didn’t want. He is happy with the results.

Weekly maintenance is doing what it is supposed to do. Sunday morning, before we get ready for the day, he prepares me for the week to come. Standing naked in front of him, he tells me what he expects, takes away safe words and lays me across his lap. Each week they get harder. I don’t know why. He wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t effective. With very little warm up, the paddle leaves behind a sting that will last for days. Impossible to stay still as the paddle sends the message home. Tears sting me eyes. The standard is set.
Today, I am going to ask for help breaking another habit. This one will be harder to break. It has been around longer. Why ask for his help? If I could have done this on my own, I wouldn’t have to ask for his help. He wanted my language cleaned up. I think it has been long enough to consider that lesson learned. Why is this so hard to do? I trust him. I don’t know. Admitting I am not the wife I want to be? Admitting a flaw? I am sure I will find out over the next few weeks.

New this week
*safe words only when he says I may have them
*he can spank me at any time for any reason
*I may appeal not whine
*his decision is final
*position, clothing and severity his choice

It is my job to submit to him. The unknown is the hard part.
One new area I have asked for help with. I don’t know how he is going to help.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Submitting to Him

The first time I tried to bring domestic discipline into our relationship I was not submissive at all. I wanted to be a submissive wife. I wanted to have a biblical marriage. The problem was me. I had no idea how that should look. I thought as HOH he should make me submit. That it was all on his shoulders. I would brat to try to get him to step up and tell me NO! It didn’t work that way at all.

I heard women at the church talk about being a submissive wife. They would include things that did not interfere with their feminist world view. They would say that submitting to your husband does not mean you have to obey him. That marriage is an equal partnership. I didn’t understand. How can this be submitting? It doesn’t look any different than what I have been doing. Hmmm. So what is this thing the Bible is talking about?

“Wives, submit to your own husbands as to the Lord,” So how do I submit to my husband without obeying him? It took me a little while to discover that they were trying to make the Word of God fit their own idea of what it should say. “submit to your own husbands a to the Lord” Hmmm. had to think on that one for a while.

Definition of SUBMISSION

1: a legal agreement to submit to the decision of arbitrators b: an act of submitting to something (as for consideration or inspection); also : something submitted (as a manuscript) 2: the condition of being submissive, humble, or compliant 3: an act of submitting to the authority or control of another Synonyms: compliance, conformity, obedience, subordination

#1 didn’t seem to apply. #2 and 3? Oh no! To submit means to obey. But what about those ladies at church? Are they wrong?

I decided to try to be an obedient, submissive wife. I wanted to lead my life the way God intended me to. Still, I had no idea how this should look. It didn’t take me long to discover that submitting is an action on my part and a condition of my own heart. He can’t make me submit or demand it. I have to do it because it is right and because I love him.

Step by step I began to give up the control I valued so very much. I learned how to obey him in small ways at first. I began to notice a change in our relationship. We didn’t argue as much. We were both happier and more content. He was more thoughtful toward my wishes and needs. I was more considerate to him. It wasn’t always easy but the payoff was huge.

Figure that. God had it right in the Bible. God doesn’t need a bunch of church ladies telling him what a submissive wife should look like. He knows. He even put it in the Miriam Webster’s dictionary to help me understand.

My husband has the authority to discipline me. Is that his tool to make me submit to him? No. Submitting to him is my job. His job is to present me to the Lord, blameless. DD is the tool given to him to accomplish his task.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Confidence, Comfort and Hope….

I asked my husband what he gets out of this CDD thing that we do. His first answer was expected. Confidence. Why wouldn’t this give him confidence? I have just given him what I treasure the most. Power. He now has the power to punish me, to take away my right to choose for myself. That takes an incredible amount of trust. For me to hand over something so valuable to him had to be a huge boost to his self esteem. Ok. It gave him a big head but in a good way. I do something that displeases him and he has a very real way to hold me accountable. I can’t ignore is quiet requests anymore. I have to listen when he speaks.

After a few minutes of silence he added one more word. Comfort. Now where did that come from? I am the one that gets comfort from ttwd. I get the comfort of knowing he is in charge, that there is a HOH and I don’t have to worry. How in the world does he get comfort? WHAT? I have been in a deep depression for several years. More downs than ups. He has now found a way to help that works better than anything else we have tried. He has a way to motivate me. A light reminder in the morning or a much harder punishment are waiting when I can’t do it by my self. He can help now in a way he couldn’t before. It is hard for him to punish me for being sad but he knows I’ll work harder to overcome my lethargy when there are consequences for hiding under the covers. His comfort comes from knowing that he can make my life better. I am happier when I get out of bed.

What do I get out of all of this? Piece, comfort, confidence and most of all Hope. For the first time I a very long time, I get out of bed in the morning. I’m a long way from 100% but I’ll take what I can get. He gives me a manageable task to do and calls me in the middle of the day to make sure I am working on it. A task, not a list of tasks. Baby steps. It only took seconds for life to knock me off my feet but he is determined to teach me how to stand on my own again. I know I don’t have to face this alone. I don’t have to feel helpless when I look into his eyes and see how much he hurts for me. Strangely enough giving him authority over my life has empowered me. I can finally see a way out of this pit I have been in for so long. CDD is the ladder I needed all along.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shhhhh quiet now

As we move further into the CDD lifestyle, things are escalating not slowing down as I had hoped. He keeps seeing areas that he can help me with. He calls it motivation. I call it painful. He does not want to wait until the kids are sleeping anymore. He wants to take care of problems as they come up. He wants to, “get to the seat of the problem.” Yep that would be my seat. He is now motivating me to get my to-do list done every day. Reaching fitness goals, working with the kids, house cleaning and sewing. Very long to-do list. I am sure this will come at a stiff price to my backside.

So now the biggest problem is noise. I let out the occasional squeak with is ok but the sound of the paddle doing what it does is loud. The pop, yowl pattern to the noise coming from the bedroom or garage is sure to advertise what is going on. We have to find something quieter. With 2 teenagers in the house and the friends they bring over, I don’t want to advertise our activities or my humiliation. I want to keep a little dignity, if any can be found.

The belt holds fear for me. Blinding, mindless fear. Why am I so afraid of just a little piece of leather? A flogger, 2 foot long, mulitailed monster I look at with anticipation. A little 2” leather strap makes my body quake with fear. Not sure if that would be any quieter. I know my screams of fear would not help the privacy issue at all. Good switches are few and far between here in the land of juniper and sagebrush and hold almost as much fear for me as the belt.

I was going to wait until after New years to begin my new fitness program. My Master Dragon has other ideas. He thinks going into a cold storage room to use the elliptical will help SAD and this extended bout of depression I have not been able to shake. His form of motivation is spanking. If I had a good week, it will be very rewarding. If I am a disrespectful, shrew of a wife and act like a lounge lizard, my backside will pay the price.

This morning, prevention felt like a punishment. It should have. I deserved it. He didn’t say a word. Didn’t lecture. He just handed down the sentence he knows I need. When he was sure I was awake, he told me to take off my panties. He didn’t have to tell me to roll over or grab a pillow. I didn’t know what was coming. I expected just a light preventative. Nope. I looked around at him in shock after a few hard blows. This one came without warning. In his wisdom, He knew what I needed. It cleansed the guilt and allowed us to start with a fresh slate on a new day.

I don’t think he will wait until morning if I have a repeat of yesterday. I better get a wiggle on. Today is a snow day, so I have plenty of time to work, not procrastinate!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Last night was hard. I have four kids and two of them have allergies and asthma like their mom. All three of us had a bad reaction to our supper. No idea yet what caused it. Hives, asthma attack, itchy throat and tongue, puffy lips. Oh joy. Talk about changing plans. It went from a nice family evening to dealing with a crisis in a hurry. We didn’t have to use the epi pens but it was a close call. My husband had the phone in his hand while we were waiting for the meds to work. He didn’t sleep at all last night. Up and down checking on us all night and now he has to work all day. I hope he has time to take a lunch break today. A power nap would help.

I didn’t think that our morning sessions were helping. He says they are. Less time on the computer and wallowing in depression. More time working with the kids and getting things done. I have noticed that FB is getting much less attention from me. This morning, the swats were even harder than yesterdays. I squeaked out loud. OOPS. That I why I have a pillow in hand but it didn’t get used. He didn’t go easy for the rest of the swats. Kept right on going until he was satisfied that I would get out of bed today. Talk about motivation. If this is how a preventative spanking feels, I know I DO NOT want punishment. My back side still feels every swat. Ouch. I don’t usually mind the cherry paddle but he used it to great effect.

Lesson of the day: A major medical crisis will delay a longer motivational spanking but hives will not get me out of our morning sessions.

Lesson 2: He is looking for improvement not a 100% turnaround in one day. He is HOH not a dictator.

Good news: I got done what I needed to yesterday. The living room still looks like a rubber maid explosion but I reached my sewing goal for the day. I have set a new goal for today. Lets see how it goes. I have high hopes. I love My Dragon so much. He knows just what I need, even when I don’t.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hanging of the Green

Bah humbug. If I can’t throw a temper tantrum when I put up the Christmas tree, why do it? I want it my way. The rest of the family doesn’t matter. Ok, now back to reality.
I was hibernating again. Naughty me. Not a spanking offence yet but it probably should be. One thing at a time please???? My Dragon had the Christmas tree half way up. He wanted to make my little flower smile by putting up the tree she wanted. The white one. No screaming. Can you believe it? I know I can’t. The rest of the tree went up with out a single slip. The ornaments are on the tree. No , it does not look ready for the festival of trees. I looks like it was decorated by 4 kids who had ideas of their own of how the tree should look. It is perfect.

I don’t think I earned any swats this time. Got irritated a few times but I bit my tongue. The living room looks like a rubber maid explosion. Paper everywhere. I am calm. Could that have something to do with the benadryl I had to take? Or the maintenance spanking I received this morning? A new found piece I didn’t have before? Probably a little of all Three.

Ps.  I didn't even blink when he didn't find the cord the pre-lit tree before it was decorated.  However, I did get a good laugh at his expense.  and just in case you were wondering, I can still feel the swats from this morning. 

The Holiday Season

I have never had a “blog” before but I wanted a place to record our journey together. I fist asked my husband to spank me several years ago. He didn’t want to. That thing about NO hitting girls that all little boys learn. I wanted domestic discipline then but he said that we were not ready. He was right as always. He didn’t say no. He said wait.

My little house of cards fell down. Crushed under the foot of mistrust, hurt and anger. Those vows were “for better or for worse”. I took those seriously and so does he. We put the pieces back together and remade our marriage. We went through hell and came out the other side stronger and closer than ever. We spent a few years dating, healing and getting to know each other again. Had a great time doing it too.

One day I realized that I had picked up some bad habits. My husband tried to point them out but I ignored them. Slowly I began to realize that yes, I was wrong and needed to change. As hard as I tried to make things right, I failed. Just couldn’t do it. My temper and mouth were out of control. I was afraid to ask for his help. I asked several years ago and he shrugged me off. (so I thought) What he did was get his head around the idea. We spent several days talking, negotiating. He jumped at the idea. He was tired of my attitude
Maintenance. The first time didn’t go at all. He knows how to spank me. I don’t know he went so easy on my back side. I felt silly and walked away without even a sting. The second time was a different story. My backside was sore for days and my attitude changed instantly. I have earned two punishments but did not receive them. Life got in the way. Family emergencies, company, kids. Since we were about to go out on a date I didn’t think it was fair for a punishment to ruin the evening. He agreed.

Fast forward to this holiday season. In that I include Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. I always have a major melt down this time of year. Loss marks the season with tears. Add to that all the things that need to be done. Extra house cleaning, decorating, special dinners and celebrations. I want everything perfect. When it isn’t, I melt down. My temper tantrums ruin the holidays for everybody. This year I hope is different. My husband holds me accountable for my behavior now with more than just a look of disapproval. He will take to the seat of the matter.

I asked for daily maintenance yesterday. Lets see how that goes. Can’t believe I did that. On day 2 and boy does my backside sting. It is needed but now let’s see if we can both do this. We tend to back out of one of us isn’t feeling 100%. Yep, that is most of the time. Here we are on day two. Yesterday was mild. This morning was a bit stiffer. Longer, harder. I had a hard time keeping quiet even with my face in a pillow.