Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Dragon of a Different Color

I read other blogs and I am surprised at the things other women get spanked for.  Dragon has a short list and sometimes, things on that list take me by surprise.  He spanks for things he thinks are important enough to bring tears to his kitten's eyes.  And that list is short.

Picking a fight.  Whether it is with him or someone else, if I don't back off when he gives me the look....  I will feel the burn on my backside.

Seat belt use.  My memory is poor.  My mind drops things that aren't important to me.  Well....  this one is important to Dragon.

Cussing.  I can get away with a few words here and there but I better be careful.  I never know where Dragon is going to draw the line on this one.

Can I say I am relieved?  Punishments come few and far between. I don't live in fear of the paddle.

Now on the other hand, good girl spanking of the fun kind.  Those come when ever we get a private moment for a little fun time.  The paddles are sitting beside the floggers and the rope.  Fun times to be had for sure.  Did I mention Dragons knife collection?  YIKES and melt my heart all in one breath.

Dang, I want to play now and Dragon is tired.  Maybe I'll take this opportunity to top for a change.  Hmmm.  Can a big, mean Dragon bottom for a kitten?  Guess I will find out tonight.    


  1. Daddy's list is pretty short as well, and i'm sure glad. GGs are so much more fun than correction....though some people might be scared of what we consider fun :">

    Hope you get some play time!