Monday, April 22, 2013

Dragon Takes Action

We talked and he got this grin on his face that tells me I am in for it.

In his defense, we have had a stressful year.  Entering civilian life has been just as hard as we thought it would be.  It is more than just getting a new job.  It is a completely new way of life.-guaranteed 8 hours a week.  Yikes.  He usually works 38-60 hours which pays the bills.  Then the union went nuts and there was talk of mass layoffs and what about thousands of jobs that would be affected?  Yes, Dragon's would have been one of those jobs.  Gone with the flick of a pen.  Thank goodness congress intervened but what about next year?  And the next?

Thankfully a new job opportunity may have opened up. Guaranteed 40 hours a week.  It will be a pay cut but with more stability   I think we could live with that.  Time will tell.   I have been praying for God to open a window, to show us where he wants us to go.  It keeps looking like this job will not last.    Dragon has been so much at peace since we discovered this open window.  It let in a breath of fresh air just when we needed it the most.

Now on to what Dragon did after we talked...

A spanking didn't happen.  We are renting a small house.  Too small for our family.  And the garage was a disaster.  No room to even sit a chair for OTK.  But that didn't stop him for asserting himself in other ways.

You see, Dragon doesn't sleep very good.  He always wakes up in the wee hours of the morning and can't go back to sleep.  The last few nights he has been waking me up too.  He knows that I am not going to get into love making at that hour but he uses his time to great effect.  He takes me in a way that is all HIM.  Now he does make sure I get something out of it but he isn't gentile.  After he has his way with me, he is able to go back to sleep for another hour or two.  Another good side effect?  What it does to my head!  I get up first thing in the morning feeling very submissive.

We spent Sunday cleaning out the garage.  He built storage shelves while I swept, cleaned and organized.  It is far from down.  There are boxes still to unpack.  The movers threw his tools into huge boxes intended for hanging clothes.  There are big voids at the top of every box and they are very heavy to move.  Those are still lined up to sort out.  Then there are his uniforms and gear that we have to keep for 5 years.  Baby gear that I break out when the kids are babysitting in our home and Christmas decorations.  Books we don't have shelves for.  Every move the shelves get left behind to save weight. Then there are the nick-knacks that I hate to unpack just to have to pack them up again.    Dragons, swords and all kind of neat mid-eval stuff.  All stored in the garage.

Do you see why would have an issue with room?  Add to that Dragons wood working tools and you have a huge mess.

We sorted and cleaned until we made a good dent.  He ran out of wood to build more shelves and I ran out energy.  After supper was fixes we had plans.  We were going to put the newly clean area of the garage to very good use.  No suck luck.  He was tired and I was hurting in a very NON erotic way.  My feet were throbbing and my hips felt like someone stuffed the joints with ground glass.  Not a good combination.  I usually help with supper but not last night.

We ended up going to bed and sleeping.

I think we may be finally getting back on track.  I have hope anyway.  

Good news?  The garage is clean and ready when we are.


  1. WEll at least the garage is clean, but I know what you mean about new windows and such. I really hope you guys find that right window and it will be able to open. Sending you some very positive vibes!
    DH doesn't sleep well a lot either, I love middle of the night sex!

    1. I hope this is an open window I see and not just a really clean window. Praying and hoping.

  2. Here's hoping your garage gets a workout soon.

    Great news about a possible new job. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well with Dragon.

    Stay positive and feel better. Don't overdo.

    1. trying to stay positive. My attitude affects Dragon much, if I can keep it positive, he will be too.

  3. Great news with the job, Rose, we'll be praying. Sequestration is going to make it hard all the way around for the guys who got hooked into being civilian contractors - sigh.

    Wonderful that you guys have made a dent in the garage. I hope the pain abates enough to take advantage of it...but those late night forays sound like they could be delicious as well.


    1. hoping for a job. I just don't see him in his current job permanently. It is too hard on his body.

  4. The job situation sounds great. I hope it comes through.
    Keep working on that garage.

  5. Hey Rose...happy you got the garage sorted and it's ready for use...hope it's soon.

    That's wonderful news regarding a possible new job. I'll keep my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you!

    Please remember to take it easy and don't when you need to.

    Sending lots of prayers, healing energy and positive thoughts your way.