Sunday, March 29, 2015


Dragon came home with a mysterious purple shopping bag.  The only place I know of that uses purple bags is the grown-up toy store.

First Dragon pulls a small bottle of silicon lube out of the bag.  Next up are the toy cleaning wipes.  I KNOW we don't have any toys right now. We throw them away after a few months and buy new.  I just think squick after a while.

Last he pulled a set of butt plugs out of his magic bag. The first one was reasonable.  Not too big.  Maybe even on the small side.  The second and third weren't too big either.

The last two?

Good grief!  Where does he think that is going?

Not in my backside.  Wowza!!!!

Dragon says that we are going to take it slow.

We shall see.

So far?  We played at using the smallest one.


  1. Happy you two are playing Rose but whoa!...might want to accidentally misplace the last two. Just a suggestion. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...