Saturday, February 22, 2014

TTWD Evolved

When a couple first talks about domestic discipline, it is a bit overwhelming.   It is an entirely new way of thinking about marriage and a new life style.   More responsibilities for both the husband and wife.  

You talk about what this new thing is going to look like.   Discussing rules,  punishment, expectations.   All those important things.  Some how, we both ended up with different ideas.   But we worked it out in time.  (I learned how to submit)

Then comes the big day.   Day one of this brand new way of doing things.   Was he nervous?   I honestly have no idea.   I know I was a bundle of nerves.  

The first punishment was a joke.   We were already spankos.  I am not sure why either one of us though a little pitty pat would get the point across but that is where we started.   The second one I felt but still, it felt like a joke.   Then I really messed up.  I thought it was just ammisunderstanding.   Dragon had different ideas.   That was the first real punishment.  

WOWZA!   I really felt that one.  

For a few weeks,  TTWD seemed to be on our minds constantly.   I was a nervous wreck worrying about everything.  That led to another talk.   Dragon made it clear that this was going to be his way,  not mine.  I wanted him to be head of the household.  He thought he already was.  (yes, he was,  punishment was the only thing we really added) I wanted TTWD to be like the stories I read on line but the reality is that I couldn't handle something like that.   Dragon knew that.   I had to learn to trust him with this new thing the same way I trusted him with everything else.

As time went by,we began really living TTWD.  It became effortless.   Punishments were still hard for both of us but we just didn't think about it.   Punishments don't happenvvery often,  we both know what is expected.  

TTWD just is.   It isn't something we do.  It is a part of who we are.   Yes, Dragon will still do what he needs to do but spanking isn't much of an issue any more.   If my bottom is cherry red, we bboth probably had some fun.  

Domestic Discipline is still there.   But it isn't separate.   It evolved and became relationship.   Even if we dropped spanking, it would still be there.  

I don't think I described it very good but I tried.   We didn't get here in a few weeks or even a year.   I am not sure when TTWD changed from something we did to being a part of who we are.  

I did my best.   Sorry this is such a rambling post.   Lesson of the day.  Don't post when I am this tired.

What is DD, TTWD or D/s to you?  What do you call it?  Is it something you do or a part of who you are?


  1. It is wonderful. I understood it. I think I will give my own answer on my blog

  2. I really does eve love over time doesn't it? I love when you say even if the spanking went away you would still be Dd. Us too. We have several kid imposed spanking breaks through out the year but that does not mean we are not still a Dd couple. The respect and expectations remain. (Mostly).

    It's a good question and like Angel Blue I may try to answer it more fully on my blog. Great post!