Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cold Feet

No,  I am not getting shy with my Dragon.   I haven't backed out of any plans or play.   I am simply Cold.   Shivers 

The house is the same as always.  68f during the day and around 60f at night.  I have a space heater in the living room to give me a warm spot and extra blankets on the bed.  

Nothing seems to help.  

Last night Dragon got tired of my shivering.   He pulled me close, held my hands to warm them and tucked my feet between his.  

As soon as my skin touched his, he flinched.  "Now that just isn't normal.  Your hands are colder than your feet."  I shifed my feet just a little.  "Okay, maybe not."

Just before I crawled into bed,  I peeled off socks, pants and a warm shirt.  I wore a long sleeve t-shirt to sleep in.   No reason to be so cold.   Guess it is just one of THOSE weird things my body does.   I sure hope this doesn't last long.   I am tired of being so cold.  

Poor Dragon.   I am going to wear my socks to bed tonight.   It won't help my cold feet but it will keep the chill off of Dragon.

No play when I am that cold.  It isn't any fun.  

Spring needs to hurry up!

(maybe I should wear gloves to bed too.   Shivers.   Dig out my old snow suit.  Any thing to get warm)


  1. rose, bless your heart. i get cold at night too and after a ton of thought--we bought a waterbed. so 1980's, i know, but honestly, it's amazingly fabulous. in the winter it's a nice 90 degrees, but not HOT, just a lovely skin-temperature when you slip into it. hubs likes it too but he uses a "cold pillow" (costco, 40 bucks?) and loves it. so we both get something we love. haha. they also make those bed toppers that have the heaters in them and your side can be a little more warmer than his. lots of my friends have them. it's been in the sub zero temps here lately so i can definitely understand the cold bones thing. horrible. take care of yourself sweetie, and try to stay warm! hugs, m.

    1. Do they make a warm pillow? Oh! Idea! I can cuddle with the heating pad. That will help! Thanks for the idea. I just want to get warm.

  2. Hmmm...I don't know if this has happened for you in the past. If it persists, you may want to check with your doctor and rule out hypothyroidism. Just a thought!

    1. I have always been cold natured but this is ridiculous. If this doesn't get better soon, I will ask.

  3. I'm usually cold at night and wearing socks helps.

    1. Socks and gloves. I hate accidentally brushing against Dragon with my cold hands. It wakes him up

  4. Hey Rose...I really fingers, nose and toes stay cold most of the winter! Of course, if my feet get totally warm, I am overheated and have to put one foot out from under the covers.

    I have found that if I can stay warm when I first get into bed, I'm okay. I used to do that by using 2 heating pads on my side of the at the foot and one up around where my shoulders are. Then I found some warmer sheets! Here are the two kinds I bought...|SearchResults|RICHREL&grView=&eventRootCatId=&currentTabCatId=&regId=

    FYI, Matthew didn't like the satin ones but did like the jersey ones.

    Oh and my mom used to buy heavy weight fleece sheets for the winter like these:

    Good luck...home you can stay warm.