Monday, December 30, 2013

Submitting to Him

Dragon is tired.  He has worked long hours firstwith with a cold and then the flu.   Needles to say, he hasn't felt like having much fun.  

I decided to do something to cheer him up just a little.  It had been a long day.  We were both tired and ready for some much needed sleep.  I almost fell asleep completely dressed AGAIN!  Iwoke up just enough to realize how uncomfortable I was and got up.  

When I stood up, I decided to do something just for my Dragon.   When I slid my jeans down,  I took my panties off too.   My shirt and bra both hit the floor.  

I had his full attention.

When I crawled back in bed, he reached over and pulled me against his chest.  Heaven!  That is how I fell asleep and I woke up the same way.

No sex?   Nope.  He couldn't find the new box of condoms.   Since we really don't want a new baby in the house,  those things are a necessity.

He went to work with a very big smile on his face.   I plan on sleeping the same way tonight. I lolove seeing him so relaxed.

Ps.   Shakeology ordered!   I changed 'map my run'  from miles to km today and walked.   My walking path was just short of a kilometer.  I'll have to re map it to make it just a little longer.   I'll get the alli next time I go to the store.   Baby steps.  

Sorry for the weird outo correct mistakes.  My smart phone is kinda dumb


  1. There isn't much more beautiful than sleeping on our loved one chests ava x

  2. Hey happy to hear that things are going a bit better in the Dragon household...hopefully once Dragon fully recovers from a cold and the flu (can we say poor guy!) you two will have a chance for some play time. Meanwhile, you are such a loving wife...what a lovely example you are.

    Wishing you, Dragon and your kiddos a healthy and happy New Year.


  3. Beautiful rose! What a great way to reconnect when things are crazy! Happy New Year! Hopefully it brings an abundance of play dates for you and your Dragon


  4. Love this. Perfect way to reconnect, even without sex. :)