Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

The 7th will be the 19th anniversary of our wedding.  We eloped on a different date before the wedding.  

How are we celebrating?  My gift to Dragon is a miter saw stand.   So romantic, I know.   It is what he wants.  

Dragon's gift to me?  A heavy bag.   Yep. You got it right.  A huge punching bag and a pair of boxing gloves.  

Love my man.  

Do you think he is trying to tell me something?   Honestly, I asked for it.   A safe way for all of us to blow off a little steam.  And what better way to teach my girls how to throw a real punch.  

Watch out boys.  Dragon's girls know how to defend themselves.   And for Dragon's son?  He has a better way to deal with frustration.   I hope he quits using his sisters as a punching bag.  

I tried to upload a photo of my new toy but I really don't want another app on my phone.   Here is a Link instead.  


  1. Happy Anniversary - glad you both got what you wanted.

    1. Thank you! More to come when we both feel better

  2. We really considered eloping right before our wedding. We didn't but we sure came close! I couldn't wait to marry SM. :)

    Happy Anniversary. We also celebrate 19 years next month.

    1. I wanted to quit my job but wouldn't until we were married.

      It caused problems with his mom but every one else was understanding

  3. Happy Anniversary! Make sure that Dragon's girls learn how to fight 'dirty' also! ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Oh they are. They are learning about the best use for stiletto heels and shin scrapes. Head buts and the best way to hit a chin. Don't mess with my girls.